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30 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Comfort and convenience can rarely be enjoyed in a cramped space, so if you have a small bedroom, you know that you need to use your ingenuity and creativity to eliminate the claustrophobic atmosphere of your bedroom, to efficiently make use of the limited space, and to establish real comfort, convenience and even luxury in your small haven.

Next, this is ten small bedroom decorating ideas that can help you discover some of the best methods to transform your small bedroom into the most comfortable and luxurious retreat in your house.

And included in this list, you can find a relevant video and sources you can follow to upgrade your small bedroom without dealing with unnecessary errors later

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Small bedroom by Garin Chadwick

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10. Corner Shelves can be great for Storing Small Stuff

Corner shelfIf you have small items like books that you rarely read, flower pots, car replicas, photo frames, and toys, corner shelves can be great for storing them. Pick your drill and build several layers of shelves on your room’s corners. You will have some handy platforms to store those items.

You can make this task a fun and exciting DIY job or you can also buy pre-built shelves that you can attach to your bedroom walls. With corner shelves, you can forget about using bulky cabinets in your bedroom. Source

9. Hang Everything

Hang everythingIn a room with very limited space, ceiling is often the most vacant part that you can abuse as much as you want. Instead of using a nightstand that will occupy your limited floor space, why don’t you use a hanging platform?

There are actually many things that your ceiling can support, such as plants, shelves and lighting fixtures. In fact, even your bed can be suspended on your ceiling if you want.

However, for simple bedroom decorating task, hanging small stuff is enough to make your bedroom less cramped.
Pause: This post will give you more information and some extra bonuses related to bedroom decorating. Source

8. Use Rails instead of Wardrobe

 Use rails instead of wardrobeAmong items that you want to keep in your bedroom is your clothes, but a large wardrobe is definitely not the best choice for your small bedroom. So, instead of using bulky furniture pieces like wardrobe or dresser, why don’t you hang your clothes on rails?

You’ll have much space to save if you do so. You can get your clothes properly stored without having to fill your restricted floor space with bulky furniture. You can fix the rails to your bedroom’s ceiling as explained above or to your wall. Source

7. Get a Bed with Drawers underneath it

storage bedIf hanging your clothes is not an attractive choice as clothes attract mosquitoes and make your room look untidy, use under-bed drawer. IKEA has a lot of beds with this design, so you always have a lot of choices to transform your bed into a reliable storage unit.

Of course you don’t necessarily have to buy the bed.
If your bed leaves empty space underneath it, you can transform an old drawer into an under-bed drawer by installing drawer frame under the bed and fixing caster wheels to your old drawer. Source

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6. Use Floating Vanity

Use floating vanity

Another way to make good use of your wall space and to save your floor space is by using floating vanity. This kind of vanity is available in most furniture stores and is designed to be lightweight but sturdy enough to be fixed to your wall. With this vanity fixed to your bedroom wall, you can use the empty space beneath the vanity for a stool or anything else. Source.

5. Use Pegboard to Store your stuff

Use pegboard to store your stuff.Anything that lies flat on your wall but can be used to store things is a perfect accessory for your bedroom. Pegboard definitely meets this criterion. Pegboard is great for your bedroom not only because of its function, but also because it looks so beautiful that it often appears like a wall décor.

Pegboard looks even more beautiful as you put more stuff on it. There are various things that you can put on the pegboard and sometimes, a pegboard can even be a better alternative for shelves. Source
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4. Transform Everything into Usable Storage Unit

Transform everything into usable storage unitWe have shown above how you can transform your bed into a usable storage unit by adding under-bed drawer to it, but don’t you know that you can also do the same modification to other furniture pieces in your bedroom? Try to build a drawer under your chair or table and you can get additional space to store your stuff in your bedroom. Source

3. Use Mason Jars as Wall Storage Units

Use mason jars as wall storage unitsIf you have some empty mason jars that you don’t use anymore, you can use them as handy storage units in your bedroom. Hang them on your pegboard or wooden board that you have previously attached to the wall and you can use them for any purposes.

You can use the jar to store your small stuff, grooming equipment or plants. Using mason jars is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to recycle old stuff and to make it functional again. Source

2. Fill the remaining Empty Space with Shelves

Fill the remaining empty space with shelvesEmpty space in your bedroom should not be left unused because shelves can be placed on any imaginable spaces. You can make use of, for example, empty space above your door or window for storage purpose by constructing shelves there. You can store items that you frequently use, such as bedding equipment and clothes, on those shelves if you can easily access them. If you cannot, you can put stuff that you rarely use, such as plants and books, instead. Source missing 
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1. Brighten up your Room

Brighten up your roomThis cosmetic bedroom treatment can help enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom. There are several ways to make your bedroom brighter. The easiest is by painting its wall and ceiling with bright colors. You can also benefit from large windows that bring the brightness of the outside in. installing mirrors in your bedroom will also help remove the claustrophobic atmosphere of your bedroom.

