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10 Ideas on How to Turn Neutral Bedrooms Less Boring

Since your bedroom is the place where you can unwind and rejuvenate, you definitely want your bedroom become the most comfortable place ever. Therefore, going with neutral color schemes is the best choice. But then you realize that something is not right here. Your bedroom becomes boring.
Well, yeah, that often happens to any bedroom with neutral color palettes. But it doesn’t mean you can do nothing with that. Keep watching, next, I am giving you 10 doable ideas on how to turn neutral bedrooms less boring. Let’s get started.
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10 Ideas on How to Turn Neutral Bedrooms Less Boring Entries:

10. Hang a matching Wallpaper

10. Hang a Wallpaper via Simphome.comStart from the simplest one. Wallpapers play the same role as paints when it comes to decorating a bedroom. They come in various patterns, colors, and even textures, which makes them perfect to add a nuance to a neutral bedroom.
Choose a wallpaper with bold color or pattern and hang it right behind the headboard to create an accent wall. To complete it, add a throw or pillows with the same hue or pattern to tie the look together.

9. Let’s Play with Shapes

9. Let’s Play with Shapes By Simphome.comWhat makes your bedroom look boring is probably the common shapes. Well, you know, straight lines all over the space, which is a dime a dozen. To make your bedroom become more appealing, you can try varying the shapes. Don’t worry about the style! If you can mix and match the pieces of furniture well, you can still keep the style in check.
In this picture, you can still clearly see the modern touch in every piece of furniture although various shapes are found here. The clean-lined wooden table denotes simplicity immensely. The curved vase and night lamp complement the leg of the round side table perfectly. The bespoke headboard add more pattern and texture without overwhelming the entire space.

8. Combine It with Wood Accent

8. Combine It with Wood Accent via Simphome.comWood elements are extremely versatile. You can add them to any bedroom to bring in some style, warmth, and timeless elegance.
There are various kinds of ways to add wood elements into your neutral bedroom depending on the style and ambiance you wish to create. A wooden accent wall and flooring are a nice combo that I assume will never fail to complement your neutral bedroom. Plus, they can produce a captivating background in a jiffy too.
In this picture for instance, the wood accent wall and flooring blend nicely with the off-white rug and walls. They complement the outdoor vibe that you can see beyond the glass walls elegantly.

7. Add More Patterns

7. Add More Patterns via Simphome.comNeutral bedrooms can be somewhat blah as they lack patterns. They are literally like a blank canvas on which you can find nothing. For this reason, adding more patterns to liven your neutral bedroom up is your top-notch choice.
You can try combining patterns with various scales – from small, large, and even in-between designs. Since the base is neutral, the patterns will work well all together. If you want to enrich the look by mixing various kinds of patterns like floral, geometric, and stripe, by all means. By doing this, you will get a more polished bedroom that looks professionally decorated.

6. Vary the Textures

6. Vary the Textures via

Similar to patterns, textures also play a crucial role in beefing up a neutral bedroom. In fact, they can be a better option especially if you want to stick to a certain color palette or monochromatic design.
Luckily, adding textures in a neutral bedroom is just a piece of cake. You can just add knitted throws, tufted headboard, faux fur rug, velvet duvet, rustic wood furniture, you name it! All the things that can give adventurous experience to your sensory performance will do.

5. Incorporate a little bit Pops of Colors

5. Incorporate a little bit Pops of Colors via Simphome.comDecorating a neutral bedroom doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up colors. You can even have some fun with a few colors when neutral palette is the color base of your bedroom. Don’t worry about adding some pops of colors into your neutral bedroom! They will incorporate more good vibes in it without being an eyesore. You don’t need to go overboard, though. A few bright hints will be just enough to make a subtle nuance.

The easy way to add colors to your neutral bedroom is by choosing colorful bedding. What makes it wonderful is you can change it whenever you want, which will change the nuance in no time. You can also add flowers which will add not only colors to the space but also a lively lift.

4. Be Glamorous

4. Be Glamorous via Simphome.comIf you think that neutral bedroom can’t be glamorous, think twice! Just like any other bedroom, a neutral one can be luxurious if you decorate it correctly.
If you long for glamour in your bedroom, try adding some luxurious elements like silk and velvet, chandeliers, and a little bit of bling represented by glass, metallic surfaces, or any other reflective decoration for more excitement.
This bedroom features gold curvy night lamp that perches on a sleek nightstand. The sequins found on the throw pillow complement the lamp immensely.

3. Neutral Bedroom Makeover Idea for Teens

3. Neutral Bedroom Ideas for Teens via Simphome.comNeutral bedrooms are not only for adults. In fact, they can make a good sleeping space for teens too. When it comes to decorating a teen bedroom, you need to work on playful patterns, like the one you see here.
This bedroom features gray duvet and pillows with lots of stars on them. The gray sconce complements the bedding well and if you can’t give up their bedroom wall bare, allows them to spark it with their own creative minds. Follow next link to lead them to my recommended channel related to this topic.

2. Turn Your Bedroom into Your Personal Gallery

2. Turn Your Bedroom into Your Personal Gallery via Simphome.comThe most important thing that you mustn’t forget when decorating a bedroom is the mood you want to earn after you complete the project. Also don’t forget to choose a character you want to show while keeping it remain a safe haven for you.
For instance, if you want to turn it into your very own personal gallery, just do it! There’s nothing wrong with that. Show off your painting or photos and let the colors add a subtle nuance to your bedroom. Feel free to change it regularly and if you have enough courage and cash, experiment last idea in the list.

Lastly number 1. Opt for Eclectic Style

1. Opt for Eclectic Style via Simphome.comWho says that you have to stick to a certain style? Just do what you feel comfortable with even if you have to mix various kinds of styles at the same time just like what you can see here.
The unfinished brick wall infuses industrial look into the space followed by a leopard-print armchair that add both pattern and personality into the bedroom. To finish it, the owner used white wall-to-wall carpet and walls which nicely anchor the eclectic look together.

Neutral bedrooms can be tedious. But don’t see it as a big burden that can ruin your mood. See it as a huge canvas that is ready to be painted with your imagination and creativity. I hope one or view of these 10 ideas on how to turn neutral bedrooms less boring will help you out with the design to enliven your bedroom and until I see again later in the near future. Stay Safe!
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