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If your home looks boring and lifeless, it’s time for a major overhaul. Gladly enough, we have some affordable DIY solutions for you that can put even the most oddly-shaped corner of your room into some practical use. This isn’t to say that your home interior will rival a celebrity’s home worth millions of dollars. But, it will definitely be worth the minimal time, effort, and investment that goes into it.

So, are you ready to add some homemade touch to your beloved home without shaving off a lot of money? Since vintage decors are hot right now, let’s explore 60 vintage and shabby chic décor ideas to spice up your home in the easiest and fastest way possible without spoiling your budget. Yes, all the vintage décor ideas discussed below are inexpensive and easy to realize. In fact, you will be surprised how some degree of organizational attention can make your regular home items a conversation piece without shaving off top dollars on them.

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20. Creative Globe Recycling
20 UPCYCLED PAINTED THRIFT STORE GLOBE Simphome comDon’t retire your old globe yet. You can use the store-bought globe and give it a vintage look within a matter of few hours even if you are someone with dinosaur-dated skills. It’s a brilliant and inexpensive way to add an extra spark to the desk where the globe currently rests. The best part is that you don’t need any forward-thinking technology or tools to get the job done.

All you need is some paint and regular markers to make a conventional globe into a wonder-struck item in the middle of an ordinary day. Not your cup of tea? Don’t fret yet! I swear; you won’t break a sweat to give life to this unique creation. Just pull out your black marker from the shelf to outline the continents on the globe.

Then, apply a few coats of black paint on the ocean area. Once the paint dries off, fill the continents with teal color, and allow it to dry for a couple of hours. Spray paint the stand with any color of your choice. Finally, add some sort of sayings to the shaded black area of the globe. That’s it! For a few hours’ worth of time and effort, you will end up with a fantastic self-creation that will really stand out at your desk.

19. Personalized DIY Map Magnets

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If you are someone who loves map related things, here’s another DIY project along the same lines. These personalized miniature map magnets are simple and fun to create. Even an eight-year-old will be able to knock this out of the park. After all, how hard is it to cut parts of a map and plant them to a magnet? My budget for this little DIY project is nothing more than a few dollars.

Of course, I make sure to get strong enough magnets that can sustain the weight of the glass rocks and the paper. I usually purchase the round glass rocks from the floral section of the dollar store. Once they are acquired, I stick the map cut out on them. Then, I added another layer of glue to the back side of the glass rock to stick them to the magnet. For a few minutes of work, I end up with these adorable little jewels.

18. Personalized Photo Map Wall Board
18 Personalized Photo Map Wall art Simphome comLet’s stick to the map theme because this one is a killer. Truthfully speaking, I haven’t come across any other DIY idea that can rival this one to track and cherish my travel memories. All I literally do is cut photos from my trips and paste them on the places that I have visited. Easy as pie, isn’t it?

As a common-sense tip, remember to cut your pictures in the shape of the states/countries from the map of the country or world you want to do. Frankly speaking, it’s a highly rewarding and fulfilling experience to witness the map fill up with life-altering travel pictures. What better way to recall the special days of your life?


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17.World Map Tagging Wall Art
17 DIY Interior Tagging a World Map with your favorite Picture simphome comLet’s not put an end to the map saga for a little while because of its user-friendly and budget-friendly nature. The world map tagging wall art we are about to discuss now has always been an amazing conversation starter in my living room. At its core, it’s just a world map with push pins on it that highlights the places that I have visited so far. Each pin has strings attached to it with my most beautiful travel photo tags.

Personally speaking, I found the wall art to be the best means to put myself on the world map in my own unique style. It’s also been an inspiration for me to travel more. I often imagine where I will be traveling next. By the way, framed or unframed, both will work great. Of course, if you decide to frame the map, keep in mind that it will prove to be the most expensive part of this DIY project. That said, it will look so much cooler in a frame.

16.Homesick Map Art
16 Easy DIY Map Magnet simphome comIf you have an empty wall to fill, this homesick map art should be on your radar. Not only will it prove to be a talking point, but it will also help you beat homesick blues. If done well, it won’t look one bit handmade. All you need is a matted frame, cardstock paper (to fit inside the frame), and preferred material (sand, dirt, grass) as the main ingredient for this DIY project.

For example, I have used sand to depict California, grass for Montana, and so on. You will begin by drawing the shape of the map on a cardstock paper with a glue. Then, you will sprinkle the dirt, grass, or sand on the glue drawing and wait for it to dry. Next, you will shake off the excess dirt, grass, etc, so that you are left with the desired shape of the map. Finally, you will plant the paper in the mitted frame.

That’s it! The rustic look of this homesick map art will prove to be a certain people-pleaser.

