Koehler Home Décor is a renowned home décor wholesaler with a large collection of decoration items, furniture, accessories and a lot of unique item collection which you can use to decorate not only for indoor area but for outdoor area as well. They also have a lot of themed items such as dragon items, figurines, fairy items, country items, fantasy items, coastal items, western theme items, rustic items, shabby items, contemporary items, vintage item, chic items, trendy items, and many other items which you can use according to your room theme.

Room Decoration Items from Koehler Home Décor

1. Outdoor area decoration items

For your outdoor area Koehler provides you with fountain which you could install to get some water element in your garden. If you do not like fountain, then you can use a lot of other decoration items such as sculpture with a lot of shape which makes it more interesting, even the standard garden gnome also available in a lot of shape. Add bird houses to your garden to attract that beautiful creature to adore your outdoor area. Unique items such as wind chimes or even windmill can add nice atmosphere to your garden.

To complete your patio there are Koehler Home Décor furniture that you can use. Hamrock can be a nice addition that you can use on your patio for relaxation. Garden swings or even rocking bench can also be unique furniture you can have from this brand. But if you want standard furniture then their patio sets are available in a lot of theme from different material such as rattan, wood or even metals which crafted in different style to fits your patio theme.

2. Kitchen decoration items

Another room which need decoration is the kitchen, and there are a lot of decoration items which presented by Koehler. First you can add a message board on your kitchen which available in different kind of shape to suit your kitchen. Next is the cup shelf which you can use to store your cup collection, Koehler Home Décor kitchen also provide cup shelf with unique cup shape which surely make your kitchen look more interesting.

If you need one, Koehler also have wheeled trolley which also available as multifunction extended table. Beautiful hanging rack also has many shapes that you can use to hung pot, kitchen utensils, pan, and many others. A lot of Koehler Home Décor dishware with a lot of style will make your eating experience more fun to have.

3. Bathroom decorating items

Of course when your bathroom has a lot of decoration items which will make it more beautiful, then you would also feel more comfortable when doing all activities inside. First there are a lot of cabinets, racks, and shelves with different kind of shape to fit your bathroom size. There are also bathroom dispenser and container with different theme to complete your bathroom decoration accessories according to the theme you want. Towel rack and hooks are available in different shape to suit your bathroom theme as well. Moreover Koehler Home Décor also sell bath and body item sets with wholesale price which more affordable to buy.

Tips in Using Items from Koehler inside Your Home

Koehler Home Décor has a lot of items which you can use to decorate all rooms inside your home, even more than rooms we have mention before. Moreover the items collection that they have is always updated every season. That is why when you have not found the exact items you like, then you can wait for the next season to get the item you want. Moreover the store also has special occasion decoration such as Wedding Anniversary decoration, Married decoration, and many others, so you must try to update yourself with their collection catalogue every week to get the newest items for your home.

Another unique items which you could get from Koehler Home Décor is their jewelry collection which also give you some jewelry sets and a lot of jewelry holder as decoration. Jewelry box also available for you who want to give any jewelry as gift for people that you love the most. This prove that Koehler really provides of any decoration items that you need.
If you want to change the theme that you have inside your house, you can find items that you need by checking on Koehler Home Décor store collection. From big furniture to smallest decoration items are available in wholesale price which surely a great bargain to have. They also does not have minimum purchase limit. This means you can get all items you want with minimum amount that you need only so you would not spend too much just to reach the minimum purchase limit. However for you who want to use their items for business then you can try to purchase the eligible items in 700 amounts to get 10% more discount from the price.