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10 DIY Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Storage

Kitchen cabinets are more than just a place where you store spices, condiments, and kitchen utensils now. They have turned into a kitchen attraction. No wonder many homeowners are eager to update the cabinets regularly to refresh the look of their kitchen.
If you want to upgrade your outdated cabinets and transform them into modern ones, check out these 10 DIY modern kitchen cabinet ideas and storage.

10 DIY Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Storage via Simphome com pinterest
10 DIY Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas and Storage Poster

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10. Try Frosted Glass Doors
10 Try Frosted Glass Doors via simphomeGlass-door cabinets are usually found in vintage styles. However, they can also look good in a modern kitchen if you add a twist.
Just like the other modern kitchens, this kitchen features a streamlined design with clear-cut edges and simple handle bars. Everything is kept down to a minimum. You only need to ditch the trims and reface the cabinets with wood veneer to get this look in an affordable price. You will also need to replace some of the doors with frosted glass doors.

To convert your old cabinet doors into glass doors, you need to remove the doors and hardware. Remove the panels by cutting away the lips on the back side of the doors. Then, you can lay the glass into the frame and secure it using glass clips. Source 1, Source 2

9. White Shaker Cabinets
9 White Shaker Cabinets via simphomeModern kitchen cabinets are not always about minimalist and futuristic design. Even shaker cabinets can suit modern style immensely.
Shaker cabinet doors are commonly used in modern farmhouse kitchens. They look up-to-date and a little bit of classic at the same time. And that’s why many people are dying for these doors.
To make shaker cabinet doors, you need to cut stiles and rails to length and begin to cut the dados about ½” in each of the stiles. It will make the project become much easier.

Then, cut the tongue which is the edge of the wood that is gonna fit snugly inside the dado. Add the center panel, assemble the stiles and rails, and that’s all!

8. Use Chalkboard Door for Your Pantry
8 Use Chalkboard Door for Your Pantry via simphomeIt is always good to know what is running out in your pantry, so you won’t be lost in the supermarket. And this is a brilliant way to list your groceries, which is much better than rooting around in your drawers to find a piece of paper and pen to jot down the list.
Turning your cabinet or pantry door into a place where you can jot down your grocery list is easy. You only need to repaint it with chalkboard paint. The paint will allow you to write down something on it using chalks. Just make sure the chalk is always within your reach.

7. Organize the Drawers Better
7 Organize the Drawers Better via simphomeThe drawer is usually a perfect place to hide the mess. You tend to toss everything in it and make it a safe haven for a clutch of miscellaneous items. Instead of letting it look messy, why don’t you try to organize it?
You can make some drawer dividers using some boards. These drawer dividers consist of several compartments that you can use to store and sort your kitchen utensils based on their category. You will not find any messy drawer anymore.

All you can see is just a well-organized drawer.

6. Use PVC Pipes to Get the Drawer Organized
6 Use PVC Pipes to Get the Drawer Organized via simphomeThis is another brilliant idea to get your drawer organized. Who would have guessed that some small PVC pipes can change your drawer very well? You only need to install some cuts of PVC pipes in your drawer, assemble the pieces using Tee PVC fitting connectors, and you’re done.
Make sure you measure the dimensions of the jars, so they can fit snugly into each compartment made by the PVC pipes. The compartments will hold the jars or plastic containers in place, so they won’t be scattered in the drawer.

5. Install a Magnetic Plate under the Cabinets
5 Install a Magnetic Plate under the Cabinets via simphomeWhen cooking, you may forget to prepare a few ingredients on the countertop. As a result, you have to make a run to your pantry to get them.
You will not do it anymore if you install magnetic plate that holds your spices. This magnetic plate is actually pretty versatile. You can attach it on the wall to hold your knives or you van just attach it under your cabinet to hold some jars. Just make sure the lid of the jars are made out of iron or steel.

4. Harness the Versatility of Pegboard
4 Harness the Versatility of Pegboard via simphome
Another versatile item that you should include in your kitchen storage is a pegboard. You may have come across a lot of ideas using a pegboard. You can hang it on your mudroom, garage, and even kitchen.
A pegboard can host various kinds of things in your kitchen – from kitchen utensils to veggies. You just need to add some S hooks and baskets to hold them all. Pretty simple, right?

3. Make a Pull-Out Spice Rack
3 Make a Pull Out Spice Rack via simphomeThe awkward space between your cabinet and fridge can be a safe haven for your spices and condiments. Don’t let it leave wasted. By using a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can make this wonderful spice rack.
To make this spice rack, you will need boards, metal casters, dowels, and a handle or knob. You can begin with making the shelf. It is like making the usual shelf, but it is narrower. Don’t forget to measure the nook and cranny thoroughly, so the shelf can fit snugly into it.
After making the shelf, add the dowels.

They will hold the spices in place when you pull the shelf out. Install the casters at the bottom that enable you to pull the shelf easily.

2. List the Conversion of Measuring Cups
2 List the Conversion of Measuring Cups via simphomeWhen you are watching a cooking channel on YouTube, you may be perplexed with the different terms of measurements. Don’t make it hinder you from creating your masterpiece. This cabinet door will be what you need.
Google the conversion of the units of weight and make a list of it. transfer the list onto your cabinet door. You will also need to install some small hooks that help you hold your measuring cups so you can grab them in no time.

1. Ditch the Doors
1 Ditch the Doors via simphomeLess is more. That’s a modern kitchen is all about. To make a modern kitchen, you need to get rid of every single sophisticated detail. Keeping things simple is the key. Therefore, one of the simple things to make a modern kitchen is by ditching the door.
Kitchen cabinets without doors are not odd. In fact, they can be a new way to make a chic look. Besides, it also allows you to get an easier access to the cabinets.

Those are 10 DIY modern kitchen cabinet ideas that you can copy.
They are pretty simple and – the most important thing – affordable.

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