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30 Initiatives of Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas

Did you ever think about redecorating your backyard but you do not want to break your bank? There are so many great ideas out there that do not cost you much. Whether your patio or backyard area needs a bit of fixer or just you need to get the outdoor concept that you want to start – there are so many things that you can do with a bit of inventiveness and creativity touch as well. You can check some of the cheap landscaping ideas for the backyard which are so fun to start and look so great. You can ask your family members to get fun here to create a beautiful space that can be appreciated by anyone. You can keep reading this article to backyard landscaping ideas on a budget.
You don’t have to worry if you only have a small backyard – you are still able to improve your garden in several ways.

You can simply ad the patio or simple deck to strengthen your landscape or make a garden that brings the beauty and wildlife sensation to your backyard. There are so many easy and cheap ways that you can do to achieve the first-state backyard. As always, the list is compiled for you by Simphome. And If you enjoy this list feel free to share it with someone close to you in social media or social circle outside the internet.
Hint: This list is not only filled with text and pictures


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General Ideas How To Give Your Backyard A Makeover:

If your backyard is a somewhat dull place made up of a flat surface with possible weeds here and there, keep in mind that what you’re looking at is not a hopeless piece of real estate. It may seem like it. It might have even struck you as a part of your home that you would be slightly embarrassed about.
But the truth is it’s a blank canvas. It’s just like any space that can be the beginning of a remarkable masterpiece in the hands of a skilled painter. The same applies to your backyard.
All it takes is a little bit of imagination and creativity, and you can transform it into something else. You can bring a lot of much-needed vibrancy, color, and even welcomed drama to your backyard. All you need is space.
If you do it right, it can quickly turn into the most popular spot in your home. That’s right. That is going to be the place that you can’t wait to show your family friends and neighbors. You can’t help but show it.
Renovating that dull, empty, nasty-looking dead area at the back of your home doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Yes. You can come up with a cheap makeover using the simple techniques and materials I’m going to line up below.

Step 1: You Have to Define the Area of Your Yard That You’re Going to Work On.

That is essential. A lot of homeowners have a fuzzy idea of what area they’re going to renovate. At the end of the process, they end up spending a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money renovating all outdoor areas.
So, the more defined you are, the more time you save, and the less money you’re going to have to shell out. But you have to focus.
How do you make this decision? Ask yourself, “Of all this space, what can I devote to play lounging around eating and cooking?” When you do this, you impose some discipline on those other spaces because now you know what parts you’re going to spend your money on.
You don’t want to keep spending your hard-earned cash buying the same type of furniture for every single area in your outdoor space. It’s not needed.

Step 2: Decide on Your Effort Level.

This step is my favorite part. A lot of homeowners think that they always have to do things the hard way when it comes to their backyard. They resigned themselves to riding on a lawnmower and having to devote a tremendous amount of time making sure their garden and front lawn look their very best.
You don’t have to do that. You can decide right at this step how much effort you’re going to put in your backyard space.
If you know for sure that you’re not going to have that much time and energy for your backyard after you are laid out, no problem. You just need to use the right ground cover.
So, instead of planting grass or traditional backyard turf, use wood mulch. There’re many different types of wood mulch out there.
If you are in a typical city or suburb in the United States, many wood cutting and tree trimming services would love to visit you because they can dump their wood chips in your backyard completely free. The best part? You’re doing them a favor.
The tree trimming services like Tree Service Memphis for example

If you are sure that you don’t have the time to manage weed or cut the grass, no problem, use mulch.
There are other alternatives to wood mulch, but they can cost you a pretty penny. You can use stone and other mulch. Ideally, you should use wood chips because they take a long time to break down, so you don’t have to replenish them on an ongoing basis like you would if you were using leaves or grass clippings.

Step 3: Determine Your Garden Path.

The next primary step that you need to focus on is the path that would take your visitors from one spot of the garden to the next.
You can use wooden planks. Maybe you can decorate the sides of the wooden planks or intersperse them with pebbles. That creates a meandering trail. You can also decide on has a Zen or minimalist design proper philosophy and use a lot of small stones to keep the look nice and simple.
Depending on the path materials you use, this decision is going to impact how much time, effort, and focus you’re going to have to spend on maintaining that path.

