10 Organization Ideas and DIY Projects Using Tension Rods

The tension rod is widely known for its function as a curtain holder. It becomes the favorite of many, especially apartment dwellers because it does not damage the wall. Besides, it is highly versatile. You can even use it to declutter a place.
Apart from the easy installation, it is also adjustable and can fit any space. Not to mention the low price that will surely make you want to use it around the house. So, without further ado, here are 10 Organization Ideas and DIY Projects Using Tension Rods that you probably have never been thinking about before.

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10. As the Shower Organizer

10. Shower Organizer by

Each of the family members has their body care to bring in the shower. It makes space seem to be not enough, particularly when the bottles start falling as you clean up. Therefore, a tension rod can be a quick problem-solver.
Simply install the rod across the shower and hung the shower necessities. You will also need some hooks to hold baskets and clips for every item.
It is possible to skip the clips and only use the basket for all. However, hanging wet items like sponges and washcloths will keep them dry and mildew-free.

9. DIY Tension Rod Shelving

9. DIY Tension Rod Shelving by

Although not so common, tension rod is the ingenious solution you can add to your shelving department. It can turn into portable shelves and pop-up camper, collaborating with upper tracks, wire shelves, and shelf brackets.
The bottom part of the upright track is left without a screw to allow the pole to move. To lock it with the rod securely, take and use hose clamps. You can also use these steps to make smaller shelves that fit on the sink.

8. DIY Shelving Solution for Kitchen Utensils too

8. Another DIY Shelf by

Most time, shelves have to be secured to the wall to hold weight, which is a challenge for a renter. Some people also don’t want any hole in their wall. So, you might love this tension rod hack.
Two tension rods are joined together with three other rods using T connectors, providing a sturdy framework. Then, add hose camp to prevent the crossing steel move down. Last, set the GRUNDTAL Hooks in place and attach the tension rods to the furniture surface.

7. Organize and Upgrade your Spice Drawer To a New Level

7. Drawer Organizer by

Utilizing drawers to keep the kitchen utensil and spice in is clever way to make the surface tidy. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that they produce tremendous chaos inside. But do not worry, since tension rods offer great help to keep them well-organized.
Get some rods cut at the size of the drawers, then attach them horizontally. There your divider goes. You can use this hack to organize spices, spoons, forks, or lids. Feel free to adjust the level, and do not forget to label your spices for easy picking.
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6. As a cabinet Divider

6. Divider by

The habit of stacking trays, cutting boards, even plates in the cabinet maybe saves up some space. However, that way does not save energy when you have to lift a heavy stack just to get one item you need. Therefore, be creative with tension rods.
Creatively buy tension rods that fit the cabinet, then turn them into dividers by positioning each pair at the interval. It will keep the items upright and easy to pick. Since they don’t leave permanent damage, you can easily rearrange them to fit your need. Thanks to the simple yet clever design.

5. As Shoe Racks

5. Shoe Racks by

A pile of footwear often generates a chaotic display and causes eyesore. Even worse, it may be challenging to pick quickly the pair you want to use. Adding a tension rod is a convenient way to rest your lovely footwear. It is inexpensive, quick, does not require tools, and fits in almost any space.
Simply fit it to the closet, wall, or drawer, then hang your heels. For more delicate footwears, install two rods equally so that they will not fall. The tension rod racks turn your footwear collection look more beautiful on display and double even triple up the available storage.
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4. A Problem solver for your Under Sink Unsightly Space

4. Under the Sink by

Do you like squeezing cleaning supplies under the sink and later you struggling to find out the thing you need? Then this tension rod idea will get your under-sink world much better.
Find the strong point to brace two tension rods that later will hold several baskets for your upper storage. You may also add another rod to elevate the spray bottles and free up some space. Then, organize sponges, microfiber cloths, and other small pieces in jars.

3. Files Organizer Solution

3. Files Organizer by

Don’t you find it hard to be productive in a room full of files? Sometimes we even get tired before doing the job desk because of seeing a pile of papers on the table. A filing cabinet is indeed a good idea but too expensive for most. However, the humble tension rod can be an alternative solution.
By repurposing the cabinet as the storage, position the tension rods cleverly to craft shelves. Triple them if you think they are not strong enough to hold the weight. You may add baskets to group the files or skip it and label your map if necessary.
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2. Handsome Accessories

2. Handsome Accessories by

It is frustrating to find accessories wrapped around each other and produce a tangled mess, isn’t it? So, get yourself a little help! Set up tension rods and S hooks behind the door or another space to store some hats, scarfs, bags, even jewelry neatly.
Especially display those items with bright colors to deliver a pop contrast in the room. It will be a fabulous way to organize as well as decorating a bedroom. It is, however, not an obstacle to show off another item.

Lastly, Number 1. Pots Hanger Solution for your Bedroom Garden

1. Pots hanger by

Living in an urban area without any outdoor space shouldn’t stop you from displaying your favorite plants. When the floor no longer offers room for pots, opt for tension rods to store your indoor babe aesthetically.
Attach two rods between the floor and the ceiling, then add the third rod vertically to serve as the hanging area. Grab some creeping plants such as devil ivy, spring of beads, and burro’s tail and dramatically let the leaves flow down.
Regardless of its unattractive design, tension rod is one of the most versatile hardware and organization solutions for your limited space. It comes in various sizes and strengths that you can fit with your need. However, keep in mind that the weight it can carry is limited. Therefore, always make sure not to overweight it.
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