20 Easy and Cheap Rustic Home Decor Ideas Worth Trying for All Homeowners

Improving the home décor with a rustic theme may need extra effort but these easy and cheap rustic home décor ideas can improve your interior look to a higher level with some simple tricks. You’d be surprised to know that some of the most artistic and beautiful rustic home décor is made and arranged through inexpensive items. The process is quite simple although you will have to spend extra effort. In the end, you don’t need to dig deeper into your pockets just to have unique items inside the house. This is 10 Easy and Cheap Rustic Home Décor Ideas Worth Trying for All Homeowners by your list maker (completed with double bonus ideas)

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10. The Notification Board From used Wood

The notification board comes from used wood Simphome com
If you don’t like cooking, you can use the idea to set an important agenda. Like, anniversary, birthday, paying electricity bills, and payday. You only need, used boards, chalk, (colorful chalk is also ok), nails, and paint. It is recommended don’t ask people with ugly writing to write this board.

9. Hanging Candles in a Mason Jar

9 hanging mason jars and candle Simphome com
When the electricity in the house dies, this wall decoration will be your savior. It’s easy to make. You only need pebbles, mason jars, medium size candles, wood, and hanger. It is estimated that if you want to follow this idea, you only need less than $ 100.

8. Mason Jar Floral On the Wall

8 Flower on the wall decoration simphome com
This wall decoration makes the plain white wall more colorful. Because the flowers in the mason jar have contrasting colors with each other. Like purple, green, yellow and pink.
TIP, if you want to follow this idea. You need soil, gravel, and a little fertilizer. Oh, don’t forget to regularly water your small plants.

7. Rustic Brown Door

7 Rustic door brown simphome com
This door looks cool with brown color, the door looks more classic and elegant with black handle and mosquito repellent glass. It is estimated that if you want to get an idea like this, you don’t need a lot of money to have it.

6. Rustic Glass Cabinet

6 Wooden glass cupboard simphome com

This glass cabinet looks more alive with a touch of two pots on the left and right side. With the color of the two pots, this glass cabinet looks balanced because the pot is brighter. and the flowers inside make this room look sweeter.

5. Unique Corner Book Shelf

5 Unique Corner Book Shelf Simphome com
If you can combine a solid wood log with some wooden planks (the sturdy one, of course), you can create a unique corner book shelf with extravagant flair. It will be the focal point of the room, guaranteed, because of the unique style and the impressive arrangement. You only need to have the wooden log as the center of the mass, while attaching the wooden planks on the sides for the book shelf. Try it and you will have yourself a magnificent home accent that will make other people envious.

4. Mail Box and Key Hanger

mail key hanger

Have some smaller wooden planks? Why not turning them into a stylish and classic wall mounted mail box and key hanger. It takes only a little effort to make the box, and mounting it on the wall is completely a no brainer work. To improve its function and use, add some smaller hooks so you can hang your keys. This kind of box can come in various sizes. If it is small, it would be perfect for the mail and the keys. If you want to have a bigger one, the hooks can be used for hanging coats too while the box can be used for other stuff besides the mail. Of course, make sure that you use strong and solid wooden material to do this easy and cheap rustic home décor ideas worth trying.

3. Reading Nooks with Wooden Background

3 reading nooks with wooden background simphome com
This compact reading nook is using wood as the main materials. Besides the wooden bench, the wooden background will add the natural and stylish flair of the section. Add seating pads to add the comfort for the seating area. On bottom side of the bench, consider adding baskets for better storage management.

2. Blocked Shelves

wooden blocked shelves

Having several single wooden blocks which are arranged in attractive manner and layout will create a unique wall design. These wooden blocks can be used as platforms to display some of your items. It is a stylish look but be sure that they are solid and strong to support all of your items. Also make sure that the displayed items are balanced, so they won’t tip over. As one of the easy and cheap rustic home décor ideas worth trying, this décor idea will spark up your wall.

1. Wooden Hanger Project Idea

wooden hanger

If you want to expand the use of the laundry room, why not installing this kind of hanger? The wooden plank is solid enough with the main rod as the hanger. It is able to accommodate several clothes, improving efficiency without compromising space. Do the easy and cheap rustic home décor ideas worth trying to improve your look and enjoy new atmosphere.