Step 4: Make Your Backyard Cozy by Providing the Right Seating

Depending on how far your seating areas are from your indoor space, you might want to consider hardy pieces of furniture. A lot of people are under the impression that this automatically means stainless steel or other types of metal composite materials. Not necessarily. You can use wood that takes a long time to rot.
That is especially helpful if you live in a part of the country where wood is plentiful, but the temperature is cold and dry. All bets are off if you live in the American South, where it’s hot and humid. But if the air is relatively cold and dry, you can get away with wooden furniture pieces.
Knock yourself out because these are reasonably easy to source in the many Northern States, and they can last quite a long time.
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Step 5: Repurpose Old Furniture.

The next step is to recycle simply. I’m sure there are many pieces of furniture and other items in your home that you are thinking of throwing out. Hang on to them. You can use a lot of these items for your backyard.
The list is going to blow your mind because you can use almost anything. We’re talking anything from old furniture, tires, mason jars, tin cans, bed frames, and other things that you can set up vertically in your garden. Flowers and plants on the wall growing on these frames add to the beauty and organic mystique of your backyard.
Don’t rule out any kind of item that you’re going to throw away. Even if you’re looking at a hold-off at-home office chair that no longer works, you can take it apart and repurpose it to make it a flower bed or at least as part of your framing.
Forward to 9th point our next backyard makeover list.

Step 6: Don’t forget lighting.

Lastly, you can add lighting to your yard by wrapping lights on trees, hang them on the wall, or merely using candles when you hold your picnic parties. It all depends on the overall mood you are trying to project with your event.
You can also build a bench around your big trees as additional seating or as a place to read books or simply relax and enjoy your very own slice of the ground love the outdoors.
Check our next long list for more detail.

10 Cheap Backyard Makeover List Entries (Part 1) :

This first part is also the transcription format of our previous video.
Intro: Some people overlook their backyards and focus on improving the front yards. They think that passersby will not notice that their backyards are somewhat terrible, so why bother?
Well, your backyard might not be the first thing that comes to sight. But will you let the prolonged eyesore exist? Don’t you want to relax in such a beautiful backyard?
If a limited budget is your big problem, don’t worry! I’ve listed 10 cheap backyard makeover ideas that will add a jaw-dropping view without costing you a fortune.

10 Inspiring and Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas by
10 Inspiring and Cheap Backyard Makeover Poster

10. Cheap DIY Fire Pit Project idea

10.Cheap DIY Fire Pit by Simphome.comRelaxing in the backyard when the weather is nice is fantastic. You can enjoy the glittering stars while catching up with your family. Unfortunately, it can be cold outside. For this reason, making a fire pit is the best solution.
To make this fire pit, you need to make the outline by placing a stake, tie a piece of string with spray paint at the other edge, then begin to make a circle. After that, dig out the dirt in the circle. It will be approximately 18 inches deep.
Next, create the base by filling the pit with 6 inches of gravel, then a layer of course sand. Tamp them down, and make sure they are level. Using the same technique as making the outline, mark the inner circle, and begin to place the first row until you get the finish rows.

9. Cheap Backyard Makeover with Dogs

9.Cheap Backyard Makeover with Dogs by Simphome.comThere are several things to consider when doing a backyard makeover. One of which is whether your backyard can be a safe haven for your dogs. Isn’t it wonderful to see your dog can hang out safely in your backyard?
To make it tangible, you need to install a fence around your backyard for peace of mind. It doesn’t have to be fancy, though. You can install a chain-link fence for a quick and cheap option. If you want to add a little style, you can use some planks, and install them horizontally to get a contemporary look.
Besides installing the fence, you need to consider the material you are going to use to cover the ground. The manicured lawn might give your backyard an elegant look, but you have to be ready with brown spots in the grass. They can be rinsed with water, but it will be too much trouble. Opt for mulch instead as it is the best choice as it is inexpensive and safe for your dogs. Relevant ideas: 30+ Dog kennel ideas or 10 Cute Dog Bedroom Decor Ideas

8. Quick Cheap Backyard Makeovers

8.Quick Cheap Backyard Makeovers via Simphome.comMaking a new patio in your backyard can take a long time and be quite expensive. For a more affordable option, you can just lay a patio mat on your existing patio or grass.
If you happen to have such an atrocious backdrop that you want to hide it away, you can try making a bench, then screw a pressure-treated fence panel to it.
Now you have a brand new patio. But you still need to jazz it up. Get some throw pillows and chairs that come in the same color as the mat. Install string lights to illuminate it. Last but not least set down some stepping stones.

