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30+ Ways How to MakeOver Small Apartment Ideas

There are more than 5 Ways How to makeover small apartment ideas you could find on the internet. Nowadays, almost everything is reachable through your phones. Probably things that you cannot take easily are ideas and tricks. You could always find the lists, but applying them to your own space is a whole different story. The following ideas might be your reference to build a more comfortable room.

How to Makeover Small Apartment Poster
How to Makeover Small Apartment Poster

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List Entries:

1 To 5: 5 Storage Solutions for Small Apartment

Having a small apartment means that you will have little storage. Yet, you don’t need to worry. A small apartment doesn’t always necessarily equal little storage.

1. Storage for Some Clothes, Please!

storage for clothes
We all need this storage for the clothes. As you may have a small apartment, you might look for a solution to it. You can try this one. Simply prepare some metal clothing racks and put them side by side in the corner of your house. You can hang your clothes there and even put all of your shoes down the metal clothing racks. Besides, you can organize them based on your own preference. (via apersonalorganizer)
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2. A rolling cart for extra counter space

rolling cart
You can have a rolling cart to give you more space to place some kitchen pieces of stuff. You may have drinking sets and many snacks, but you have nowhere to put them. This rolling cart can help you. You can put your sugar, coffee powder, tea, and even a coffee machine. You can place the coffee machine on the very top cart and some snacks there, while you can also put some of your kitchen sets on the other levels. (via popsugar)

3. Over the door storage

door storage
You can waste any space in your house. A door is not an exception. You can make use of the body of the door to hang things. You only need to have some racks and hooks, and you can put anything you want there. If you think racks are way too heavy and big, you can change them into hanging wardrobe storage or sort of. (via Wayfair)

4. Ladder storage

ladder storage
Do you have some towels or plenty of scarves? Having many of them can be confusing since they are puffy enough when folded. Besides, your closet cannot store all of them is a big issue. If you have an unused ladder, you can use it to place your scarves or towels. You just need to paint it to be a nice sight of the ladder inside the tiny apartment. (via homebnc)

5. Headboard storage


If you plan to have a headboard for your bed, you might want to add storage inside the headboard. That’s cool, right? Well, you can make a simple headboard and give a built-in space there. In this kind of storage, you can store some collections of your books or magazines. (via planetmark)

6 to 10: 5 Small Apartment Renovation Ideas

If your budget is not big enough to buy the things needed for a theme, you can always add some furniture or stuff to make your apartment room to be more joyful. More on that later. Next, you will learn to view small apartment renovation ideas you can implement into your property. Rental or Owned.

6. Add Life

1 2BAdd2BLife Via2BSmphome com
Do you have any plants in your apartment? If not, then it must be stressful. Indoor plants need to be put in your apartment. This is a straightforward remodeling; just put some indoor plants inside your apartment. When you’re done putting those plants, you will feel the huge differences immediately. Some plants are imitations yet some are real. For a better relaxation experience, the real ones are recommended because they produce oxygen. (via livingmarch)

7. White and Elegant Theme

2 2BWhite2Band2BElegant2BTheme Via2BSimphome com
Have you ever had the thought to use this theme to remodel your whole apartment room? The dominant color here is white while black stuff is needed only as an enhancer of elegant atmosphere. What you should do is paint the wall white and adds white-colored furniture. Then, put some black-colored decorations to bring elegance to your apartment room. Also, a big window is needed for this theme because it will surely help to brighten your apartment atmosphere.

8. Bring some Joy

3 2BBring2Bsome2BJoy Via2BSiphome com
If your budget is not high enough to buy the things needed for a theme, you can always add some furniture or stuff to make your apartment room to be more joyful. Start by adding various vibrant colors like colorful throw pillows, a yellow table, a chair with blue sky color, and much other vibrant-colored furniture. You can also bring some colorful decorations to bring more joy to your apartment room.

