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10 Home Makeover Furniture Ideas for Anyone Living in a Small Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be the most comfortable place to sleep. However, you may think that your bedroom is the worst room in your house with its limited space and the clutter.
If the limited space is the main problem here, check out these 10 home make over furniture ideas that will turn your uncomfortable and messy bedroom into the best place where you want to spend most of your time at home.

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10. Wall-Mounted Dressing Table
10 Wall Mounted Dressing Table via simphome
The best way to make a small bedroom appear to be larger is by keeping the floorspace clean. Getting rid of the clutter will be the first thing to begin with. Then, try investing in wall-mounted furniture like this wall-mounted dressing table.
This dressing table really comes in handy. Its clean-line edges provide a minimalist look of a modern style. Another great thing is it comes with two drawers that you can use to stash your makeup essentials and some hooks underneath to hang your purses. Two L brackets support this table and keep it in place.

You can get this wonderful table at IKEA. But if you want to salt away your money, you can always make it yourself as it is a DIY-friendly table.

9. Headboard with Shelves

9 Headboard with Shelves via simphomeIn a space-challenged bedroom, every nook and cranny counts, including the awkward space behind the headboard. This space is actually a perfect place to hide away the clutter. All you need to do is getting a headboard with built-in shelves.
Fortunately, IKEA has this kind of headboard for those who have to put up with limited space. This white headboard features hidden shelves that you can use to store books or anything that you want to be within your reach.

If you think you can’t afford this headboard, you can try making it yourself by using some leftover. You only need some boards, nails, hammer, and some elbow grease.

8. Under-The-Bed Storage

8 Under The Bed Storage via simphomeDon’t leave the space under your bed wasted. It can be a pretty good storage space if you add some drawers in it.
These under-the-bed storage boxes are easy to make. You can make them from unused drawers, wooden crates, or you can even make it from scratch.
To save your valuable time and money, you only need to get three drawers or wooden crates and make sure they fit in with the space under your bed. After that, paint or stain them as you please after sanding them down thoroughly. Then, add four castors that allow you to pull them out and push them back easily.
7. Corner Shelves
7 Corner Shelves via simphomeWho would have guessed that a corner can make a fantastic storage space? These corner shelves have proven that you should not give up on the awkward space in your bedroom.
These corner shelves can host your books, knick-knacks, and files without compromising the valuable space you have in your bedroom.
To make this shelving system, you’re gonna need shelving standards, shelving brackets, wood planks in 7” and 12” width, 1/8” drill bit, drill bit and screws to attach the shelving standards to the wall, and your favorite wood finish.

First, you have to attach the shelving standards to the wall studs using screws. Keep in your mind that it is important to screw them to the wall studs for a sturdier grip. Then, install the shelving brackets after you determine how you want the shelf to look like. And, finally, you can place the planks on the shelving brackets.

6. Corner TV Stand
6 Corner TV Stand via simphome

If you enjoy watching TV in your bedroom, this idea is yours. Instead of investing in a bulky TV stand that takes up a lot of space, you can just place your TV and its stand at the corner of your bedroom to save a lot of space. And making this corner TV stand is merely a breeze.
You just need to get two small boards and brackets to support the boards. If you screw the brackets and boards properly, it is supposed to be sturdy enough to host your DVD player and CDs.

To hang the TV at the corner, you can buy a corner TV mounting bracket that can be adjusted for your viewing pleasure.

5. A Mirror with Hidden Storage
5 A Mirror with Hidden Storage via simphomeA mirror packs lots of benefits for your small bedroom. It helps you double-check your look before going to the party and reflects more light which will make your bedroom appear to be larger.
Instead of hanging or leaning a single full-length mirror against the wall, you can try this mirror with hidden storage. It is like a medicine cabinet. When you open the cabinet door, you will find lots of hooks and shelves that you can use to store jewellery and nail polishes.

4. Overbed Desk
4 Overbed Desk via simphomeWanna work comfortably without leaving your bed? You need to get this adjustable overbed desk. This desk has some adjustable joints which allow it to fit in with any bed. It also has keyboard tray in case you need extra space to work on your computer or simply enjoy a Sunday morning breakfast on bed.

3. Side Table with Castors
3 Side Table with Castors via simphomeThis small side table is your greatest bet when it comes to a small bedroom. It is not just a side table. But it is a table with ample storage space. You have a cube, a side pocket that you can use to store a newspaper and magazine, a pocket on top that helps you hold your smartphone and remote in place, and an expandable leaf in case you need extra space to set down your drink.
The most awesome thing of this side table is its castors that allow you to move it wherever you want. You can even hide it if you don’t need it anymore.

2. Murphy Bed
2 Murphy Bed via simphomeLiving in an apartment does not allow you to have extra space to move through. And if your bed is too small, don’t be upset! By getting or making a murphy bed, you can sleep and move comfortably in your bedroom.
A murphy bed can be folded and stay close to the wall so you can have sufficient room to move through. When it is time to hit the sack, you can just pull it down to the floor.

Some murphy beds feature shelves that incorporate additional storage space in your bedroom. It is actually a DIY-friendly project. But if you have no time to do it, you can get a murphy bed in a home improvement store.

1. Under-The-Ceiling Shelf
1 Under The Ceiling Shelf via simphomeMaking a wall-mounted shelf under the ceiling is your next way to go. The space under the ceiling is often left unused. In fact, this can be a perfect place to store some less-used items without making your bedroom look more crammed. It will look more spacious visually instead because the shelf will draw the eyes upward which make you think that your bedroom is comfortably sized.

Having a small bedroom is not that bad, right? By investing in the right furniture especially the one that features more than one purposes, you will be able to enjoy being in your bedroom comfortably.

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