15. H&M HACK: Wall Hanging DIY
15 HM HACK Simphome comIf you are excited to see how your first wall hanging décor will turn out, then you should definitely give this home decor a try. This beautiful wall hanging décor can freshen up any space on a budget. It’s made from cotton table runner, pins, sewing machine, white thread, chunky wool, white pom poms, gold beads, and glue.

To put the words into action, you will need to get a cotton table runner that catches your eye, put your sewing machine to work, and end up with display-worthy results. The best part is that you can get the job done within a few hours without knowing how to weave. No hardcore measurements, markings, or talent needed at all. And, you will still be able to nail this thing!

14. DIY Geometric Lamp Decor
14 DIY GEOMETRIC LAMPSHADE Simphome comAt first glance, this might seem like a complex science project. But, you won’t believe how easily you can create a highly adorable and functional geometric lamp decor. The only major effort from your part would be a visit to the hardware store to procure four thin and hollow metal tubes. Once those are acquired, you need to simply twist them into many folds to create a unique shape around the bulb. Of course, don’t forget to tie the tube ends to ensure that the structure stays in place at all times.

Once this is done, place the light bulb into the cage-like created structure. Right off the bat, you will notice that the lampshade has a mixed vintage look to it, which will garner a lot of eyeballs and compliments from onlookers.

13. DIY Minimal Floor Mirror Project
13 DIY MINIMAL FLOOR MIRROR simphome comIf you are a fan of minimalist home décor, then this DIY floor mirror should be right up your alley. It’s a semi-gigantic floor mirror without the gigantic store price. This DIY project can be completed in one afternoon at a fraction of the cost of a store-bought mirror. And, you would need only a few basic tools to get this thing done.

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First up, think of a board to attach the mirror. You will need 12″ x 12″ pieces of wood.
Measure and cut the wood to fit the mirror. Also, sand the edges (if needed) to create a sturdy home for the bad boy.

Once done, slide the mirror in the place. Apply glue on the back of the mirror while placing it on the wooden structure so that the mirror stays in place at all times. Try it out; this mirror DIY project should be a lot of fun!

12. DIY Wall Clock
07 DIY Wall clock by the lovely drawer simphome comGuess what time it is? It’s time to get creative and build a customized clock with personality from the comforts of your home. The wooden clock in question is easy to build with just a few supplies.

You can start by drilling a hole at the center of the round wooden board. Then, cut the wooden board from behind to fix the clock mechanism. Thread the clock movement piece through the center hole and follow the basic instructions you received to put together the hands of the clock. To attach the clock, you can make use of an old belt. Finally, hang it and admire your work with pride.

11. DIY Beverage Cart
11 DIY INDUSTRIAL BEVERAGE CART simphome comBe prepared to raise the bar to make a glamorous cocktail station that will inspire you to wheel your entire soft drinks and cola collection to the expecting company. To make this industrial-inspired beverage cart, you will have to essentially cut and prep the lumber for the handles, trays, and crosspieces with a saw. The beautiful angle iron will look great for the legs.

The casters on the bottom will help you move the cart around like a breeze. The finished product will turn out to be a satisfaction bomb. As you can see from the image above, the cart can hold quite a lot of beverages. So, load all your fresh fruit juices, sip a drink, and pat your back for the fabulous job!

10. DIY Dip Dye Candleholder
10 DIY Dip Dye Candleholder Simphome comNo one will ever know how little you spent to create this masterpiece. It’s a simple DIY project that you can do with things lying around in your house. For the wooden frame, I used some leftover Balsa wood (can be easily store-bought) that were sitting idle in my house for a few years. There are many ways you are cut the Balsa wood because it’s the easiest type of wood to work this. Because of its flexibility and lightweight, it’s highly used in architectural projects.

A 2.55 mm thick Balsa wood can do the trick over here. Paint the wood according to your liking. Once the wood is cut and painted in the desired shape and color, place the tealights in the jars and then populate the wooden candle holders.

Trust me: you will witness your space light up like never before!

9. Hoop Shelf DIY!
09 MAKE A HOOP SHELF IN AN HOUR Simphome comEnhance any wall within an hour with this amazing and budget-friendly hoop shelf. This hoop shelf has a touch of vintage style to it, and it provides more storage room without taking any extra space. Let’s learn the simple way to build it with affordable supplies.

To begin with, you will have to create a sturdy circle out of a wood to support whatever objects are going to be placed on it. Position a piece of wood at the center of the round shelf. Also, insert two wooden ledges inside the circle and stick them with hot glue. Press them well to make sure that they are secure or put a screw or nail on the wall. If you want, you can paint the outside of the shelf, or you can go with the natural look of the wood. In either case, you will be highly pleased with the end result. From books to flower pots, you can display a lot of things in this wonderful creation of yours!

