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Living in a small space can be frustrating. But don’t you know that it can be a blessing in disguise? Don’t see your space-challenged bedroom as a burdensome area.
Consider it as a blank canvas lying dormant which is waiting to be tapped into.

If you are an apartment dweller who has been putting up with the limited space for years, now it’s time for you to make a big change in your small bedroom with these 10 simple bedroom designs for small space. These ideas are compiled for you by our writer.

10. Enlarge Your Bedroom with Mirrors
10 Enlarge Your Bedroom with Mirrors via simphome
If you want to enlarge your bedroom but don’t have enough space to do it, at least, you can try to trick the eyes into thinking that it is larger than it really is. And what you need to achieve this goal is a huge mirror.

A mirror can reflect lights which makes your bedroom look brighter and airier. Besides, having a full-length mirror is such a great idea because it helps you to double-check your look from head to toe before going to work or school.

You can do anything with the mirror. You can have wall-to-wall wardrobe with mirrored doors, replace a wall with a large mirror, or simply lean a full-length mirror against the wall and secure it with wall tacky. Anything will do.

9. Light Colors Will Comfort You Well
9 Light Colors Will Comfort You Well via simphome
When it comes to a limited space, picking the color hues is crucial. Avoid using dark hues for your small bedroom as they will make your bedroom look more cramped. Instead of dark hues, try applying light hues, or even better, you can apply white. White hues will make your bedroom look clean and hygienic. They also make the bedroom appear to be larger and airier. Unfortunately, white hues are somewhat stark, too.

If you think your white bedroom is too blah, you can add more textures and patterns. White blanket or bed cover with black stripes will add a little bit of nuance. You can also hang a few photographs or monochromatic paintings over the headboard for a more dramatic focal point.

8. Invest in Multi-purposes Furniture
8 Invest in Multi purposes Furniture via simphome
The basic theory of living in a small bedroom is downsizing the furniture. But how can you do it if you still need it? Instead of downsizing it, you can invest in some multi-purposes furniture.
Try having a bunk bed that enables you to have another room in the same spot. Replace the stair of the bunk bed with some drawer steps. These steps function as the access to the bed as well as providing sufficient space to stash your clothes and knick-knacks.

7. Shove Your Bed Against A Corner
7 Shove Your Bed Against A Corner via simphome
Some people say that to expand a room visually, you need to pull the furniture a little bit so it has a little space against the wall. Well, it won’t work if you are dealing with a confined bedroom.

To make the most of a confined bedroom, shove your bed against a corner. By doing this, you’re gonna have more space to move through and a cozy bed to sleep.

6. Keep It Simple!
6 Keep It Simple via simphome
Keeping the furniture to a minimum without compromising your ultimate comfort is your next way to go. Don’t put too much furniture and cram it in your small bedroom. It will gobble up the valuable space which makes you feel uncomfortable.

Just keep some essential pieces of furniture that you use on a regular basis. Pick the ones with clean-line edges over the curvy ones to make your bedroom look modern and practical.

5. Embrace Floating Shelves
5 Embrace Floating Shelves via simphome
Keeping the floor space clean in a tiny bedroom is essential because it can expand the room visually. Therefore, investing in floating shelves is your safe bet. These corner shelves, for example, are simple thing that work like a charm. They help you hold the clutter at bay as well as turning an awkward space that is usually forgotten into a remarkable one.

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They are also DIY-friendly. You only need to get some boards, do the measuring thoroughly, cut the boards, then attach them to the wall using screws or L brackets. Before attaching the shelves, you can stain or paint them the color of your choice to meet your personal taste.

4. Get Creative with Built-Ins
4 Get Creative with Built Ins via simphome
If you are an avid reader, having your very own personal mini library might be your dream. However, your small bedroom doesn’t allow you to make it true. Instead of getting a bulky bookshelf and placing it in your bedroom, why don’t you try to make a built-in shelf?

A built-in shelf enables you to store as many books as you want without taking up a lot of space. It is because the shelf takes the space inwards, not the other way around, so your wall will remain flat and not bulky.

3. Try A Daybed Out
3 Try A Daybed Out via simphome
A daybed might be the best piece of furniture ever when it comes to a small bedroom. It can be functioned as a comfy sofa where you can sit back and relax while reading your favorite romance and a nice bed for you to sleep. It also features some drawers underneath that you can use to hide the clutter out of sight. But, they aren’t meant to be a safe haven for clutter, though.

2. Ditch The Headboard
2 Ditch The Headboard via simphome
Every square inch of a tiny bedroom can be vital. Therefore, you need to ditch unnecessary thing like the headboard of your bed.

A headboard can be a great focal point and add an upscale look to your bedroom. But it will just take up the valuable space in your tiny bedroom for nothing. Why do you have to keep it, then? Remove your headboard and you’ll see a big change in your small bedroom. But don’t rip it off as you might want to have it back someday.

1. Amp Your Bedroom Up with Wallpaper
1 Amp Your Bedroom Up with Wallpaper via simphome
If you decide to ditch your headboard, you may find a blank space afterwards. It’s like there’s something missing. To fill in the missing piece, you can hang a wallpaper on the wall where the headboard used to stand.

Hanging a wallpaper will create a top-notch centerpiece as well as personalizing your bedroom and cure your boredom. There is a wide array of wallpapers that you can choose from. Just make sure it shows who you are and what you are really into.

Those are 10 simple bedroom designs for small space that will make a big impact to your life. Try them out and you’ll be amazed with what your small bedroom can do.

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