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10 DIY Flower Bed Ideas

Who doesn’t love flowers? Their gorgeous look can cast a spell to boost the curb appeal well. Growing some flowers is even the most affordable and effective way to improve your front yard landscaping without breaking a sweat.
Although the beauty of flowers can make your home look exquisite, a thorough plan is still necessary. Next, I present you 10 alluring DIY flower bed ideas that “I think” would blow your mind and awe the passerby.

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Simple DIY Ideas How to Build Flower Beds

If you don’t want to spend too much time and resources on garden landscaping, you do have options. A lot of homeowners automatically think that they need to pay a lawn or gardening professional to do it. The truth is you can set up your do-it-yourself flower bed.
DIY does not only have an excellent idea for saving money, but you get to reconnect with your backyard in adding beauty to it. Not only that, the flowers that your garden produces, make impressive additions to any of your home’s rooms. If you want to truly bring out the life and vibrancy of any interior room, do it with flowers.

You Can Do It

DIY flower beds are not as hard as you think. You can create flower beds that will look good in your garden. These are not just simple wood or plastic contraptions intended only to hold dirt.
While that is their primary function, they don’t have to look bad while doing their job. There are all sorts of design directions you could go. The only limit is your imagination. If you do it right, you can come up with DIY flower beds that will brighten up your balcony, deck, or even small yards.
You also don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money to do this. You can repurpose most of the stuff that is already around your home. You can recycle containers that would otherwise go in the trash and eventually end up in some landfill.
You can use these found or ready-made items and turn them into elegant looking flower beds. They don’t have to look bad. It all depends on your design sensibilities.

4 Essential DIY Flower Bed Ideas:

1. Use Tree Stumps as Flower Bed

If you have cleared out your backyard of a few dead trees, you will know how much of an eyesore those dead stumps can be. If you’re like the typical homeowner, you probably wish that there is some sort of way to get rid of those tree stumps for good. If you had the money and the time, you probably would have it cleared out.
What if I told you that those eyesores don’t have to rob you the wrong way? You can hollow them out and use them as flower beds. Instead of being annoyed by their presence, you look forward to them because they would contain these beautiful vibrant flowers.

All it takes is a little bit of imagination. Just hollow it out a few inches from the top, put in the dirt, and put in your flowers. It’s pretty straightforward. There’s not much to it.
As the soil interacts with the water, eventually, there’s enough organic material growing in the flowerbed to rot the stumps away. To put it simply, you are just jump-starting the natural, organic, recycling that Mother Nature has already used for that tree stump.
The best part? You have beautiful flowers to show for this tree trunk decomposition process.
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2. Repurpose Old Bed Frames

Old bed frames can be a headache to clear out. Not only are they big and bulky, but also you’re going to have to put them out on your front yard in the hopes that somehow your local garbage system will hold them away. Of course, this takes quite a bit of doing because you would have to roll up your sleeves, disassemble the bed frames, and avoid getting cut by sharp edges and what else could go wrong.
The good news is you don’t have to toss out your bed frames. You can use them as this flower bed, and they can add some much-needed drama and vibrancy to your garden. Your climbing plants can wrap their stems around the railings of the bed frames.
The great thing about bed frames as crawling plant trellises is that at first, they look like prominent bed frames. But once you have enough ivies and other crawling plants, making their way through the metal frames, it starts looking like a remarkable garden pathway that you would love to show off because plant life surrounds you.
You can even hang little pots and other ornaments at the top, so when people go through the many different bed frames covered by vegetation, they feel like they’ve stepped into a different world. It’s as if you have all these cascading flowers all around you.
It’s an entirely immersive experience, all thanks to nasty-looking, possibly even rusty bed frames. That is the power of re-purposing.
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3. Use Old Furniture as Flower Beds

Throughout a home’s life, there’re going to be many different pieces of furniture as well as appliances making it through that interior space. Sadly, the vast majority of these items get thrown out.
But believe it or not, you can repurpose a tremendous amount of these materials. We’re talking about boots, old tires, steel pipes, wine bottles, old mason jar, old logs, side tables, toolboxes, headboards, whiskey barrels, kiddie pools, washboards, old wooden chairs, and yes, even grand pianos again.

Again, as long as there is some sort of container area, it is fair game as a possible flower bed. The only limit is your imagination, creativity, and intuition. The key is to improvise and make the item fit the particular area. Other than that, you have a lot of choices.
The best part is the star of the show are the flowers that you are cultivating. They would make any kind of container look good.
Forward to flower bed list number 1.

4. Hang Your Plants on The Wall

If you have any kind of mason jars, baskets, or old containers you’re going to throw away, hang them. You’d be surprised as to how good they look when they sprout flowers because a little bit of color in any kind of interior space, along with an opening for light, makes for a fantastic experience.
The only limit is your imagination. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you are looking to create the very best flower garden experience, start with stuff around your home that you’re about to throw away. You’d be shocked as to how well repurposed these can be and how they can add the renewed life to any kind of outdoor or indoor space.
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10 DIY Flower Bed Video

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10 DIY Flower Bed List Entries:

