10 Cool Small Bathroom Design ideas

A bathroom is supposed to be a place where you can invigorate yourself after going through a stressful day at work. But how can you refresh your body and mind if it confines you? Well, now it’s time for you to refurbish your small bathroom with these 10 cool small bathroom design ideas by so that it won’t feel cramped anymore

10.Keep Things Simple
10 Keep thing SImple Simphome com

To make a small bathroom look more spacious, you just need to keep things simple. Avoid investing on a bulky bathroom vanity. It may look classic and elegant, but it just gives you limited space to move through. Try getting a wall-mounted countertop and shelf, instead.
This curvy countertop is all you need for your small bathroom. It holds the sinks firmly and features a shelf that you can use to store toiletries. The floating design makes the bathroom look bigger. Besides, it is pretty, isn’t it?

09.Stack Them Up
9 Stack them up Simphome com

If your bathroom is so small that you can’t have more space to store toiletries and towels, you can make some racks above the closet tank. With these racks, you will not need to store toiletries in the different room which makes it a little bit difficult for you to grab them in no time. Now you can have multifunctional racks without compromising the remaining space in your bathroom.

08.Modern Small Bathroom
8 Modern small bathroom Simphome com

Space does matter in modern interior. Therefore, sleek and simple furniture is usually used so that you can get more space.

This bathroom features floating bathroom vanity. Without the vanity legs, the bathroom has more space under the vanity which makes it look less cramped. Besides, you can put some laundry baskets under the vanity.

Two clear-cut mirror cabinets hang over the vanity, helping you to get rid of clutter as well as making sure that you are ready to go.

07.Black and White Bathrooms
7 Black and white bathroom simphome com

Painting the bathroom white is the most convenient way to make it look more spacious. White color tends to make any room look airy and clean. And thus, investing on white closet and vanity with clean line edges is worth trying.

To make the bathroom look more elegant, you can install black floor tiles and backsplash. They will complement the white palette without overlapping it.

06.Rustic Small Bathroom Idea
6 large mirror for bigger look Simphome com

Small bathroom doesn’t hinder you from decorating it so that it can meet your style well. If you are into the classic and unique look of rustic furniture, go for it! You can have a rustic bathroom vanity with curvy legs and weathered wood gray finish.

Above the vanity is an oval mirror with wooden frame that enhances the rustic look of this white bathroom.

You just need to make sure that the vanity is not too big. Place it at the corner of the bathroom, and you will have more space to move through.

05.Large Mirror for A Bigger Look
5 Rustic Small bathroom ideas Simphome com

Another quick trick to make a cramped room look bigger is by hanging a large mirror on the wall. This mirror reflects everything in front of it so that it makes the bathroom become visually bigger.

In addition to the large mirror, this bathroom also features open space under the sink. It is much better than installing a bulky vanity as you can still store towels and some stuff in it. Small red tiles are installed thoroughly to create a pretty backsplash as well as a great centerpiece.

04.Multifunctional Wire Storage Racks
4 Multi functional wire rack Simphome com

Small bathroom requires you to occupy the space as well as possible which means you have to pick the right furniture that do not take up much space just like these wire storage racks.

They function as well as cabinets and vanity, but they are much more efficient than them. You can hang them at the corner of the bathroom to hold some shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, and other toiletries. Just put your go-to toiletries in the racks so that reaching them is merely a breeze. Besides saving much space in your tiny bathroom, these racks are also quite affordable.

03.Pull-Out Shelves
3 Pull out shelves Simphome com

Your small bathroom requires you to be more creative in using the remaining space efficiently while decluttering it. You can try making a DIY pull-out shelves just like this one to keep the clutter at bay.

These shelves hide on the bath tub all the time. They also hide everything you put in them. Since the toiletries and towels are away from your sight, the bathroom will look super clean and tidy. And, of course, you will have more space to move – or even dance – as there is no big and bulky shelve standing on the floor.

02.Futuristic Small Bathroom
2 Futuristic small bathroom simphome com

The use of clear-cut furniture with sleek surface embodies the futuristic style. Everything in this bathroom uses high technology that runs automatically. They seem pricey, though.

But if you can’t afford the high-technology furniture, at least, you can remodel this bathroom and try to use the similar furniture. Hanging a mirror cabinet will be much better than hanging a decorative mirror and some cabinets separately. They will just take up lots of space. Placing some stackable racks at the corner of the bathroom will be your best bet as they can hold shampoos and toilet papers without making it look more cramped.

01.DIY Shelves for Small Bathroom

wall mounted shelves

If you have visited some popular home-improvement stores, but you haven’t found the best shelves for your small bathroom yet, now it’s time for you to roll up your sleeves and begin to make DIY shelves or racks.

These wall-mounted wooden shelves function well and are easy to make. You just need to cut a wooden board to certain lengths and attach them under the sink. You can store some toilet papers and soaps there and grab them in a jiffy as the shelves do not have any door.

So, those are the 10 super cool small bathroom design ideas that will definitely help you optimize the space of your bathroom as well as accentuating it. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more inspiring videos. Happy trying!

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