7. Embrace Rustic Ambiance

7.Embrace Rustic Ambiance by

Do you have a small backyard? No problem! You can turn your minute backyard into a wonderful thing that is big in style without making you broke.
This small backyard embraces the rustic style immensely. Stones completely cover the ground, giving the backyard a low-maintenance charm. Instead of chairs, you can simply place some distressed logs around the table. They will make great stools. For the finishing touch, grow succulents and ornamental grass.

6. Embrace the Magic effect of Paint

6.Use the Magic of Paint by 2Paints have always been everyone’s safe bet when it comes to do a home makeover in a jiffy. They are cheap, versatile, and always give a good result. So, why don’t you just use paints to add colors to your backyard?
6.Use the Magic of Paint by 1I am not telling you to paint the plants just like what you saw in Alice in Wonderland. No. I am telling you to paint the fence and wooden furniture. This project could be so simple that you can do it yourself during your weekend.

5. Give More Outdoor Living Areas

5.More Outdoor Living Areas by Simphome.comIf you have sufficient funds, consider having a new deck in your backyard if you haven’t had any. However, as time goes by, the deck will be worn and you may begin to think about replacing it with the new one. But, hey! Let’s opt for a better and cheaper option. Expand it, instead of re-new it.
From the image, for example, this backyard used to have a spacious deck. But now, the deck has been turned into four different living areas, which makes it become more functional. The dining area with a big umbrella is not on the deck anymore. It sits on a gravel patio along with a grill and flower bed.
The gazebo is still there – coming in a well-improved look. The versatility of paint has made a big impact on the gazebo. Next to the gazebo is a kitchen herb garden with a path that leads you to the door.

4. Turn Unused Driveway into a Cozy Backyard

4.Unused Driveway into a Cozy Backyard by 2Don’t have a backyard? It’s not a big deal because you can make one. I am not talking about spending lots of money on a backyard, though. I am talking about turning an unused driveway into a cozy backyard.
All you need to do is just installing the fence to define the area while crafting privacy space, making flowerbeds, and adding chairs so that you can sit back and relax.
4.Unused Driveway into a Cozy Backyard by 1

3. Colorful Backyard Project idea

3.Colorful Backyard Ideas by Simphome.comThis backyard has no lawn, but it still looks attractive due to the wide array of colors found in the foliage, which makes it embody tropical charm immensely. You can also get this look by planting wide and colorful foliage like Cordyline fruticose, Croton plant, philodendrons, and canna.
Instead of green grass covering the ground, you can use mulch just like what you can see here. Mulch is much cheaper than grass. Besides, it won’t give you an extra workload as you don’t have to mow it regularly, not to mention the serene forest-like look that you’ll get. To add more colors, try painting the fence of the wall the same color as the foliage.

2. Leaf-Shaped Stepping Stones

2.Leaf Shaped Stepping Stones by Simphome.comAlthough it may seem trivial, uniquely designed stepping stones can add charm to your backyard and steal anyone’s focus.
These stepping stones look like huge leaves. Well, they are made of concrete with a huge leaf imprinted on them. To make these stepping stones, you’re going to need:
• Concrete Mix
• Shovel
• Large Leaves lie rhubarb, philodendron, or hosta
• Mixing Container
• Cardboard or plastic sheet as the working area
• Protective Gloves

Lastly number 1. Add a Bridge

1.Add a Bridge By Simphome.comApparently, a bridge is not only used to connect two different areas that are separated by a river or stream. In fact, a small bridge can make a great embellishment for your backyard.
You don’t have to dig your backyard and make a pond, though. Some stones and gravel arranged to resemble the look of a stream will do in a pinch. More importantly, it’s way cheaper.
Done for now,
So, doing a backyard makeover on the cheap doesn’t mean that you have to give up style. These first 10 cheap backyard makeover ideas have proven that you can earn a spectacular backyard despite the limited budget that you have. Good luck with your new project and stay safe.
Continue your learning with the 2nd list group of our discussion.