9. Install Wallpaper

4 2BPut2BWallpaper Via2BSimphome com
In case you are in an apartment whose landlord won’t allow you to do any remodeling, you can use wallpaper instead. This way, you don’t have to repaint the wall. Yet, applying wallpaper to the entire wall would be expensive. That’s why it would be better to apply the wallpaper on some particular walls only like the wall where the TV is installed on. (via apartmentgeeks)

10. Remake Old Stuff into Decoration

5 2BRemake2BOld2BStuff2Binto2BDecoration Via2BSimphome com
If you have any unused stuff, you can turn it into another decoration then sell or throw it away. The stuff here is a wire basket. A wire basket is pretty big and it won’t fit in your newly remodeled apartment. Therefore, you can remake it into an end table. Simply add around the wood board on top of it and glue it with hot glue. When it’s done you can put it by your bed or in the living room. Now it looks classy and elegant. (via oleanderandpalm)

11 to 15: 5 Ways How to Remodel Small Apartment

When there is the time you think your apartment is not cozy anymore, you should try these 5 ways How to remodel a small apartment. The main problem is not the apartment itself but the condition it is in; that’s why you should remodel it with the following ideas:

11. Repaint the Wall

simphome repaint the wall
If you are bored with your apartment’s condition, you can always repaint the wall with new colors. But, you might need to ask your landlord before doing anything. Some apartments are meant to stay as they are. If you are allowed to do remodeling then you should repaint your apartment immediately. Make sure you paint it tidily and use good quality paint. Why is it? Well, you want your apartment wall to look fascinating, don’t you? Also, be patient in painting the wall because you might need to add layer per layer, and it surely takes time. (via tambour)

12. Replace your Old Furniture

simphome replace old furniture
Do you think one of the reasons for what you feel now is due to your outdated furniture? If you think so, then you should replace them with new ones. Replacing all of the furniture may need a rise in your budget, but you will see that you are doing the right thing when it’s done. If you ask what you should do with the old furniture, you might want to sell them to recover your money. But if you don’t feel like buying new furniture, you can revamp your old furniture with new fabric or leather. This way, it will be less expensive. (via abilenemhaa)

13. Simply Clean the Apartment

simphome clean apartment
One of the easy things about remodeling your apartment is to clean it. If you have a messy apartment, then you should clean it beforehand. Simply clean the floor, the furniture, and your stuff. You might then want to gather the unused things that you “can” consider unused things into some boxes. Don’t store them; sell them. When you’re done, you can get some space for you to move around. If you’re still not satisfied with the result, continue reading. (via 7sobh)

14. Break Rules

simphome break rules
Breaking some rules does not mean that you can remodel your house without your landlord’s permission. If you are permitted to do whatever you want with the apartment you live in, you can start breaking some rules. Some people put their dining table in the kitchen or the living room, but can you put it in your bedroom? Of course, you can see the picture below, for example. Your bedroom wall is holed in a rectangular shape; then, you can simply install a wooden board on it. There you go, now you have a dining table both in your apartment bedroom and your living room. (via trendir)

15. Rearrange Everything

simphome rearrange living room
The cheapest remodeling for an apartment is to rearrange the furniture in a different patterns. You might need to think thoroughly about this because there is a possibility some of your furniture won’t fit anywhere. You can change your bedroom into the kitchen; put the bed in the living room, etc. Therefore, if you can do this, it will bring a new look and atmosphere to your apartment. (via sincerelysarad)

16 to 20: 5 Small Apartment Makeover Solutions

If you need more space, then you must fold something. It would be even better if the folded item could also function as something else.

