20+ Ways How to Makover Small Apartment Ideas

There are more than 5 Ways How to makeover small apartment ideas you could find on the internet. Nowadays, almost everything is reachable through your phones. Probably things that cannot be taken easily are ideas and tricks. You could always find the lists, but applying them to your own space is a whole different story. The following ideas might be your reference to build a comfortable room.

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Although I only have 9 entries in the list, you can learn more than 20+ ideas from images I take to craft and complete this awesome list. Enjoy

9. Minimalist reading room decorated with copper hanging lamps.

10 Minimalist reading room decorated with copper hanging lamps simphome com
The bookshelf attached to the wall is a smart idea because it can make the room look wider. I also like the copper chandelier even though the design of the lamp is different from the design concept of the room.

8. Minimalist kitchen with extra large windows

9 Minimalist kitchen with extra large windows Simphome com
If I have a kitchen like this, I will be more eager to cook because there is a large window that allows more air to enter. And the hanging shelves attached to the wall make it easy for me to put an apron, paper tissue and cloth. Lastly, the large window in the kitchen is A must have item.

7. A Skinny shelf that save space

8 A Skinny shelf that save space simphome com
That open shelves can be something special for people who like practicality because they don’t need “to bother” opening the door. not only for shoes, the space under the shelf can be used to put a folding blanket or folding mattress

6. Display shelf for exotic shoe collectors (male or female)

Display shelf for exotic shoe collectors Simphome com
If you are a person who regularly buys shoes, the shelves will spoil you, and with that shelf you can showcase 20 best shoes you have. Aside from shoes, you can show off hundreds of your beloved wallets,also your expensive perfumes.

5. Stick Storage Close To The Bed

5 Stick Storage Close To The Bed Via Simphome com
The most important consideration in a limited space is how to make everything functional. For example: in the bedroom, you don’t have any space privilege between the bed and the shelves. If this is the case, then simply stick them together. Think of it as a bed border, with some small storage on both sides. Each item could be stored safely within the drawer. If you have any floating shelves, make sure it is not right above your head. Source
5 Stick Storage Close To The Bed Via Simphome com 2
5 Stick Storage Close To The Bed Via Simphome com 1

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4. Two Stories Book Shelves

4 Two Stories Book Shelves Simphome com
Those who enjoy reading will feel disappointed if they cannot have any space for their books. Separating collection might not be the best option either. If this is the case, then pull out the two stories book shelves. Instead of bulking your spaces, it will make your wall look like a huge library. The trick is to provide space to put the books horizontally on the bottom of each story. Source
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3. Keep The Clothes In An Open Shelves

3 Keep The Clothes In An Open Shelves Via Simphome com
Besides a mirror, another option to get spacious impression lays on the ceiling. Lacquer finishing gives blurred but glossy look to the above surface. It could reflect the light randomly, creating the illusion of endless ceiling. It doesn’t appear beautifully during black out or dim light setting. Flick the switch button and enjoy the majestic look. While picking the color, again, don’t go too far from the wall tone. Complete the set with mosaic tiles of similar color. Source
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2. Play with Concept

2 Play with Concept Via Simphome com
To get this done you need extra time, extra budget and extra effort. You need to set your goals on definite purpose for each one of the room. Imagine how you would like to feel when walking into the room. Simple tricks: paint the hallway bright, and the bathroom with gothic style. Find the perfect equipment for this purpose and start working! Source
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1. Be Luxurious

1 Makover Small Apartment Simphome com
Small is not all about dull and cramped. You could always make it a little brighter with maximum comfort. Allowing only thin lines for every object in your apartment, some ordinary functional space will raise, for example, a sofa on the hallway, flanked by two tall shelves. How about some dinner corner with classic oak wood table? The clothes area is as fancy, lines of clothes hang on both sides of the wall, with simple drawer in the room end. Source

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