10 Ideas How to Makeover A Backyard for Cheap (Part 2):

1. You can start to define your Backyard

1.SIMPHOME.COM Define your backyardFirstly, You can decide what kind of space that you need such as the cooking space, dining space, play area, or shady lounging area – you can define it clearly to make a huge visual effect on your backyard. Doing this way is as expensive as repetition your accessories and furniture that you already had. You may want to build or purchase the storage shed so that you can keep the kid’s toys stay out of sight when they do not use it.

2. Light up your Backyard

2.SIMPHOME.COM Light up your backyard
Most of the cheap landscape ideas always include little or small lights – and this is a good reason for you. You can do so many things with these outdoor light and most of the outdoor lights that you can find today are led lamps. In this way, then you can add more lights without placing a huge increase in your electrical bill. This is also a great way to decorate your backyard or front yard and adding your space to a higher level of fun as well. Even it is also better, the outdoor lights can still look so festive no matter the type of year-round. They always look so great and be ready for any occasion.

20 Ideas How to Light Your Backyard:

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3. Make the Garden Path in your Backyard

3.SIMPHOME.COM Make the garden path in your backyardYou can add the meandering path which gives you the polished look into your untamed area. Rather than using the pavers, its highly recommended to use the crushed rock around quarter-inch, even it also available in different colors as well. You can use the stakes to decide your shape, then wrap it with the bender board. After it. You need to put four to five inches crushed rock and flatten them with the solid surface. Or follow a simpler idea like what you can see on a second image.

4. Make your borders

4.SIMPHOME.COM Make your bordersThis is very easy to groom and polish your backyard by utilizing the borders. The ideas of cheap borders can include anything inside your homes such as the border boxes, plastic barriers, crushed stones or another type of garden filler such as the wood shavings for your backyard. The possibility is unlimited and creates the landscape borders in any landscape to give the pop out lines which separate the lawn, garden beds, and other plants. This is also a great way to utilize your area maximally and making a very interesting space for you.
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5. Cover up with Concrete

5.SIMPHOME.COM Cover up with concreteIf you want to get the plain concrete in your backyard, there are two cheap and easy ways to give you a fresher look. You can coat the surface with the stone stains with your favorite colors. Even you can consider the square patterns as well. Then you can place the slate tiles over the concrete as well.

6. Experiment this Stepping Stone Project

6.SIMPHOME.COM Create Stepping Stone
You can add this idea to your cheap backyard ideas. They are so useful. The stepping stones do not cost you much to purchase, but if you have stones, you can make your own stepping steps. Making this step will look great in any garden arrangement. You should not have a garden to make these steps, but if you include them in the existing garden, you can make interesting sizes and shapes easily.

7. Get Palette Furniture

7.SIMPHOME.COM Get palette furnitureMaking the furniture from the wooden palette should be one of the easiest and cheap ways that you can do. This type of furniture will look so great – creating a kind of rustic nuance can be so easy to dress up or down. You can stain or paint your palette furniture to match into any theme or setting that you want to bring in your setting. Of course, you can add the pillows and you can get the outdoor space looks fantastic around the year around.

8. Elegant Tree Bench Project Idea

8.SIMPHOME.COM Elegant tree benchThis idea is so useful and easy to make and does not cost you anything if you have the spare woods. The more trees that you have, then you will get a better outdoor idea. These trees can be used as the baseboard or pillar for the actual bench and all you can do is building it around the tree trunk to make this cute bench. This is also a great idea if you want to make an outdoor bench without purchasing garden furniture.

9. Display Old Furniture

9.SIMPHOME.COM Display old furnitureSo, refurbishing your old garden furniture can be very effective and looks so great with a bit of work and creativity. It looks as if it has been used before and you only need a bit of touch to look stunning. With a bit of paint or some wood stain – it looks great.
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10. Grass Terrace Project

10.SIMPHOME.COM Grass terraceThis grass terrace will look so great of you have a kind of strange area in your pool that you want to fill up. There are so many cheap pool ideas that you can find – but this is very interesting since you add more textures in this layout. You do not need to use too many kinds of shrubs here.

10 Cheap Backyard Makeover List Entries (Part 3) :

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