16. Highlight the Height

highlight the height
Your room might be short in terms of width, so make your guests pay more attention to its height. You could do several things, especially in the sleeping area. Install wall lighting instead of putting it on the floor or desk. Make sure it could shine at least half of the wall. Also, pick four posts bed. It could naturally draw the line of sight to the ceiling. No need to install a net. Installing one will be the last option. (via hgtv)

17. Connect the View

connect the view
This trick applies to the apartment with a view, even though it only shows the next building. Usually, this type of room is also equipped with a balcony. Pick minimum or no curtain, allowing you to connect the room interior to the outside view. By including the outside panorama in your room, it will create an illusion of a bigger space. Pick a dark tone to frame the windows. Some plants on the corners will be the nature touch for the overall room. (via hgtv)

18. Get a Murphy Bed

murphy bed
If you need more space, then you must fold something. It would be even better if the folded item could also function as something else. The product that suits this goal is the murphy bed. It could fit two people. You could adjust the height and fold it when not in use. Raise it to the wall, and you could install a mirror on the bottom side. The supporting board could also be used as a working space or drawing table for kids. (via hgtv)

19. Keep Things under the Seat

under the seat
Be creative and find an unexpected place to store your belongings. The ordinary chair could serve two purposes only: as seating and tray. While the hospitality is usually delivered by putting sofa, you could pick a bench instead. Pick the one with a padded body. It looks as fancy as a sofa, with extra space to hide things beneath. Keep in mind to find one that could blend well with the other furniture. Moreover, When used as a seat, things within the box are sealed and safe. (via hgtv)

20. Produce a Working Space

working space
Probably the main reason for you to live in an apartment is its distance to your workplace. Thus, you might bring a lot of paperwork to your apartment. Make a comfortable corner for you to do all the tasks. First, take a look at your workload. If you bring a lot of paper, find a simple table, with plywood as the wall, separating the bed and the table. But if a single laptop is all you need to complete your deadline, then do it on the shelf. (via buzzfeed)

21 to 25: 5 Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

The easiest way to mark different areas is by using a carpet. Put different types and colors to each section.

21. Set a Lovely Balcony

lovely balcony
Never give up the nature element. Even in a small apartment, planting is totally possible. You just need small pots, arranged vertically on the iron fence or the walls. If you are on a budget, go for unused bowl-like items. Try with geranium first, which requires less maintenance. It blooms pink flowers with lush leaves. Complete the look with a simple chair and a small rounded table. Cover the table with a table cloth to your taste. Bring your morning breakfast and enjoy the mini garden. (via apartmenttherapy)

22. Place the Item Carefully

place item carefully
Before you start filling up the small apartment, imagine how you could use the least items to perform their maximum functions. Start with the living room. It should have double function as entertaining room as well. Mount the TV on the wall, so everyone in the room, even you who cook in the kitchen, could watch the popular soap opera. Set the sofa on the opposite direction, facing to the television. Put a drawer behind the sofa, right next to the dining area. (via bhg)

23. Lay a Carpet

lay a carpet
The easiest way to mark different area is by using carpet. Put different types and color to each section. For example: soft fluffy rug for your bed and sofas, rubber carpet for kitchen area, and simple rug for your working station. Make sure it coordinates well with the other furniture, since there is no wall or separator. If you have experience with mix-matching concept in a small area, go with that ideas. The first timer might make several fatal mistakes. (via bhg)

24. Hang a Curtain

hang a curtain
Some people are surprised when they see their new apartment. It is just a blank space. No walls, only doors to the bathroom. For you who are used to have privacy, this is really annoying. There is no clear divider between areas. Solve this problem by hanging a simple curtain. If you like, pick the frilly one. This way, you could separate the areas: bedroom and living room, kitchen and dining area. Also, the curtain adds some luxury and charming atmosphere to your apartment. (via undinerenville)

25. Install Loft Bed

install loft bed
Don’t raise your eyebrows yet. It might appear to be a childish concept, but thinking about its function, the loft bed has it all. This type of bed maximizes the space from the ceiling to the floor. It could provide both bed and working area. What makes it more appealing is its color variant. You could find the one with a classic and elegant look, instead of a child character. If you are not that confident to share your private space, then install a sliding door. (via laurihowelldesign)

26 to 35: 9 Bonus Ideas related to our Small Apartment Makeover Compilation Ideas

Although I only have 9 entries in the list and (one massive video with 51 ideas), I am sure you can learn more than 20+ ideas from every available data that our Lord destined to be in the post and front of your face now. Enjoy

26. Minimalist reading room decorated with copper hanging lamps.

10 Minimalist reading room decorated with copper hanging lamps simphome com
The bookshelf attached to the wall is a smart idea because it can make the room look wider. I also like the copper chandelier even though the lamp’s design is different from the design concept of the room.

