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The most indispensable as well as the least noticeable one. Yep! I am talking about kitchen counter-tops. They play an essential role in every kitchen. Yet, they are not the main actor here. But have you ever thought about bettering the look of your countertop so your kitchen will look more awesome and – the most important thing – you can feel comfortable when working on it. Check out these 10 creative DIY kitchen countertop ideas that can make your dream come true. As usual, I invite you to visit link inside subtitle to learn more.

10. Turn Your Laminate Countertop into Faux Stone One

10 Turn Your Laminate Countertop into Faux Stone One Simphome 1

Nature has always given a stunning look to the interior. But one thing that makes people reluctant to incorporate nature into their interior is the price and arduousness. Well, if you can’t have the real one, you can always fake the look so that you can get the charm of nature on the cheap. And that’s what you’re gonna do with your kitchen.

You can turn your laminate countertop into a splendid faux stone countertop like a magic. First you need to remove the laminate using pry bar, scrapper, or drywall knife and a hammer. Don’t worry about making a few scratches when removing the laminate. In fact, you might need to scratch it more and beat it with a hammer here and there to create an authentic look. Crazy yet fun, huh?

Once you’ve done blowing off steam, add two or three coats of chalkboard paint. And for the finishing touch, apply a few coats of heavy-duty sealant like polyurethane. But make sure the paint is dry before applying the sealant.

9. Making Your Own Butcherblock Countertop

9 Making Your Own Butcherblock Countertop Simphome 13

Butcherblock countertop can add warmth to your kitchen. But finding the best countertop that fits snugly is not a piece of cake. The best way to do it is by making it yourself. You only need to get your wood and sand down all the surface and edges. Next, route the wood using a router and router bit. It will make a huge impact to the look of your countertop.

You’re gonna need to make 3/8 holes and wooden dowels to assemble pieces. You might also need to hammer the countertop to make sure they are flush. Once you’ve cut assemble them all and cut out the sink, you can now begin to stain the countertop. Don’t forget to apply polyurethane for a perfect finish.

8. Faux Granite Countertop

8 Faux Granite Countertop Simphome 9

Granite countertop has never failed to add the touch of elegance to your kitchen. But to get this upscale look, you need to spend lots of money. What if I tell you that you can get this look without splurging out on the real granite countertop? All you need to do is getting 220 grit sandpaper, primer, black paint, paintbrush, paint roller, sea sponges, glitter, and polycrylic sealer.

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Sand the countertop before applying the primer. After that, mix the primer and black paint until you get the gray hues that you want. You may need to apply two or three different shades of gray to get the best look. After painting the paint, it’s time for you to apply the glitter, then the sealer, and prepare yourself to be amazed by how luxurious it is.

7. Perk Your Countertop Up

7 Perk Your Countertop Up Simphome 9

To perk your kitchen up, you don’t always need to replace your old countertop with a new one. It can even be done by keeping your old countertop and adding a few adornments that can make it look more splendid than it used to be.

You can place a tray with some colourful fruits and veggies. Or, to make it more useful and practical, you can use the tray to hold your kitchen utensils in place. Not only will the tray add a nuance to your kitchen but also incorporate an additional storage solution. Besides a tray, you can also turn a mason jar into a vase that holds beautiful flowers.

You can put anything on your countertop. But you have to remember not to overwhelm it with various kinds of things. It won’t make your countertop look more fabulous. It will just create a haphazard look, instead.

6. Chalkboard Countertop

6 Chalkboard Countertop Simphome 4

Have you ever thought to make your countertop more than a surface on which you busy cutting the veggies and preparing the meals? Try chalkboard countertop. The black finish provided by the chalkboard paint can make the countertop looks like a stone countertop which brings the elegant look to your kitchen. As a bonus, it can make a pretty good memo where you can write your grocery list, menu, or even a self reminder. Pretty cool and handy, right?

5. Get Yourself a Penny Countertop

5 Get Yourself a Penny Countertop Simphome 13

Adding style to your kitchen countertop is not a bad idea at all. And it’s not arduous, either. You only need lots of pennies, elbow grease, and patience.

First, remove the laminate from your countertop. Then, paint it black so it can accentuate your coins. Once the paint is dry, it’s time for you to glue your coins down. This step needs your elbow grease and patience. After that, make the edging and apply epoxy for the glossy and high-end finish.

4. DIY Marble Kitchen Countertop

4 DIY Marble Kitchen Countertop Simphome 4

You can have a marble countertop without burning a hole in your pocket. You just need to clean the countertop thoroughly before applying the primer. When the primer is dry for about 8 hours, you can begin applying the Pearl Mica of White Diamond kit using a piece of sponge by dabbing it up and down. Make sure you do it in the same direction.

Let it dry for about 4 hours before applying the White Limestone using the same technique. Repeat this step for 3 or 4 times before drawing the veins using the mixture of 1 part IronCore Black Primer and 3 parts White Limestone. And, finally, seal the countertop using the topcoat sealer.

3. DIY Concrete Kitchen Countertop

3 DIY Concrete Kitchen Countertop Simphome 7

Making a concrete countertop is quite hard. But it’s not a mission impossible, though. The first thing you need to do is creating the mold. You can begin with a 4′ x 6′ piece of 1″ thick melamine particleboard for a well-build mold. Then, make cutouts for a cooktop or sink and add sides to the mold. The next step is building the support frame and preparing galvanized structural stucco wire before pouring the countertop.

2. Painted Laminate Kitchen Countertop

2 Painted Laminate Kitchen Countertop Simphome 5 2 Painted Laminate Kitchen Countertop Simphome 9

Your friends will be surprised when knowing your luxurious countertop is actually a painted laminate countertop. To get this luxurious granite look is pretty much the same as when you fake the marble countertop. You just need to clean the countertop fastidiously before applying the primer. Let it dry, then apply the mineral colors with a sponge. Let it dry for four hours before applying the topcoat sealer.

1. DIY Kitchen Countertop Cleaner
1 Simphome DIY Kitchen Countertop Cleaner
The key of getting a stunning countertop is by keeping it clean and as good as new without investing in a new one. However, you can’t use one cleaner for all countertops. A butcherblock, for instance, can be cleaned with the mixture of vinegar and some salt and lemons. For a marble countertop, you’re gonna need warm water and non-abrasive dish soap. And for granite, you’ll just need gentle dish soap, microfiber cloths, and some isopropyl alcohol.

Those are 10 creative DIY kitchen countertop ideas that will make your kitchen look more impressive than it used to be. Some of them can be accomplished solo while some others can’t. Getting a few assistances would be nicer.

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