If you don’t want your room to look monotonous with its bright appearance, you can use bedroom accessories and small decorative elements as accents. Source.

With these excellent small bedroom decorating ideas, your bedroom should appear roomier than before and you can make every element of it more functional despite its limited space. And if 10 is less than enough for you, next enjoy additional bonus ideas relevant to our current discussion .
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5 Practical Ideas to Makeover a Small Bedroom:

Make your small bedroom looks fascinating and wider with the practical ideas to makeover your small bedroom. In the next list you’ll find easy to follow decorating ideas that you can adopt as soon as you finish reading the whole list

1. Simply Blue Sky

 simple blue sky
What makes you feel cozy at a small bedroom? Of course, a nice decoration and interior design take an important deal with it. Why don’t you apply a simply blue sky idea for your bedroom? This bedroom idea brings you to the sky with the blue sky decoration and interior design. The wall is dominated by blue sky with a floral ornament. Meanwhile, the bed is also blue sky with two pinky stairs matching so much to this bedroom design. (via kidspacestuff)

2. DIY Creative Bedroom Design

diy creative bedroom
A small bedroom is not limiting your creativity. You need to improve your creativity to design and decorate this bedroom. DIY bedroom designing idea is a right choice. You should set two beds in a small bedroom. The first bed is put in the ground floor and the second one is set on the roof. It can accommodate more people but limiting the space. Don’t forget to set wooden stairs to connect the upper bed to the lower one for being an easy access. (via uutvdome)

3. White Classical Bedroom Design

classical white bedroom
The next idea for small bedroom is a white classical design. It is same as its name in which it is dominated by white color and furniture items. White bed looks shady to keep in the center of the bedroom. White ornaments and white carpet make it look really stunning. Don’t forget to put pine tree in the side of the bed. It makes the bedroom atmosphere different. If you want to blend another color. Grey is much recommended to apply in this room. (via instagram)

4. Pinky Bedroom Design

pinky bedroom design
What else is another design for small bedroom? You can apply pinky designing idea. Put some pink furniture items in this small bedroom such as chair, books, ornaments, telephone box, LOVE ornament, and cushion. Those make this bedroom look girly and feminine. Try to mix and match with white color. Pick white bed to get it cute and nice. You may put UK flat carpet in this room. It looks so unique and creative to see in this small bedroom for a different view. (via fotosdedecoracao)

5. Bed – Centered Design

bed centered
The last design that can be applied is bed – centered design. Put a big size bed in the center of the small bedroom. Look, it makes the space of small bedroom full. Because it is too full, don’t put too many ornaments in it because it makes it too narrow. Just put a round small table and a kind of plant to refresh atmosphere. The white wall looks so eye catching and calm for such a small bedroom. So, apply it now. (via apartmenttherapy)

5 Actionable Tips to Build a Cozy Small Bedroom:

Having a small bedroom seems so full and uncomfortable. If you think so, you may need to steal these ideas to make your own cozy small bedroom.

6. Pick soft colors to your bedroom

soft color
As you have a small bedroom, you might not want to pick a dark color as a dominant one in your room. Dark color will make your room look smaller. Try to pick any light hues like pastel color instead. You can pick that color to decorate your cozy bedroom. This trick will give you a bigger look and a warm feel. (via planete-deco)

7. Downsize your Bed

downsizing bed
You might no longer need your big size bed. A big size one will give an impression of a full bedroom. Besides, it will also take up many space of your small bedroom. You may want to consider change your current bed with a smaller size one. It will give more space for sure. After you put good size of the bed, put some attention to make good bedding. You can make it as your focal point of the room. (via futuristarchitecture)

8. Decorate your Shelves Upward

decorating shelf
In your small bedroom, you may still want to add shelves to put some books or little decoration. Yet, you may be worried that your room will look so full of goods. You can give a trick on it. Putting shelves on your wall is not a bad idea at all. You can give two or three floating shelves upward. Make sure it will be strong, so you can put books, magazines, and even a little cute statue there. Another option you can try is to put built-in storage. (via todoityourself)

9. Make use the Under Bed as a Storage

use under the bed
Small bedroom will not give you much storage, but you can do something about it. You can make use any empty space in your room. Why you don’t try to make use the under bed space? You can add rolling drawers, plastic bins, large baskets, or even antique dough bowls under your. Another option to try is creating an ample storage underneath the bed. (via slumberslumber)
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10. Pick the Right Lamp for your Light

pick a lamp
As a suggestion, you can try to put a hanging lamp. This will be perfect on your room and will not take up much space. You can even try to look for a nice design for the lamp. There are many cool designs you can choose. In addition, you can have a dim light to create a warm and cozy room.(via noithattoancau)

5 Small Bedroom Decorating Hacks on a Tight Budget:

Decorating a small bedroom can make you spending a lot of money if you don’t do some hacks about it. Following that sentence, you’ll receive some inspiration that you can take to bond with your children.