10. Old Tire Flower Bed Old Tire Flower BedYou don’t need to splurge out on fancy planters to create chic flowerbeds. A brilliant way to do it is by grabbing some inexpensive materials and turning them into fancy planters.
This planter, for example, is made of an old tire, a wooden spool for the base of your planter, a plastic planter tray that will prevent the wood from being wet constantly, 4×4 board as the legs, and sisal rope.
To make this planter, you need to cut the board into 3 pieces. Each piece has to be 12″ long with 15-degree angles at each end. Attach one of the spool ends on the tire using bolts and nuts. Next, wrap the planter with the rope using hot glue gun and some super glue. Attach the legs at the center of the planter. You might want to glue the legs first before attaching them using 2” pocket screws.
Finally, apply weatherproofing stain and plant any flower in it.
This planter is super gorgeous, easy to make, and you can make two planters and flank your doorway with them. Addicted2diy

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9. A Tree Stump into a Beautiful Flower Bed idea A Tree Stump into a Beautiful Flower BedSome people cut a gigantic tree for safety issue. Unfortunately, the tree stump is hard to dig out. Instead of letting it ruin your front yard landscaping, why don’t you just incorporate it into your flower bed?
First, begin with drilling the center part of the tree stump using 2-inch Forstner bit to hollow it out. Finally, add some dirt in it. well, the planter is ready. Now, the fun part is arranging the flowers that you want to grow.
Actually, you can grow any flower of your choice, but let me give you some tips. Place
pelargonium in the center with some orange and gold nasturtium
surrounding it. Don’t forget variegated leaves too.
For the leaves, give
nasturtiums a try as they are edible. Combine them with deep purple bell flowers. Next, to create a perfect balance, plant some pelargonium, bell flowers and ornamental grass around the roots.
Instructables | Homebnc
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8. Mesmerizing Flower Bed from Old Towel and Quick-Dry Cement Mesmerizing Flower Bed from Old Towel and Quick Dry CementWhat do you usually use your old towel for? If you use it for cleaning, let’s try to turn it into a wonderful planter, then.
It’s super easy. You just need to mix some cement and water in a bucket. Next, dip your towel in the cement thoroughly. Find a short pole and top it with a plastic container upside down, and then put a piece of plastic on it. Hang the towel on the pole for 3 days to let the cement dry.
Now, it’s art time. Apply white acrylic as the color base.
Then, use a little bit of your imagination when painting it using any metallic color that you like.
Art For You, Youtube Channel

7. Washboard Flower Bed idea Washboard Flower BedWhy do you have to throw your washboards away if you can give them second life? This flower bed will be a lovely project for you.
To make this flower bed, you will need washboards, 2 -13 1/4” pieces of fence slats that will be used as the side rails, 1 – 1×2 cut of 13” for top of footboard, 1 – 1×2 cut of 10 3/4 ” for the back of headboard, wood screws, 2 – 5 1/2” wide wood pieces that is cut into 10 3/4” and 1 piece of 2” to fill the 13” bottom of flower bed, reuse rungs of washboard on the side rails that will be used to hold the bottom of the bed, and tin snips. Hallmarkchannel

6. Stencilled Cinder Block Flower Bed idea Stencilled Cinder Block Flower Bed

If you want to get beautiful planters without breaking a sweat and making you short on cash, you can give this idea a go. You just need some cinder blocks and variety of stencils you love. Then, randomly paint the cinder blocks using the stencil and spray paint. That’s it! so much fun and easy! Realitydaydream

5. Built-In Flower Bed idea Built In Flower Bed ideaBuilt-in flower beds can give your home a sleek modern look. All you need to do is just take some tiles out from your patio, or just let some area be without any tiles so that the soil can be exposed, and you can plant beautiful flowers in it too. HomeBNC

4. Side Yard Flower Bed Side Yard Flower BedMany people focus on the front yard and backyard landscaping, and they neglect their side yard which can ruin the curb appeal.
Dress your side yard up with some beautiful flowers. But first, pull the pesky weeds out. Next, grow some hostas along the foot of the wall. To hold the weeds at bay, cover the soil with weed control fabric. Don’t forget to make some holes for the hostas. Cover the fabric with mulch, then grow some flowers, and make a border with pavers.
If you have no idea what flowers that will look good for your side yard, try planting black eyed Susan accompanied with cosmos, globe amaranth, daylilies, shasta daisy, or phlox. Or, you can go with bee balm accompanied with globe thistle, columbine, or silver sage. They’ll look good together. Loveoffamilyandhome | Gardeningknowhow

3. Flower Tower project idea Flower TowerIf you don’t have much space to grow many flowers, just go vertical with this flower tower. It is made of wire fence mesh tied up using zip ties. Then, loosely wrap the tower using landscape fabric to measure the length of the fabric you will need.
Cut the fabric, and put it inside the mesh. Secure the fabric to the wire mesh using zip ties. Next, fill it with potting soil about 1/3 of the way up, and add some water, and repeat these steps until the tower is fully filled with dirt. Then, make some holes on the fabric by cutting Xs to put the flowers. Youtube Ashley Phipps | Simplydesigning

2. Repurposing a Bed Frame idea Repurposing a Bed FrameClassic bed frame can make a shabby chic flower bed. You just need to put some planters in the bed frame and fill it with plenty of flowers. Growing climbing plants like roses and jasmines can be a good idea as they can wrap the frame around which creates more drama to your garden. DIYnCrafts

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Lastly number 1. Bicycle Flower Bed project idea Bicycle Flower Bed project ideaUpcycling an old bicycle as a flower bed is not a new thing. But you can always do it with panache. To make your bike planter more appealing, you can paint it the color of your choice to match the flowers. Theartinlife
So, those are 10 DIY flower bed ideas that you can try at home.
They are cheap, easy to make, yet outstanding! Happy trying!

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