27. Minimalist kitchen with extra-large windows

9 Minimalist kitchen with extra large windows Simphome com
If I have a kitchen like this, I will be more eager to cook because a large window allows more air to enter. And the hanging shelves attached to the wall make it easy for me to put an apron, paper tissue, and cloth. Lastly, the large window in the kitchen is A must-have item.

28. A Skinny shelf that saves space

8 A Skinny shelf that save space simphome com
That open shelves can be something special for people who like practicality because they don’t need “to bother” opening the door. not only for shoes, but you can also use the space under the shelf to put a folding blanket or folding mattress

29. Display shelf for exotic shoe collectors (male or female)

Display shelf for exotic shoe collectors Simphome com
If you are a person who regularly buys shoes, the shelves will spoil you, and with that shelf, you can showcase the 20 best shoes you have. Aside from shoes, you can show off hundreds of your beloved wallets, also your expensive perfumes.

30. Stick Storage Close To The Bed

5 Stick Storage Close To The Bed Via Simphome com
The most important consideration in a limited space is how to make everything functional. For example: in the bedroom, you don’t have any space privilege between the bed and the shelves. If this is the case, then simply stick them together. Think of it as a bed border, with some small storage on both sides.

You could store each item safely within the drawer. If you have any floating shelves, make sure it is not right above your head. Source
5 Stick Storage Close To The Bed Via Simphome com 2
To get new variations, you can also consider the next idea,
5 Stick Storage Close To The Bed Via Simphome com 1

*if you can't find image credit, click hyperlinks provided in this post.

31. Two Stories Book Shelves

4 Two Stories Book Shelves Simphome com
Those who enjoy reading will feel disappointed if they cannot have any space for their books. Separating collection might not be the best option either. If this is the case, then pull out the two stories bookshelves. Instead of bulking your spaces, it will make your wall look like a huge library. The trick is to provide space to put the books horizontally on the bottom of each story. Source
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32. Keep The Clothes In Open Shelves

3 Keep The Clothes In An Open Shelves Via Simphome com
Besides a mirror, another option to get a spacious impression lies on the ceiling. Lacquer finishing gives a blurred but glossy look to the above surface. It could reflect the light randomly, creating the illusion of an endless ceiling. It doesn’t appear beautifully during blackout or dim light settings. Flick the switch button and enjoy the majestic look. While picking the color, again, don’t go too far from the wall tone. Complete the set with mosaic tiles of similar color. Source
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33. Play with Concept

2 Play with Concept Via Simphome com
To get this done, you need extra time, extra budget, and extra effort. You need to set your goals on a definite purpose for each one of the rooms. Imagine how you would like to feel when walking into the room. Simple tricks: paint the hallway bright and the bathroom with gothic style. Find the perfect equipment for this purpose and start working! Source
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34. Be Luxurious

1 Makover Small Apartment Simphome com
Small is not all about dull and cramped. You could always make it a little brighter with maximum comfort. Allowing only thin lines for every object in your apartment, some ordinary functional space will raise, for example, a sofa on the hallway, flanked by two tall shelves. How about some dinner corner with the classic oak wood table? The clothes area is as fancy, lines of clothes hanging on both sides of the wall, and a simple drawer in the room. Source

35. And Last, Focus on Storage Compartments

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Makover Small Apartment 1 Simphome com
Makover Small Apartment 2 Simphome com
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