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Asian style home is now getting more and more popular, that is why a lot of people want to use it in their house. However some might not know how to do it, that is why we give to you this Japanese home décor which you can use to create Asian atmosphere in your house. Next this is more than two Japanese Home Décor you can copy for your home.

1. Natural element

5 EAST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY suite shikishima good design award 2017 by Designboom
EAST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY Suite Shikishima Good Design Award 2017 Courtest Designboom

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Japanese Home Décor Natural Element 1 Simphome com
A key to Japanese or Asian style home is the use of natural element, which is why you can try to add some greenery inside your home. As Japanese home décor is the one that you want, then it is best to add Japanese signature plant such as bonsai and bamboo inside your home. Bonsai is very small so you can easily put it in your coffee table or small vanity throughout the house. However if it is too difficult to get, then you can also use orchid or even common palm inside your house.

2. Ofuro
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Japanese Home Décor Ofuro 1 Simphome com
Japanese Home Décor Ofuro 4 Simphome com
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This ofuro is actually Japanese style bathtub which small but deep enough for you to soak inside. It has some sort of seat inside which you can use when soaking. The traditional one is round made of bamboo or wood which heated with fire from the outside. However for your bathroom, you can find a small bathtub which you plant in your bathroom floor like a small swimming pool.
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Japanese Home Décor Ofuro 9 Simphome com
If that is too difficult, then you can really make a small swimming pool inside your bathroom. Do not forget to add wood element on the wall and flooring as the traditional element.

3. Shoji
Japanese Home Décor Shoji 6 Simphome com
This shoji is a sliding door which you often see in Japanese traditional house, it is made of rice paper which needs maintenance once in a while. Of course the authentic Japanese home décor would be difficult to have, not to mention the maintenance you must do in order to keep it beautiful.
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Japanese Home Décor Shoji 3 Simphome com
For this you can actually use only the shape and design and make it using wood and filmed glass material instead of the real rice paper. Use the sliding door for any room that you want including your closet door if necessary.
Japanese Home Décor Shoji 2 Simphome com
Japanese Home Décor Shoji 1 Simphome com

4. Lantern
A means of lighting in old Japanese home is the lantern and you can also use it on your Japanese home décor as well. Of course you do not need to use the real lantern with candle inside, but you can put light bulb instead. The shape of the lantern is not necessary to be round as well, you can use any shape that you want even rectangle or asymmetric shape if you want.
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Japanese Home Décor Lantern 3 Simphome com
For this you can actually use only the shape and design and make it using wood and filmed glass material instead of the real rice paper. Use the sliding door for any room that you want including your closet door if necessary.

21 Japanese traditonal lantern by Hoshino Resorts Magazine

Japanese Home Décor Lantern 1 Simphome com

5. Genkan
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Japanese Home Décor Genkan 7 Simphome com
Japanese Home Décor Genkan 6 Simphome com
The genkan is a Japanese style entryway which you often see in all Japanese home where they take off their outdoor shoes and use indoor slipper instead. Japanese home flooring is slightly higher than outdoor level which makes people easily take off their shoes.
Japanese Home Décor Genkan 5 Simphome com
Japanese Home Décor Genkan 4 Simphome com
Of course, it might be impossible for you to raise your flooring level, but you can still adapt the style inside your house. To do it you need to put a wooden rack in the side of your entry for people to take slipper to use indoor, you can also use the rack to store your own shoes as well.
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Japanese Home Décor Genkan 2 Simphome com
Japanese Home Décor Genkan 1 Simphome com

Conclusion on How to Use Japanese Style Décor Inside Your Home

Japanese house tends to blend together with the outdoor area as they can easily slide open the shoji anytime they want. But if you do not want to really open your house, you can use a lot of glass to ensure the open space feeling with addition of natural element we mention above. Almost the entire traditional Japanese house is made from wood material, from the foundation, structure even to the furniture inside the house. Of course, it will be difficult to add inside your already build house unless you want to build the house from scratch. But you should not have to worry since you can actually add some Japanese home décor wood element inside your home to capture the feeling.

Start with the furniture, ofuro surrounding and other decorative items, but if you want to go big then you can add them to the flooring and wall. Furniture might be the Japanese home décor key element when you want to make a Japanese style house as it is the best thing that you can use to mimic Japanese home. However if you cannot find the real Japanese furniture you can actually use any modern furniture that you find on your local store. All you need to do is to find low raised furniture which close to the ground and avoid big sized furniture. If necessary, you can also put some cushion to surround your table instead of using sofa, but if that is too much then choose a low raised sofa. To finish your Japanese home décor design, anything that you choose should have natural element in it. Especially the color, whether it is wood color, stone color, and even natural green plant color.

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