1-5 DIY Rustic Décor Ideas for Moms:

Have you ever tried any DIY rustic décor ideas for moms before? Some are pretty easy to make by using some of the old items you no longer use around the house. With extra time and efforts, you can fix them up by yourself and be prepared for the total transformation. Not only these items are affordable, they can also make your house look different and stylish with the simplest manner. This is 5 DIY Rustic Décor Ideas for Moms for Unique Home Décor Result by your list maker

1. Wooden Stand

Wooden Stand 5 Simphome com
Do you have an unused chopping or cutting board? If you have one and you have some wooden planks, this project will be ideal for you. You can make your own wooden stand, perfect for recipe books, iPads, or even your smartphone. Sure, you will have to do extra work for the arrangement, but it is doable without spending you extra. If you don’t use it, you can hang it. If you want to use it, simply place it on a flat counter. This first DIY rustic décor ideas for moms is simple and cute. (via myweddingreceptionideas and lamosquitia)

2. Wall Rack

Wall Rack 4 Simphome com
This kind of rack can be used for hanging your kitchen utensils but it can also be used inside the garage for your tools. Browse for the detailed step by step way, and you can create your own wall rack. It uses magnets, so any metal items should be able to attach nicely. This is a simple and yet attractive home project. It is a wall mounted rack, so you don’t have to worry about space or other arrangements. (via freshideen)

3. Hanging Wire Basket

hanging wire basket

If you are looking for a way to add greeneries into the interior décor, use this hanging wire basket to accommodate small piece of green plants. You only need to make use wooden board or planks and the inexpensive wire basket. Depending on your preference, you can create small or big attachment. Since it is wall mounted décor, you don’t have to prepare extra space. This is one of the stylish and inexpensive DIY rustic décor ideas for moms. Another cool thing about this accessory is that it can be placed anywhere inside the house. What if you want to place it outdoor – on the porch, for instance, Feel free to do so. (via channygans)

4. Wood Frame-Organizer

Wood Frame Organizer 2 Simphome com
What about combining some of your wooden photo frames into a handy and functional desktop organizer? The implementation is quite easy. You only need to combine several photo frames so it will form a rectangular desktop organizer. Not only you can keep the photos of your loved ones closer, you can also make use of boxes to store your stationary. (via thecraftpatchblog)

5. Rustic DIY Vase

Rustic DIY Vase 1 Simphome com
Do you know that you can turn unused snack containers into attractive flower vase with stone effect? You need to have the right materials and especially strong glue so you can attach those fake stones to the container. Feel free to use any container that you want and any attachment that you like. The idea is that transforming a simple container doesn’t have to be difficult. These DIY rustic décor ideas for moms are the real examples. (via fabyoubliss)

6-10 DIY Rustic Home Decorating Ideas for New Homeowners:

These DIY rustic home decorating ideas for new homeowners can provide guidance and inspirations for new homeowners wanting to bring natural ambiance into their house. You’d be surprised to know that some of the worn and old items around your house can be valuable when turned into something artistic and natural. The projects don’t have to be complicated or difficult. Some of the simplest ideas turn out to be super functional and also stylish in its own way. Following you’ll find 5 DIY Rustic Home Decorating Ideas for New Homeowners: Some Inspirations to Take

6. Farm Table

Farm Table Simphome com
If you have several wooden boards or planks, it doesn’t hurt to turn it into a farm table with a touch of modernity. It takes some extra careful planning and details, but once everything is constructed, your hard work will be paid off. This rustic table has its own natural appeal. Its solid stance and sturdy construction is great for a dining space. When you are able to combine the rustic table with rustic benches, it will be super attractive. You should try this first DIY rustic home decorating ideas for new homeowners. (via ana-white)

7. Wall Décor for Lamp Hanger

Wall Décor for Lamp Hanger Simphome com
Combining a wall décor and an old-school lantern? Why not? Some of the wooden planks can be arranged together to make asymmetrical wooden décor. Polish and varnish it, and you can combine it with a certain structure to hang the lantern. This picture is only an example – of course, you are free to create any wall piece or lamp hanger the way you like it based on your creativity and ideas. In short, any unused items can be used to create an appealing rustic piece. (via pinterest)

8. Wall Clock Project Idea

Wall Clock Simphome com
Do you know that making your own clock isn’t complicated or difficult? There is an available clock machine kit that can be installed on anything, as long as you have the hole for attachment. You can stack several wooden board together, preferably in different colors, and then make a circle out of it. Attach the clock machine, and voila! You have your own wall clock. Why don’t you try this DIY rustic home decorating ideas for new homeowners for your new home? (via etsy)

9. Industrial and Vintage Open Shelf

Industrial and Vintage Open Shelf Simphome com
This construction has the combination of natural element with metal – that’s why it is called industrial vintage design. The connectors in between the planks are the combined wood and metal, enhancing the solidity. This open shelf is great for anything, from books to kitchen utensils. It would be a great piece –simple and natural and yet highly artistic and charming. (via bhg)

10. Movable Kitchen Island

Movable Kitchen Island Simphome com
Basically, you can make the movable kitchen island from any materials, but in this example, the basic construction is from metal while the top surface is wooden. Movable kitchen island is a great solution when you have limited space and yet you need additional storage compartment. Depending on your needs and personal preference, you can design the island anyway you like it, but make sure that the dimension is enough for easy mobility. What do you think about this DIY rustic home decorating ideas for new homeowners? (via digsdigs)

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