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Bathroom used to be functional room only. It means that people will go to the bathroom because of its basic function. That is why people will not spend too much time in the bathroom. It is getting different nowadays because people want to make sure that their house can look great in every single part including in the bathroom. People want to make their bathroom feel more comfortable and personal. They need to use the right decoration which is suitable to their personality so the bathroom can look just like their expectation.

Some of you want to make a cute looking bathroom. It is not impossible for sure but you should think a bit serious about the idea for making a bathroom cute with affordable budget. To help you with that struggle this is 10 cute and affordable bathroom décor ideas you can try next weekend.

10. Matching Accent
10. Matching Accent
It must be great to have a designer look bathroom. However, It does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money for paying the designer. you only need to make sure that you follow the role for getting the designer look in your bathroom. In this circumstance, you need to coordinate the accent in the bathroom. For example, you can use the silvery frame for bathroom mirror and you also have to make sure that the same silvery color is also used for the decorative cover for metal outlets. Source

9. Floor Painting
Floor Painting
There are various kinds of material which you can choose for your bathroom floor and the wooden floor. sounds like uncommon choice you can take. Nevertheless, you can make sure that the wooden floor can look great like forever. To give a new life to the wooden floor in the bathroom, you can simply cover it with the new coat. You have to keep in mind that the color should be suited to the color scheme of the bathroom and make sure you also choose the porch paint to help the wooden floor last longer in the bathroom. Source

8. Graphic Wall Paper
8. Graphic Wall Paper
Wallpaper surely can be a great way to enhance the look of your bathroom. In this circumstance, you can make sure that there are many cute ways that you can use to decorate your bathroom with wallpaper. For example, you can consider making the graphic wall covering with the idea from the vintage book. You just need to use the wallpaper paste for brushing the back of its page as well as installing it to the wall. To make sure that the wallpaper can last long, you must not forget to seal its surface with the clear top coat. Source

7. Salvaged Slider
7. Salvaged Slider
Creating cute bathroom does not have to be expensive because you can simply add the unique details to their bathroom. The door must be one important part of the bathroom and you can make it cute by using the salvaged slider. It will work greatly for the bathroom which has small size. For the bathroom which does not have any window, the glass window in the slider can be the access for the light to the bathroom. Source

6. Tile Brightening
6. Tile Brightening
Just because you want to make your bathroom look brighter, it does not mean that you have to replace every single part of the bathroom including the tile flooring. To get the job done all you need to do is as simple as brightening the tile flooring. It must be great if you already have the tile flooring with original bright color. You just need to make sure that the product use acid etcher which is homeowner friendly and eco friendly for removing the dirt which is ground in from the surface of the floor and also the grout lines. Source

5. Harmonious Color Scheme
5. Harmonious Color Scheme
Having the home flooring with cute and bright color is not enough if you want to get the best look in the bathroom. You also have to make sure that the whole color scheme in the bathroom is harmonious. That is why you can try to use the same color palette for the bathroom floor and also the wall. It will make the monochromatic effect which is striking in the bathroom. Source

4. Tile Mirror Frame
4. Tile Mirror Frame
The common mirror frame which is used by a lot of people is made from the wood. However, if you want to try the cheap and cute ideas for your bathroom decoration, you can consider using the different frame for your bathroom mirror. In this circumstance, the existing mirror can be framed and edged with the glass tile with mix and match colors. You just need to make sure that the glass tiles are made with the same size as well as the same thickness. The same glass tile for the colorful frame can also be used for creating the wall border in the bathroom to get more festive look in your space. Source

3. Elegant Lighting
3. Elegant Lighting
Lighting becomes important element for the bathroom but people commonly just want to make sure that their bathroom has enough light for doing activities. In fact, it is a smart decision to make lighting the focal point in the bathroom. For this purpose, you just need to hang the elegant lighting with crystal tear drop in your bathroom. It does not have to be the expensive one because the cheap one can be found in the flea market easily. Stick your mind, and install it in the bathroom because it will be a new star in your bathroom for sure. Source

2. Faux Candles
2. FauX Candles
Adding candles in the bathroom will always be a great idea for creating the romantic and relaxing feeling in your bathroom. However, many people avoid this idea today because they do not want to cause the fire hazard. To avoid this worry, use LED wax pillars which is powered by battery. It can be a great candlelight source in the bathroom sometimes. Source

1. Roman Shades for Window Treatment
1. Roman shade window treatment
You can just dress your window and you will get completely different look in the bathroom. To get the job done as you wished, you can consider roman shades with the cute pattern like this in the picture. Source

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