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10 Ways How to Optimize a Small Bedroom Apartment

Apartment dwellers know how it feels like to get by with limited space. They have no choice but living in a small apartment because they can’t afford a bigger place to live in. As a result, they have to downsize the furniture in their small bedroom so they can sleep comfortably.
Having a small bedroom is not the end of the world. Yet. You can still feel comfy despite the limited space if you know how to deal with it. It’s your lucky day as we’ve listed 10 tips on how to optimize a small bedroom apartment.

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10. White Never Goes Wrong

10. White Never Goes Wrong via SimphomeSometimes it takes a long time to decide what color that will suit your small bedroom and its décor immensely because if you pick the wrong one, you will just create a haphazard look that makes it look more cramped. If you can’t make up your mind, just use white hues to color up your bedroom.
White provides a timeless charm to any room no matter what its size. It is a neutral color that can be paired with any other colours and furniture. The most fabulous thing is it can do some magic by tricking your eyes and making you think that your bedroom is larger than it really is.
Try applying white for a bigger and brighter bedroom. However, if the hygienic pure white is not your thing, you can opt for off-white which is paired with neutral colors like beige carpet or grey duvet for a more serene look.

9. Expose Your Bedroom to the Natural Light

9. Expose Your Bedroom to the Natural Light via SimphomeOne of the most common issues faced by petite bedrooms is the dark look. Some people tend to feel uneasy when they have to stay in a small and dark bedroom, which makes them feel as if they would suffocate.
To avoid this feeling and make your small bedroom appear to be more spacious, you can try letting the natural light in by keeping the window treatment down to a minimum. By exposing your bedroom to natural light, you will be able to make it brighter and airier which is good to get rid of the darkness. And if you want to get more natural light to fill your room’s interior, you can replace your wooden door or plastic door with a glass bifold door

8. Say No to Drapes

8. Say No to Drapes via SimphomeJust like what I said previously, keeping the window treatment down to a minimum which lets the natural light in is crucial for a small bedroom. However, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise your ultimate privacy. You can still install window treatments for the sake of your privacy. But you need to exclude drapes from your list.
Drapes might make the space look lavish and elegant, but not for your small bedroom especially the one that touch the floor. Long drapes will just make your bedroom look smaller. If you want to hang drapes, make sure they don’t touch the floor and come in light hues. Or you can opt for sheer curtains or blinds that can keep your privacy without making your bedroom feel more petite.

7. Organize Your Clothes Wisely

7. Organize Your Clothes Wisely via SimphomeLiving in a very small bedroom doesn’t allow you to invest in various pieces of furniture including a wardrobe or closet which tends to be bulky and gobble up a lot of space. You might be wondering what you should do with your clothes.
Instead of cramming a closet in a tiny bedroom, you can make your wall do this job. Invest in some garment racks placed against the wall to hang your clothes. But if you have a large clothing collection, you need to sort them wisely.
Display the ones that suit this season.

Stash away the others that you will wear in other seasons, and put them in a box that you store on a floating shelf.
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6. Don’t Miss any Potential Space

6. Don’t Miss any Potential Space via Simphome

Since the space in your bedroom is limited, you need to use the available space efficiently. Look around and don’t miss any potential space, even the most awkward one!
Making a simple shelf above the door will give a big impact to your small bedroom. You can use it to host less-used items like seasonal clothes and towels.
You don’t need to make a sophisticated one. A simple one that will work like a charm. To make a simple floating shelf, you will need a board, screws, L brackets, and a ladder to reach the space above the door.
Another potential space is the one behind the door. You can use this area to store smaller items like your caps, accessories, or even shoes.

5. Consider a Desk as Your Night Stand

5. Consider a Desk as Your Night Stand via SimphomeA night stand is another culprit that can take up the space in your bedroom. Ironically, you still need it, so you can’t just throw it away.
Instead of having a night stand next to your bed, try opting for a desk that does a double duty. This desk, for example, can be a terrific nook to do your job during the day time. When night comes, it turns to be a perfect place for a table lamp to perch on. Add a mirror on the wall and you’ll get a nice dressing table.

4. Try an Attractive Accent Wall

4. Try an Attractive Accent Wall via SimphomeIf you happen to have a narrow bedroom like this one, the best thing you can do to optimize it is by applying an attractive color or pattern to your accent wall. The contrast will draw the eyes to the accent wall, which expands the rom visually. Not only will the accent wall make a narrow room look larger, but it will also add a personality boost and some style to your bedroom.

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3. Try this simple DIY Floating Shelving idea

3. Try DIY Floating Shelves via SimphomeKeeping the floorspace clean is the most common trick that you can apply in your tiny bedroom. Therefore, you can try making this stylist DIY floating shelves.
To make these shelves, you’re going to need to assemble galvanized pipes, then secure the pipes to the wall using wall anchors.

Tie the ropes to the rod, and tie a wood plank that has been drilled with the other two planks to make the first shelf. Don’t forget to tie a knot to secure the shelf. Repeat this step until you get three shelves. To make the shelves look more attractive, you can add decorative coils at the top.


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2. Hang a new Mirror

2. Hang a Mirror via SimphomeA mirror especially a big one is a must-have item when it comes to limited space. Not only will it help you to double check your look, but it will also reflect the light in your room, making it look brighter and airier.

Lastly number 1. Add Plants into the Space

1. Add Plants into the Space via SimphomeAlthough your bedroom has limited space, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it. The best decoration for your small bedroom is plants especially greenery. They can improve and optimize the look of your bedroom instantly as well as helping you purify the air.

So Those are 10 tips on how to optimize your small bedroom in your apartment. Remember! Living in a small apartment is not always bad. The good thing is you can make a nest egg. And these tips will help you make out of the most despite the limited space.


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