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10 Before and After Room Transformation Ideas

Every house deserves to be refurbished, especially if it is getting bored and less attractive. You might be packed with an abundance of room makeover ideas and thinking about overhauling the rooms of your house, but you are not quite sure what to begin with.
Don’t worry! You’re not alone. A few homeowners also have the same problem as yours.

Therefore, I’ve come up with 10 before and after room transformation ideas that will provide the ultimate comfort and visual appeal to your home. As usual this list is compiled for you by

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Important things to Remember before you Transform your Room:

No matter how cozy and comfortable the interior space of your bedroom or how functional your kitchen and bathroom spaces are, there is always room for improvement. Sometimes you would want to spruce them up just because you feel like it.
Keep in mind that this is not just a whimsical or a fanciful idea. The truth is all interior spaces of our home are reflections of our personality.
Even if you have very few guests over, the things that you see around you are all reflections of your personality, values, and identity. Why not transform your rooms as extensions of your character?

Some of your interior living spaces probably need more help than others. Regardless of whether these spaces need small or big-time renovation, here are just some key ideas that can make for a fabulous room transformation. Sometimes, it only takes the right approach to make a room that you feel like you know like the back of your hand to look like something completely new.

It All Depends on Your Time.

Room transformation designs turn on how much time you’re willing to put into your project. It is that basic. Such renovation can be simple or extravagant, depending on your time because you have to understand that you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of money.
If you are willing to put in the time, you can save quite a bit of money. It’s people who don’t have the time who have to fork over a lot of cash because they’re buying somebody else’s time. I hope you get that because if you have a lot of time and not enough money, that’s fine. Do yourself a big favor and read through the ideas so you can accurately budget your time and other resources.

Focus on Preservation.

If you’re working with a room that already exists, focus on durability and preservation. These usually are made of wood dividers, and some have the original color. If you’re living in a renovated old home, a lot of these wood panels cast dark shades.
Don’t think that these rooms’ walls have to go. Don’t think about demolition. Instead, you can repaint them. You can use light-colored walls, furniture, and fixture to give a warm ambiance to any room.

You might want to consider the following color palette- white, gray, yellow, and turquoise. It goes a long way in replacing older color palettes that generally revolve around the colors brown, cream, dark green, and of course, black. You can change the color of the walls by obviously painting over them, or you can use wallpaper.
Keep in mind that if you buy light-colored bedding and furniture, this can also go a long way in giving your existing rooms a contemporary look.

Think About Overall Mood.

Every room has a mood, and it’s crucial to understand that despite the plane and light design patterns of bright colors of a room, it all boils down to the atmosphere it produces. It’s one thing to have the right colored walls. Still, you also have to pay close attention to the texture, the furniture, and every other item within that interior space that contributes to your overall color perception.

Accordingly, you can paint the walls with stripes and other designs. Curtains can be brought up to the ceiling to make windows feel more extensive and to let the more light come into the room. You can use bedspreads and pillows that have striking colors to provide a stark contrast. You might want to consider navy blue, bright yellow, or even pink.
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Pay Close Attention to Light Fixtures.

Light fixtures play a significant role in the overall mood or personality of each room. They’re straightforward to dismiss as bit players, but that would be a bad mistake.
For instance, you’re looking at a room, and you can’t quite put your finger on it, but something seems off. A lot of the time, this is due to the wrong lighting fixture choice. Lighting fixtures, as well as other light bearing furniture or appliances, can bring uniqueness into a room.

There are many different options that you can use to play around with light fixture options. It can be quite confusing. Also, it’s effortless to make the wrong call.
The last technique when it comes to lighting fixture decisions is to decide on a theme ahead of time. Before you even think about lighting, think about the idea that you want for that room. To put it another way, think about what aspect of your personality, you want that room to embody.
Once you do that, you start with the walls, then the flooring, and then you make your way to the lighting fixture. If you use that process, things will fall into place. You wouldn’t get that “off feeling” that something’s just not right.

