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10 Clever Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Do you have a small bathroom? It is difficult to find the clever and smart idea for the bathroom. A small bathroom is rather complicated to arrange the interior design. It is small and narrow so that it requires the right bathroom idea in order to make it nicely beautiful. You’ll need clever ideas for your small bathroom. What are they? These are the following clever small bathroom ideas that you should apply.

10. Regular Wall Shelves

simphome bathroom cabinet

One of the top ten small bathroom ideas is Regular Wall Shelves. This takes a wall shelf concept. You can pick out the best and multi-functional shelves to hang on the wall. The shelves are useful to display toothpaste, facial foam, shampoo, and the other bathing items. To make it look nice, you can paint the wall with light yellow looking so natural. (via classyclutter)

9. Toilet Paper Sheet

simphome toilet paper sheets

One of the clever small bathroom ideas is Toilet Paper Sheet on the back of the bathroom door and bathroom cabinet. This is a clever bathroom idea for small bathroom. It takes two – color combination, yellow and white. An important aspect to decorate it is putting furniture with fewer furnishings. (via icon2)

There are some furniture items put there with luxury and elegant look. It is dominated by yellow and white color. A copper vessel sink, a gold mirror, and gold painting are put in this bathroom. It has a white half bath. Wooden flooring is installed on the small bathroom. This is a perfectly bathroom interior design for your house. Interestingly, there are tower bars made on the back of the bathroom door. This is useful to hang on the towels neatly. (via moercar)

8. Chic Shelves for Bathroom

simphome chic bathroom shelf

Do you like a cute shelf for keeping bathroom items? This is a really cute design to apply in your small bathroom. You may take chic shelves for putting some bathing accessories and items in a small bathroom idea. This takes a brown color look for the bathroom. But, it doesn’t move on some white furniture items like white mirror, white accessories, and white furniture items in this bathroom. Though it is fun and nice for every space, it is able to overpower a small bathroom making it look wider. Light brown and white accessories look so sweet for the display in the bathroom. The chic shelves are really helpful to accommodate a small bathroom. All features are under control. (via kylieminteriors)

7. Store Towels in a Wine Rack

simphome towel wine rack

Do you find a cheerful appearance in the small bathroom? You can take Store Towels in a wine rack design. This is a recommended clever small bathroom design bringing happiness during bathing. It blends three color combinations including white, and grey. Those are so natural and magnificent. This is simply to design for a small bathroom. It doesn’t make the small bathroom get smaller. Just add some appropriate furniture items there like a bookshelf to keep bathing items, a white bathroom rack for keeping white towels and the other bathing items. A white sink is put in this bathroom looking con temporarily minimalist. It is smartly nice interior design for a mini bathroom at home. (via creatingmaryshome)

6. Bathroom Accessories on White Bathroom Furniture Cabinet

simphome white bathroom 1

The next decoration idea for small bathroom is Bathroom Accessories on the white cabinet. What does it mean? It means that you benefit the use of white furniture cabinet usually used to keep accessories, towels, and bathing items. You can put plates to be basis of bathing items and accessories. This looks unique and smart. You can also paint white wall paint in this small bathroom to support the lighting supply. This is also supported by bright lighting to light you during bathing. (via usacryptocoins)

5. Cabinet Door Storage

simphome bathroom storage

What are the next clever small bathroom ideas? You can select Cabinet Door Storage. It still looks minimalist with the domination of white color. The decoration of this bathroom looks clever and smart with some cabinet stores and placements in bathroom. The installation of cabinet stores is used to display or put some items neatly. Some people may get confused on place a medicine cabinet box in the bathroom. This is possibly put in the bathroom to keep amenities. You should select a contrast color of medicine box. In this bathroom, wooden medicine cabinet box is a right choice giving a unique color combination. You can select motif wall tiles for this bathroom to increase an aesthetic impression. (via noivado)

4. Green Countryside Design

simphome green countryside

Green countryside design is a recommended small bathroom idea looking clever and smart. In this small bathroom, you will see a perfect combination of elegance and smartness. It implements two elements in that room. A subway tile is set vertically than horizontally. It changes a monotonous look of a general small bathroom. The eye upward looks dominated in this bathroom. It impacts significantly to the ceiling making it getting higher. A unique accessory is a wooden – frame mirror. It is very traditional but look nice to hang on. This also requires the placement of rolling cart to cover a private area so that you feel more private during bathing. Green paint is painted on the wall of small bathroom. It adds a cheerful impression in the bathroom. (via hometalk)

3. Toilet Cabinet

simphome toilet cabinet

The next clever small bathroom idea is Toilet Cabinet. This becomes the thirdly best bathroom idea. This accentuates a unique impression of bathroom part. A small bathroom is a right spot to mix and match with some pastel colors and unique motifs. You can apply pastel colors like white, light yellow, and creme colors to decorate it. This is a good color combination for a tiny bathroom. However, you should be careful to search the balance composition of interior decoration. Don’t put so many bathroom accessories because it can make it look too much. Just put a toilet cabinet in this bathroom. This is versatile to keep all bathing items like toothpaste, soap, facial foam, and many more. It is simply smart to apply. The toilet cabinets can be made of bottles or recycling racks in it. (via lumaxhomes)

2. Wallpaper Bathroom

simphome bathroom wallpaper

Another small bathroom idea is taking wallpaper decoration. What is used for? You can select a beautiful wallpaper for the decoration like coral design or nature decoration. In addition, you can put a shelf or cabinet that can keep and store plenty of bathing items like shampoo, soap, facial foam, toothpaste, and many more. The wallpaper look nice and added shelf and cabinet hanged on the small bathroom ceiling. Those look multi functional and smart to accommodate more things. Meanwhile, the wall decoration takes light white paint. This looks blend with the simple concept of this smart small bathroom. (via designtrends)

1. Built – In Shelving

simphome bathroom shelf

One of the other small bathroom ideas is Built – in Shelving. Built – in shelves and cupboard with some shelves possibly kept in create a very huge difference. Those look simply nice and pleasing to put in the bathroom. Natural light supply from white window and walls make it look brighter. This looks so minimalist and modern with white color interior design. You can take a kind of cabinetry working in your small bathroom. Though it looks simple, you should select the appropriate furniture items to this bathroom. What are they? Those are white hand towel, wash cloths, and extra guest supply for decorating it. It is also available a hardworking cupboard. This is a simply nice to apply those loving minimalist design of small bathroom with the installation of unique white – frame mirror above the white wash sink. (via houseandgarden)

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Cheap bathroom makeover ideas will surely give you different touch from your previous bathroom. When the top of your toilet has nothing on it, you can add some decorative pots that consist of flowers there. Although it does not have a lot of benefits to gain yet you will make these decorative pots with flowers as the center point of the bathroom for whoever comes to the bathroom. There are a lot of people who put decorative wall hangings in their bathroom too. It is aimed to give color and accent even to their bathroom.

Another decorative and simple in effortless way to do the bathroom makeover is by adding stairs. The presence of the stairs is to add beautiful value for the entire bathroom. This stairs can be used to hang the wire basket, the wet towel that you have just used, decorative wreath, and many more. You can even have your own decorative things, or shelves, or anything that pleases you.

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