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10 Ideas How to Optimize Under the Bed Storage Space

Seeing stuff and everything in your room in a well-organized condition is something you can be proud of because tidying things in the bedroom is a daily struggle you do to keep them orderly. Some considerable space is usually in need in this case. But hey! Don’t worry!
There is some hidden storage that you can make good use of to deal with the mess in the room. The space under the bed can be your life savior when it comes to optimizing storage ideas.
More about that later, next, browse or learn some useful and clever solutions of our 10 Ideas How to Optimize under the Bed Storage. Enriching our 10 Tiny Studio Bedroom improvement ideas and video published last week, this list is presented for you by Simphome. 10 Ideas How to Optimize Under the Bed Storage
10 Under the bed Storage Poster

10 Ideas How to Optimize under the Bed Storage Video

Next I am going to present you a super relevant video that is completed with a professional voice over production and editing process. I bring this video to enrich your learning experience and to appeal your love. I hope it works. BTW, feel free to enjoy or share it with anyone close to you in social media. Thank you for your attention and have a good day

10 Under Bed Optimization Storage and Space ideas:

10. Rolling Wooden Storage Boxes Rolling Wooden Storage Boxes 2The under bed storage gives some additional space for storing not-so-frequently-used items, which leaves some more room for keeping other stuff you use or wear daily. That’s why creating under bed storage is a good choice you can try. Rolling Wooden Storage Boxes 1Measure all the materials needed with the right size that suits the beneath space and cut them or simply make a good use of some old drawers. Assemble them by using a nail gun. Sand them off to create smooth surfaces. To give a little nice surface, you can stain it with any color you like.
Finally, attach the casters. Casters will make it easier when you’re trying to get it out under the bed as the can easily swivel around.

9. Turn a Book Shelf into an Under-Bed Storage Turn a Book Shelf into an Under Bed StorageA nice room isn’t only defined by how spacious the room is, nor how wonderful the decoration is. Neat and tidy can also be the factors that give you a comfortable feeling. Here optimizing under bed storage is on point.
If you happen to have an old and unused bookshelf, that would be a good and very useful place to store your clothes and stuff below your bed.
Sand off the surface and apply a coat of paint primer. Then, paint it with your desired color. Fix two handlers on the front of the drawer. Install the casters like usual to ease your work when slide it in and out under the bed.

8. Experiment this Kitchen Cabinet to Platform Bed with Storage Kitchen Cabinet to Platform Bed with StorageIn this platform bed idea, you give your bed a raised surface and some staircases. All the cabinets aren’t secured to the walls nor floor because the weight of the bed can hold it and won’t shake easily. It’s a pretty cool idea, isn’t it?

Basic Instruction:

The nine cabinets sit on a simple wooden footing on the floor. You can also lay felt pads under the footing, if necessary, to prevent them from scratching. The cabinets are fixed to the footing and the adjacent ones.

Put lumbers on 2 corners of the bed and the cabinets. And add a smaller one to hold the back side of the bed. Attach the bed to the cabinet s and plywood with L-brackets. To create a fine finish, add 15 mm plywood on top of the cabinet.

7. Try this a simple Wicker Basket with Lid Wicker Basket with Lid

Baskets are always there to help you sort things out related to storage. You can either purchase it at stores or you may have a better option than that.
However, the basket didn’t come with a lid, to begin with. Wicker Basket with Lid

Here’s how to Craft the Basket Lid:

Measure and cut the foam you’re going to use as the lid. Prepare a piece of fabric larger than the lid to cover the surface. Mark the board where the hinge is going to be installed. Trim off any excess fabric left on the corners.
Then, glue them. Cover the corners with a piece of book, or wood and some heavy stuff to secure it in place. Create a small slit through each hinge hole. Install zip ties through hinge holes and the basket.

6. Makeover your Old Suitcases Makeover your Old suitcasesThe space under your bed might not be large, but your old suitcases would fit in. You can simply push them into the space under your bed, and you’re good to go. But if the suitcases are somewhat thicker or taller, you can add some felt pads to deal with. To help you with the project, follow reference link copied near the bottom of this post.

5. Colorful Storage Bins under the Bed Colorful Storage Bins under the BedKids typically would get attracted to something that interests them. From this image for instance, the bedroom seems to give them pleasure with a colorful storage platform. Kids definitely can use them to save their toys once they finish playing.

Short Instruction:

Start building your IKEA Trofast shelves by following the instructions. Assemble the side panels and platform storage bed and secure them.
Place the Trofast shelves next to each other and secured them with binding screws so that they can hold together with no gap. Next, install the rock climbing holds at the end of the bed so that your kid can easily climb up the bed.

4. Bed with Built-in Storage Wire Baskets project idea Bed with Built in Storage 2A built-in storage bed has something more to offer than just a platform to sleep. As seen in the picture for example, you can have some boxes or even plants below the bed. It means you can have a neat and clean room with some greenery in it. Bed with Built in Storage

Short Cut:

In short, measure and cut the MDF pieces. Assemble the storage carcasses and joint them.
Install the support frame and the panels. Add the headboard and the face frames.
After that, install the headboard trim and the paneling.
Last, Stain or paint it as you please.

3. Turn Cardboard into Stylish Storage Turn Cardboard into Stylish Storage 1This idea is such a straightforward and affordable since the materials are some everyday objects. Cardboards are good stuff to keep objects so that they won’t scatter all over the place. Turn Cardboard into Stylish Storage 2
Spray paint the cardboard in white. Use a glue gun on sides of the cardboard, line the rope until it covers it all, and press it down. Before cutting the rope, put a clear scotch tape to the end of the rope. This will prevent the rope from getting frayed. Done!

2. IKEA Shelving Unit Hack IKEA Shelving Unit Hack 1
This IKEA shelving unit isn’t only simple, but it’s also very useful. You can lay it down on the floor and give a piece of lumber on each side of the cabinets where the bed is going to be installed. IKEA Shelving Unit Hack 2
The main job is, fix the shelving to the wall if necessary, so that it can stay in place firmly. You can also repaint it in case you wish for a new color.

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1. Wooden Shipping Pallets project idea Wooden Shipping Pallets 2
Using pallets for shoe storage under the bed is something you should consider. I bet you wouldn’t have a hard time to build one. You can simply remove unnecessary parts of the pallet.
Next, join it with another one. Then, sand off and spray paint them. Last, repeat the step if you wish for other pallet storage as well. Wooden Shipping Pallets 1
It’s obviously simple DIY storage to optimize the beneath space, especially for a room with limited space. It’s also cheap and environmentally-friendly way to sort things in the bedroom out.

So, hopefully, our short list of 10 ideas how to optimize under the bed storage ideas would benefit and help you tidy up and keep the bedroom stay orderly. Stick with me for another bedroom makeover ideas, I hope, and stay safe.


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