10 Shabby Chic Décor Ideas for Small Apartment Owners: Clever Tricks to Try

Small apartments can be a problem but not with these shabby chic décor ideas for small apartment owners. Although small space can be a huge issue for owners of small apartments, it shouldn’t be so with clever and creative arrangements. It is a good thing that decorative industry has grown so there are always pieces of furniture for everything. For small apartments, there are some perfect items that would be great within the right layout. This is nearly dozens Shabby Chic Décor Ideas for Small Apartment Owners: Clever Tricks to Try.

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10. Multifunctional Wall Mounted Rack

This wall mounted rack serves different purposes and uses. First of all, the open shelves are great to display your items. Because it has an open construction and it is wall mounted, it helps making the room look more spacious and wider – not to mention that it doesn’t take up space, thanks to the wall mounted manner. Second, the blocked sections are pretty handy to provide boundaries. Besides displaying your items, you can also mount some pictures within those sections. And third, this rack comes integrated with a table, which saves up more space. A very clever trick, don’t you think?. (via apartmenttherapy)

9. Wall Mounted Storage/Table

This is another great idea to save up space within the shabby chic décor ideas for small apartment owners. This wall mounted piece acts like a storage. When you open it, you can access the space within to store your items. The upper surface can be used to place some of your favorite items. Another cool thing about this construction is the foldable construction. When you open it up, it becomes a table – a pretty sturdy and solid one. The wall mounted construction is, again, handy for saving up space. (via ariyonainterior)

8. Open Shelves Partition

This kind of shelf is great to divide a room without making it look cramped. It is coming in medium height, so it doesn’t occupy the whole room – and you can still see through the upper area as well as the blocked open sections. If you want to achieve potential and maximum usage, use baskets to accommodate smaller items. If you choose nude or neutral color, you will definitely achieve simple but attractive shabby chic décor ideas for small apartment owners. (via luvlydecora)

7. Creative Side Table

This side table is pretty compact and slim. It also comes with open shelves manner, allowing you to contain some of your items. This side table is still useful to display some of your favorite items, such as table lamp, a centerpiece, or others. Use smaller baskets when you want to hide smaller items and make everything look neat. (via walmart)

6. See Through Partition

This is a full height partition, but again, it doesn’t make the room look cramped or crowded. The see through construction is super nice with unique and beautiful patterns. You can install this partition, setting it from down to up, creating a clear boundary between sections or rooms. And yet, you can see through it, across the next room. Basically, you can choose whatever pattern or color that you like, but such a see through room partition is one of the creative shabby chic décor ideas for small apartment owners. (via apartmenttherapy)


Intro: Rental home owners are probably confused of which decorating ideas to implement for their space, but these DIY shabby chic decorating ideas are perfect for them. Aside from the facts that you can do these works all by yourself, these home décor elements don’t need extra space either. They are easy to assemble or remove, and they are super catchy. If you want to add some decorative flairs to your rental home, they would be the perfect accompaniments.

5. DIY Nautical Wall Frame

DIY Nautical Wall Frame Simphome com
What about having the combination of nautical and shabby chic theme for your home? This wall frame would be the perfect example. You can create one from wooden items and pair it up with ropes for the hanging. The combination of wood and rope is somehow enough to create nautical focus. To enhance the shabby chic theme, paint it with calm green. Try other colors if green isn’t your favorite shade. You can try peach, beige, or peach. (via abhishekshetty)

4. Window Cabinet

Window Cabinet Simphome com
In this example, this window cabinet is used as the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. However, this idea is applicable for all kinds of cabinets. You can transform old wooden boards and planks into a shelf with open rack construction. To enclose it, add window door style so you can see what’s inside the cabinet as well as preventing dust from entering the cabinet. This is one of the simplest DIY shabby chic decorating ideas and yet highly functional and useful. If you don’t want to paint it, you can let its natural color to stick. (via lizmarieblog)

3. Stacked Open Shelves

Stacked Open Shelves Simphome com
It is like the stacked floating shelves, but with metal connectors in between the shelves, it creates shabby chic-industrial theme combination. The addition of metal elements is quite nice because it adds a little element of décor and accents. If you want to enhance the shabby chic atmosphere, consider painting these shelves with any soothing color that you like. Don’t forget to add baskets for better items arrangement and storage for the DIY shabby chic decorating ideas. (via 33decor)

2. Cabinet Plate Rack

Cabinet Plate Rack Simphome com
Stacking the plates inside the cabinet may not be the smartest plan when you want to save up space. With this cabinet plate rack, you can store your plates while maximizing space with the simplest and also most stylish look. Of course, you can have a rack with different slots, drawers, and spaces inside. For this example, the plate rack is located on the bottom of the wall mounted cabinet. It saves up space in the cutest way possible. (via realliving)

1. Cupboard Door Shelf

Cupboard Door Shelf Simphome com
Cupboard Door Shelf

If you have unused door shelf (you probably remove all of the doors from the kitchen cabinets), why not transforming them into a separate and independent cupboard? Depending on your preference, it can be wall mounted without or with legs. In this example, the cupboard comes with legs. Managing the construction is pretty easy and you only need to add metal baskets for better arrangement. This is one of the catchiest and cutest DIY shabby chic decorating ideas you can do as a homeowner. (via homebnc)

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