Kitchen Ideas.

Kitchens today give homeowners a lot more options than homeowners of previous generations. First of all, you can do without the typical cupboard layout. A lot of contemporary kitchens have a fully open space design. That free space allows for a lot of flexible and versatile kitchen equipment and kitchenware storage.
The key to the modern kitchen is all about functionality. And the good news is you don’t have to devote a lot of space to your kitchen and unless, of course, it opens into or it’s right next to your dining area.

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Pay Careful Attention to Your Flooring Choices.

Make no mistake. When you look at any room, it’s straightforward to get taken in by the walls and furniture that is readily visible. However, never underestimate the impact of flooring on the overall mood that room projects.
It’s a good idea to be mindful of your flooring choices. There is a big difference between rugs, carpets, and different types of flooring. So, pay close attention to how you want the floor to support the overall look of your interior spaces. Your flooring decisions act as a foundation for the rest of the room.
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Accessorize Strategically.

Now that you’re thinking in terms of themes, it follows that everything else that goes into the room like indoor plants, wall decorations, or storage items must add to the overall aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. That makes the room holistic.
When people enter that room, they can’t quite figure it out, and they might not be able to put it into words. But you would be able to articulate it because you know that you put the room together based surround your personality or your hopes, dreams, and imagination. In other words, it’s about you when people enter your room, and they will have a conversation you want to present to the world.

The Final Word

It’s very tempting to look at interior space renovations as focusing on rooms that meant to make an impact. While this is true, there is another dimension that you need to focus on. These are “dead spaces.”
For example, common areas or areas that provide a transition from one interior space to the next are dead spaces. These also have a role to play in making sure your personality stands out regardless of where people are in your home.

Be mindful of these and make sure that the themes are consistent, and your home renovation project would be a success.

10 Room Transformation Video, Before and After

Next, I am giving you a super relevant video related to our discussion. To detail the video of course all you need to do is pressing “pause” button and scroll just a little.

10 Inspiring Room Transformation Ideas, Before and After

10. Plain to Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

10 Plain to Modern Farmhouse Bedroom via simphomeLet’s begin with this bedroom. It used to be stark and mundane with the cream wall. There were not many patterns that you can find here except the pillow cases. That’s why it needed refurbishing.
The homeowner applies a brand-new look of a modern farmhouse style in this bedroom. Instead of applying only wall color to the wall, he painted the wall white and gray, adding more stripped pattern to the bedroom.
The curtain rod is hung as close as possible to the ceiling, so the sheer curtains can dangle from the ceiling to the wall. This is a classic method of making the window look larger without expanding the size.

To perfect the look, the homeowner hung rattan shades to cover the wall between the ceiling and window.

9. Add More Pattern to the Wall

9 Add More Pattern to the Wall via simphomeMany people like to sleep in a simple bedroom. But it doesn’t mean that they like to see a deadly dull bedroom with no character and artistic touch in it.
This white bedroom used to be a nightmare with stark wall and brown beadboard panelling. But, take a look at it now! It has transformed into a bedroom that everyone wants to have.
To get rid of the dullness of this bedroom, the homeowner hung a gray wallpaper with distinctive white patterns as the focal point. A picture of a white horse hangs on the wallpaper to accentuate it.
He also painted beadboard paneling white to match the wall, so the bedroom looks more spacious. White sheer curtains hang from the rod to the floor, providing a serene look. DIY Passion

8. Rustic and Luxurious Bedroom

8 Rustic and Luxurious Bedroom via simphomeThe most convenient way to transform the look of your bedroom, just like this one. You can see that this bedroom has got a face-lift after the homeowner changed its color from crimson red to the egg shell color. Two nature-themed pictures hang over the headboard to make a nice focal point.
To add rustic look to this bedroom, three mason jar lights are suspended from the ceiling over the bed.
Two wood-branch table lights anchor the bed as well as adding the touch of luxury to the bedroom.