11. Create your Own Wallpaper

This is DIY wallpaper. Wallpaper can be expensive somehow. Yet, you can try to make your own wallpaper by painting it. Prepare a paint that matches your color taste. You can draw your favorable pattern or you can use stencil to help you. You can look up a bunch of stencil samples on the internet. Later on, you can paint it with your own hand to make a focal wall in your small bedroom. (via diyprojectsforteens)

12. Pick a Double Duty Daybed

 double duty
Double duty daybeds came from long time ago. Yet, this still can be a nice item to have. This idea can save up space and money. You can have a bed which can be used as daybed when you don’t sleep on it. Sometimes, people place a daybed near a bookshelf so they can pick a book to read and sit comfortably on the daybed at once. (via apartmenttherapy)

13. Make use an Old Door as Headboard

old door
You might want to have a headboard in your small bedroom. Buying headboard may be expensive. If that is the case, you can try to make a headboard on your own. You only need an old door which is unused. You can cut the door to be fitted in your bed and in your small room. As a finish look, you can paint it with your favorite color. You have your cheap, yet pretty headboard now. (via interiorfrugalista)

14. Have a Tool and Crafts Bin from a Wooden Stool

tools and crafts
You may want to add furniture which can be used as a place to collect all of your tools and crafts. Buying a new one will spend your money. How about creating it on your own? It is very possible. Prepare an unused wooden stool and fabric. You will have your own bin now to collect your stuffs by having them. (via alittlecraftinyourday)

15. A Wall Memo Board

wall memo board
You might need a memo board to place anything that will remind of you something. You can get your own memo board by creating it by your own hands. You can make use of old crib spring. You just need to give it a new color. Once you have finished coloring it, you can hang it on your small bedroom and it will not take up space. (via craftaholicsanonymous)

5 Effective Ways to Decorate a Small Bedroom:

Have a small bedroom means we need to be really smart in decorating it to be as beautiful and comfortable as possible. Below is the inspiring 5 ways how to decorate a small bedroom ideas for you to try before the week end.

16. Over the Door Organizers

1 Over2Bthe2BDoor2BOrganizers
For a small sized bedroom, maximizing every single part is the key. We also need to keep anything tidy and well organized. One of the ideas which you can try is to maximize the back of the door area. The over the door storage is a good idea. You can install racks over the back of the bedroom door or even your closet’s door. You can use any kinds of racks or small baskets. Install the baskets or racks on the back of your door. Various types of racks or baskets can be chosen, including the plastic material ones. (via wayfair)

17. DIY Eyewear Organizer

2 DIY2BEyewear2BOrganizer2Bpart2B3
If you have lots of eyewear collections in your small bedroom, you may often face a problem such like getting difficulties in finding one which you will wear. It means you need to make them well organized so that you will get simplicity in looking for one of them which you want to wear. What you need to prepare is the upper side of a photo frame and wires. The size of the frame depends on your need. Then, install the wires to the frames horizontally in some rows. Hang your eyewear collections there neatly. (via momspark)

18. Under-Bed Storages

3 Under Bed2BStorages
Under the bed becomes the common area which is unused so that it is good to maximize its function. What you can do is by creating the area to be the storage space. You can simply do it yourself by creating the storage bin which will fit to your under bed space. You can buy woods and make them into the boxes which will fit the most to your under bed space. Never forget to install the wheels and handles for your convenience. Another idea is to use the wheeled plastic boxes which are fit the most to that space. (via grillo-designs)

19. Space-Saving Footwear Organizer

4 Space Saving2BFootwear2BOrganizer
Organizing your footwear collections neatly is a good idea. However, for your small bedroom be sure that your footwear racks would not take much space. Here is the DIY idea for dealing with that situation. Utilize the used woods and the old look will give the rustic style. Turn the woods into such the boxes for organizing your footwear collections which will then be hanged on your bedroom wall. That can be seen in the reference on the link below. (via worthtryingdiyprojects)

20. DIY Beauty Tools Storages

beauty 2014 05 how to hanging planter main
Having lots of beauty tools as like makeup brushes, hair brushes, hair styling device, and many more will need some extra space to let them well organized. Choose the hanging storage for saving much of your bedroom space. One of the ideas for DIY beauty tools storage is by utilizing the tin buckets. You can use three or more buckets. Arrange those buckets vertically using thick wires and ropes. Then they can be hanged on your wall near your bedroom vanity. (via glamour)

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