Japanese Home Design to Apply in Your Modern House

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Asian home design has become people’s favorite these days, and one of the most popular one is Japanese home design. As you know Japanese has unique home design thus make you want to have them in your own home. However the traditional design is too much to have since you have modern lifestyle. But you should not have to worry too much since actually there are some designs that you can also use in your own home which could be incorporated by your modern lifestyle. Of course the designs should be altered to be able to support your modern lifestyle. Nevertheless it would still have the Japanese feeling that you after for.

5 How ideas to use Japanese home design in modern style house


1 GENKAN japanese home inspiration via Simphome 1
First let us talk about Japanese home design entryway. This design is important as Japanese people do not use shoes in their house. Then they will takes off their shoes in this genkan and then wear slippers inside their house. There is a small step in the genkan that shows where the house floor start, this means the house floor level should be a little higher than the genkan floor level.

1 GENKAN japanese home inspiration via Simphome 81 GENKAN japanese home inspiration via Simphome 71 GENKAN japanese home inspiration via Simphome 61 GENKAN japanese home inspiration via Simphome 5

However, it might be hard for you to achieve this kind of genkan style, which is why you do not need to change the level of your flooring. To get the Japanese home design from genkan style you can just adopt how they put shoes cabinet in the entryway then use slippers inside your house.

1 GENKAN japanese home inspiration via Simphome 41 GENKAN japanese home inspiration via Simphome 31 GENKAN japanese home inspiration via Simphome 2


5 Ofuro japanese home inspiration via Simphome
A nice detail that you should have in your house is Ofuro which is Japanese home design bathroom. Usually Japanese people make their ofuro small but deep so you can soak yourself inside. They are traditionally made from bamboo or wood thus make it look very natural.

8 Ofuro japanese home inspiration via Simphome6 Ofuro japanese home inspiration via Simphome7 Ofuro japanese home inspiration via Simphome
Of course you might not want to use similar material as your tub, so you can just use a modern bathtub as replacement. But to give the Japanese feeling on your bathroom, try to incorporate natural material such as wood and stone. That way your bathroom will feel more Japanese.

9 Ofuro japanese home inspiration via Simphome10 Ofuro japanese home inspiration via Simphome11 Ofuro japanese home inspiration via Simphome12 Ofuro japanese home inspiration via Simphome


13 Shoji japanese home inspiration via SimphomeA lot of Japanese home design use shoji as their door. This type of door is a sliding door but made from bamboo and rice paper. Of course, you should not use those materials as your door since it would be hard to maintain it. But you still need to adapt the style of shoji as your own house door.
14 Shoji japanese home inspiration via Simphome
15 Shoji japanese home inspiration via SimphomeUse the design of shoji door to make a sliding type door in your house. But you can use ordinary wood as your material and for the rice paper you can use glass material instead. Then add film on the glass to change the color and make it seems like a paper. That way you do not need high maintenance but can still use shoji inside your house.
16 Shoji japanese home inspiration via Simphome
17 Shoji japanese home inspiration via Simphome
18 Shoji japanese home inspiration via Simphome


19 Lantern japanese home inspiration via Simphome
For the lighting, Japanese people will use Japanese lantern. Of course it would be dangerous to use real Japanese lantern with candle and paper for the material. Instead you can use hanging lamp shaped like a lantern and put light bulb inside. The shape could be round or long like the traditional Japanese home design lantern, but if you want to make it more modern there are other lantern shape that you can use. The design of the lantern for modern lamp is varied so you can really find a shape that suits your taste.

20 Lantern japanese home inspiration via Simphome21 Japanese traditonal lantern by Hoshino Resorts Magazine22 Lantern japanese home inspiration via Simphome


Plant as part of Japanese Home design via Simphome
Japanese home design is use so they can unite with the nature. This is why they have a lot of plants around the house and some even put inside the house. For modern house, it might be difficult to have opened house design, but you can still try and put several plants inside your house. For authentic feeling, the plant that you should use is bonsai which is a favorite and valuable plant in Japan. But for you who do not like this type of plant or you might not be able to find any in your area, then you can still use other type of plant such as orchid or palm. Try to add bamboo inside a planter on your house; this plant can also be used as room separator.
Plant as Part of Japanese Home design via Simphome


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Bamboo Plant as part of Japanese Home design via Simphome
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Tips in using Japanese style house design

There are a lot of things on Japanese home design that you can try to incorporate inside your house. Of course you cannot really have the real look of Japanese house, but you can at least make your house look like one. Change your lifestyle to match with your new home design and put on slippers inside your house. Use wooden floor as of tile so it would be more comfortable for you to wall inside your room with slippers or barefoot. Use Japanese home decoration such as Japanese painting to enhance the feeling.

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