7. Try New Color and Furniture

7 Try New Color and Furniture via simphomeYellow is the color of joy and hope. It might be good for your living room, but not for your bedroom. Yellow bedroom can hinder you from getting a perfect sleep. To get a better sleep, neutral and cool colors are your safe bet.
This bedroom used to feature yellow wall and bedding which made it overwhelming. The absence of wall art made it worse. So, the homeowner decided to paint the wall light gray for a better sleep and more elegant look. The gray headboard and bench perfect the interior.
Crystal chandeliers hang above the bed, accentuating the luxurious look of it.
To kick it up a notch, a picture hangs on the wall as the wall art.

6. Reface the Kitchen Cabinets

6 Reface the Kitchen Cabinets via simphome

There are many things that you can do to update your kitchen. As you can see here, changing the kitchen color works like a charm.
This kitchen used to be outdated with brown cabinets. To update its look, the homeowner painted the cabinets and the wall white, making them look as if they were flowing into one being. The cabinets were also raised a few inches, so they stay close to the ceiling, allowing the homeowner to have an open shelf underneath.
Some of the cabinets were removed and replaced with open shelf for a more spacious look.

5. Traditional Kitchen Turns into a Chic Farmhouse Kitchen

5 Traditional Kitchen Turns into a Chic Farmhouse Kitchen via simphomeModern farmhouse kitchen has been on trend lately. You can also have one by doing a kitchen makeover.
You can begin with painting your shaker cabinet white. Then, replace the kitchen lights with vintage industrial pendant lights. Try replacing your old kitchen sink with an apron sink.
This kitchen, for example, has all the elements needed to make a great modern farmhouse kitchen style. It even features gray subway tiles as the backsplash. Even the bar is covered with wood pallet for a more rustic look.

4. Rip off the Cabinets

4 Rip off the Cabinets via simphomeIf you think your kitchen is small, you can try this before and after kitchen transformation ideas.
For a small kitchen, every inch is crucial. Therefore, instead of hanging bulky cabinets on the wall that take up a lot of space, you can try ripping them off and replacing them with open shelves, just like this kitchen.
This kitchen looks bigger and airier after the homeowner decided to replace the cabinets with open shelves and paint the kitchen white and blue for a coastal-themed kitchen.

3. From a Total Mess to a Warm Living Room

3 From a Total Mess to a Warm Living Room via simphomeYou can change your old living room into a modern one by tweaking it a little bit. This living room used to be a total mess. But after a few makeover projects, it has become a cozy place to sit back and relax.
The TV and its stand serve as the focal point of this living room. An electric fireplace is installed on another side of the room.

The sofas arrangement allows you and your family enjoy the TV show and the warm ambiance provided by the fireplace.
The homeowner also replaced the wooden stair railing with glass panel, offering a modern look to the living room.

2. A Cozy Living Room for Your Winter

2 A Cozy Living Room for Your Winter via simphomeWinter is coming. Now, it’s time for you to do a little bit of living makeover project to make your living room ready for the cold weather.
You do not need to repaint the walls if you think it is too arduous. You can just replace the sheer curtains that cover the windows with heavy draperies or a twin blanket attached to the rod.
Try providing a new look by laying a carpet tiles on the floor. The carpet will prevent your feet from getting cold as well as adding more colors to the living room.

1. Airy Mid-Century Modern Living Room

1 Airy Mid Century Modern Living Room via simphomeMany people are crazy about mid-century modern style. And this living room has turned into a stylish mid-century modern living room after the homeowner painted and invested in some new pieces of furniture.
The homeowner began with replacing the cubes with an aisle-like shelf. He doesn’t stick to one color schemes for the furniture as he wants to focus on the function. The furniture work well as a team despite the different colors. And the most conspicuous thing about this style is the peg leg furniture.
That’s something you shouldn’t miss.

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So, those are 10 before and after room transformation ideas that can you can use to upgrade any rooms of your house. I hope. Happy trying and check relevant link already pasted in this post!

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