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Making your own wonderful patios mean that you need more efforts than just preparing some chairs and expecting for the best result. It means that you need to shape the artistic vision and transform that vision become a true reality. Many experts add some elements such as rattan, teak and white wood with the beautiful prints and your garden will look so great around the pool. While those elements may out of your reach, at least now, you can add DIY string lights, firepit and so on.
You can check some ideas below.

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SIMPHOME.COM 20 IDEAS How to Make Concrete Patio Ideas for Small Backyards
20 Ideas How to Makeover Small Backyard Concrete Patio Ideas Poster

1.Create the Paver paradise.
1. SIMPHOME.COM Create the paver paradiseTransforming your neglected and dull backyard can be your pleasing purpose – means that you lifting the heavyweight. You really do heavy tasks when you decided that you need the right canvas for your entertaining outdoor space. You can spread out the sand and gravel as your base, then you can put various types of stone steps. Wonderful DIY wood planters along with the string light can soften your bricks in a home and add cleaner appearance as well.

2. Temporal Tranquil sensation.
2. SIMPHOME.COM Tranquil sensation for temporaryIt does not sound weird when it comes to huge house projects, but you need opposite elements when working on your small patio projects. They want to keep simple things since you may have bigger plans for the road. Then this idea can be your best idea. You can pull out your wooden deck for the first time, followed with the great landscapes. You can add lights, sturdy outdoor pieces to make this look.

3.You can make a Multi-purpose Backyard.
3.SIMPHOME.COM You can make a multi purpose backyardIf you cannot include the greenhouse or separated garden along with the dining space to your outdoor area, then design for your backyard in that way will allow anything in a place. You can make notes from this patio idea. This idea can be used as a romantic space and dining space as well. Of course, it is still a garden at once.
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4.Make your own Backyard DIY dream.
4.SIMPHOME.COM Make your DIY Backyard Improvement dreamYour neglected backyard without any attraction transforms into the relaxation space, family, light, and color – it can be your aim in the next project. You can remodel and decorate your space and backyard, of course. It comes with colors anywhere to light up your former neglected space. You can see the beautiful wooden swing to bring joy in your space. This idea gives you a solid and dray space for all outdoor furniture.
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5.Make your Outdoor living room .
5. SIMPHOME.COM Make your outdoor living roomThis wonderful DIY patio can be your inspiration when you want to bring the living room nuance in the outdoor space. If you do not want to spend much fortune, you can purchase some stuff at an affordable price along with the outdoor rug and furniture which look like wicker as well. If comfort is your priority, then you can prefer having cushioned furniture along with matching pillows as well. the final result is so stylish, affordable and beautiful.
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6.You can break things up with the Multi-Level design.
6.SIMPHOME.COM You can break things up with the multi level designThis multi-level design can help you create a bigger illusion in the backyard. This idea prevents anything visually and allows you to point each level for different purposes as well. You can check the picture above where the bottom level used as the dining patio along with the gorgeous sculptures while the bush will help you transition into the upper level.

7.You can try the pergola patio.
7. SIMPHOME.COM You can try the pergola patioThis is the ambitious building but it is very worth, this pergola does not only help you to decide a space for your DIY patio project but also gives you the chance extra design elements inside. Initially, pergola used for supporting the vines, any kind of climbing plant which trained to reach the roof. Or to get a more lively appearance, you can decorate this space with the lights, wind chimes, hanging plants and so on. With a pergola, you will get unlimited ideas to bring your backyard.
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8.Small Backyard but it looks Spacious.
8.SIMPHOME.COM Small backyard but it looks mightyHow can you design an impressive patio when you have limited space? Then this idea can be your best answers. You can use this idea for your family and friends as well. you can start with the focal point first such as the gas-powered fire pit which looks like with the type that you usually find in hotels and restaurants. It was layered with the lava stones and this portable fire pit just the ticket to hold marshmallows or just simply watch the dance during the freeze fall nights. To avoid the “crampy” feeling in this room, then you just need to choose outdoor furniture which is more complex.
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9.Try Modern life design.
9.SIMPHOME.COM Try modern life designWhat can be better rather than transforming your dark and dull backyard as open, clean space? Then the term of modern can be your best reference. Modern is the controller idea for the DIY backyard.

Come from the oversized concrete pavers into your fence which painted in black tone, then this idea shows off its modernity. Along with the outdoor sectional and chairs which are so refined, thus they are also worth for indoor living as well. This idea invites convenience and relaxation nuance. This is a very relaxing space and inspiring where anyone who experiences it will never want to leave for sure.

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10.Elevation design.
10.SIMPHOME.COM Elevation designIf you have one set of neglected masonry planters full of dead plants next to the pool, then what you can do? You can come with this idea to transform your planters into the DIY patio project. You can transform the dead space into the living space by adding pavers in the top of planters along with the umbrellas in bright tones to make fun backyard landscape. You can use this idea where you only need a bit of creative touch.

11.You can place a Small Fountain .
11.SIMPHOME.COM You can place a small fountainConsidering building a small fountain can make your area looks more beautiful without the need to spend a fortune and space as you can see in that image. A small concrete fountain shows off its style and has the soothing nuances although it has modest size.

From number 12 and beyond, next, you’ll get relevant images I exported from Tavernierspa, that I hope will give you new inspirations that you need.

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