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15 Tiny Apartment Makeover Ideas

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When hanging the picture, make it move upward diagonally. If you could draw a line from the floor to the ceiling, that would be even better. More about later because here we are going to learn more than 15 makeover ideas for small apartment or tiny. Whatever you want to call it. You’re the boss. As always, this list is brought to you by

1. Create a Mini Garden

1 Create a Mini Garden Via SImphome com
Not anyone can live without any view of garden. As long as you have balcony, even though it is limited, a mini garden is always possible. Set some tiny pots on top of a table. If possible, hang them. Pick some plants with less maintenance if you have to go out all day. Stick the small plants together, and give proper distance for the vine plants. Water them every day and wait a season passes. You will be able to enjoy the mini shelter of nature. Source

2. Repeat The Art

2 Repeat The Art Via Simphome com
People are often told that hanging framed pictures will cut off the space. It usually happens when you buckle up things on the wall. Fortunately, that wouldn’t need to happen, as long as you know the trick. When hanging the picture, make it move upward diagonally. If you could draw a line from the floor to the ceiling, that would be even better. Alternate it with big and small pieces to create contour. Source

3. See It Closer

3 See It Closer Via Simphome com
Bathroom should make you relax, that is why a little humor might bring out a smile on your face. Make a simple art using photo frame. Replace the photo with big printed number. Too ordinary? Not so fast. Come closer and read what is printed as the background. Yes, it is a loop of funny quotes from your favorite movies. Source

4. Playful House

4 Playful House Via Simphome com
If you are happy enough with your new small apartment, make the atmosphere even livelier by displaying the toys. Do it differently to get maximum endorphin after the long day at work. Group them in a specific corner to make it more alive. For example, hang some mini furniture upside down, next to a fixture hole. There you go: a concept from Alice in wonderland. If you happen to have a set of warriors, line them up in order. Replace the king with cute teddy bear or bunny. Source

5. Hang Things

5 Hang Things Via Simphome com
Especially during autumn season, shaker peg rails are extremely useful as the place to hang gardening tools. Inspired by this tiny item, it is suggested to install this peg rail in your small apartment. If you see empty wall, mount three rails at once, allowing you to hook more pegs there. Provide enough distance for each peg. Hang your hat on the top, your clothes on the second layer, and your shoes on the bottom. Source

6. Fresh Colors for Decorating the Room 

1 Warna Segar untuk Dekorasi Ruangan simphome com
Red and white color combinations are very fitting. Red feels very fresh in your eyes. White small table with a simple design is perfect for a minimalist room because it’s not excessive. You can to put books, magazines, newspapers or photo albums memories with friends or your grandmom on your drawer. source

7. Shades of Pink in the Kitchen 

2 Nuansa Merah Muda di Dapur simphome com
Interesting kitchen nuances triggers cooking spirit. The pink color that dominates in the kitchen is very cute. Maybe you can take pictures with this kitchen background and then upload it to your Instagram. Although the kitchen decor is simple, pink color used by the author makes the kitchen stand out. source

8. Unique Chair idea

3 Tempat Duduk Unik Simphome com
Usually a balcony is the right place to enjoy the atmosphere in the morning or even in the afternoon. This unique blue chair for example is very useful because you can use it to relax or enjoy the atmosphere on your balcony. Because the shape of this chair is thin and light, this chair is easy to move, and you can face it anywhere you want. source

9. Mattress For Your Treasure 

4 Kasur Untuk Hartakarunmu
If you have a lot of things in your small bedroom you definitely need more storage to save it. This bed can be your solution. Under your bed you can save tissue paper, luggage, books or maybe your treasure. The concept of light brown wood in this room is very harmonious with the sheets used. source

10. Spice storage in Your Kitchen

5 Tempat Bumbu di Dapurmu Simphome com
When cooking in the kitchen, you definitely need spices to make it your cuisine delicious. Drawers in the kitchen is not just for your spoons, forks or cooking stuf. There, you can put onions, garlic or other ingredients. This useful idea is also can make your spice storage arranged neatly. source

11. Colorful Balcony

6 Balkon Penuh Warna simphome com
The carpet on this balcony is full of patterns and the colors on the chairs and pillows also are so bright and contrast with each other. Paintings on the wall are also unique.Kind of abstract but is still composed with a bright color. it matches with the color of the decoration on this balcony. source

12. Fill in the Empty Room

7 Mengisi Ruangan kosong simphome com
This room still has many places to be filled. Maybe you can add 2 seats in front the long window and a small table in the center. The soft colored room will be balanced if filled with decorations that have slightly bright colors or decoration with a simple pattern. Tip, Put a bright flower pot in this room. source

13. Painting at The Door

8 Melukis di Pintu simphome com
Do you think there is something striking about this room?
Yes right, the painting on the door is very large and grabs attention everyone enter this room. The plain gray door also becomes more colorful because of this painting. Plants in the upper right corner make the room feel fresher. Fabric hanged on the wall also makes the room feel more alive. source

14. Hourglass Decoration

9 Dekorasi Jam Pasir simphome com
An empty space on the wall looks cute when filled with hourglasses like this. There are 3 color of sands inside the bottles. They are yellow, soft blue and dark blue.
Tip: You can combine a lighter color like orange, red, and pink, for your hourglasses. source

15. Special storages for Tableware and Kitchen Utensils

10 Tempat Spesial Untuk Alat Makan dan Peralatan Dapur simphome com
So much supplies are here. Some of them are hanged and some of them are just laid on a shelf. Like bowl, jar, glass, pan, spatula and many more. This place looks like specifically made to store cutlery and tools in the kitchen. source

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