8. DIY Leather Magazine Holder
08 DIY leather magazine holder 5Organize your magazines with this stylish DIY leather magazine holder. This DIY project makes use of leather straps, which can be easily ordered online. Fold the strap into half and punch two small holes at the opposite ends so that you can hammer a nail through them to secure them to the wall. Then, slip the magazines to display them in a stylish manner. If you read a lot, now you can have ample storage space for loads of them. Don’t let the ultra-simple work fool you. This magazine holder looks cool and elegant in almost every home décor you can think about.

7. Double Basic Table to Rolling Beverage Cart DIY

Serve your drinks in vintage style by turning two regular tables into a rolling beverage cart that will be good enough to provoke guests to admire your DIY skills. For this amazing creation, you will have to build the top and bottom frames by planting one table over the other with the screws and hooks so that the final product looks like the image above. The visible top surface can be covered with any attractive material of your choice. Of course, don’t forget to add a towel bar as per the installation instructions.

Add casters as well by using your nail gun. Including the hardware and everything, this homemade beverage cart will cost you less than half of what you would pay for it in a store.
The best part is that she will turn out to be a beauty.

6. DIY: Matt’s Woven Leather Stool
6 mat wooden stools ideas simphome comAs you can tell from the image, this timeless stool looks so cool that you can never tell whether it’s store-bought or not. Better yet, it’s a lot easier to build one from scratch than what it appears from the surface. The frame by itself is a rectangular bench that is made from wooden boards. The boards are sanded for a smooth furniture-grade finish. And, the leg pieces are attached with regular screws and hammer.

Finally, the leather straps are wrapped completely around the frame to prepare the seat. You can use the stool for holding books or as a breakfast tray. As a pro tip- don’t forget to maintain some gap between the leather straps. So, there you have it—a designer quality stool without casting a blind eye to your wallet.

5. DIY Mid Century Modern Coffee Table
5 DIY Mid Century Modern Coffee Table Simphome comAre you keen on enjoying a cup of coffee on a self-made coffee table? What better way to showcase your DIY skills? Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to put together a coffee table in the middle of an ordinary day. The supplies required are minimal and shouldn’t cost you more than fifty dollars. Yes, fifty dollars and a few hours of labor for a forever beautiful coffee table. Not a bad trade, isn’t it?

To create a circular coffee table, begin by drawing a circle on a thick MDF sheet. Cut the shape with a jigsaw. Of course, sand the edges to take care of the weird curves. Then, drill holes at the bottom surface so that you can attach the legs. Once the legs are attached, wrap them up so that you can paint the top. Allow the paint to dry to enjoy a cup of coffee on the gorgeous table.

4.DIY Blush Pink Mid-Century Side Chair Makeover
04 DIY Blush Pink Mid Century Side Chair Makeover Simphome comWho knew that a spray paint could completely transform a dull chair into a vibrant one without any fuss? You can start off this project by tidying up the used-chair with some alcohol-based cleaning solution. Then mask the plastic portion of the chair using a tape so that you can spray the metal portion with gold paint. Once done, allow it to dry overnight.

Then mask the metal portion (newly painted) of the chair so that you can spray paint the plastic area of the chair with pink or any other color of your choice. Once done, allow the paint to completely dry for a day so that you can enjoy your new throne to the fullest. As you can tell, all it took is some paint coating to completely transform an old chair into a vibrant beauty.

3. Nail Polish Marbling
03 Marbling Using Nail Polish Simphome comI love this! It’s a no-brainer DIY project that requires nail polish, water, and a container that’s large enough to accommodate the marbling object. Since nail polish doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, use a new one for a nice smooth finish. Add enough water in the container to submerge the object and begin dropping the nail polish. Swirl the nail polish with a stick. Wait for a few seconds and dip the object across the nail polish on the water. Once the object picks up the color, place it on a piece of paper and allow it to dry.

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The nail polish sticks really well. If you notice gaps in color, re-dip the object. You can make use of a cotton ball to remove any smudges. The final product will look like a beautiful, expensive investment. Anyone out there can totally pull this off like a pro!

2.Tiered Macrame Plant Hanger

Show your plants some love with this tiered Macrame plant hanger. It will grace your space like nobody’s business. This tiered plant hanger uses square and half knots to create the design. So, you won’t have to fry your brain over this DIY. It hangs at two levels, and you should be able to handle this one easily. Keep in mind that plant hanger is made of cotton rope, which makes it flexible by nature. So, you can easily fit flower pots of different shapes and sizes.

Just look for a lovely window, where you can hang it from the ceiling to showcase your craft. Make it once and love it for several years and beyond. Trust me; it’s a satisfying craft!

1. Multi-Purpose Vintage Phone-Charging Lamp DIY

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At first glance, it might seem that you will need an engineering degree to pull this thing off. But, this notion is far from the truth. There are only three steps to this intimidating project. All you have to do is assemble the outside part, which essentially involves you to screw things together. Then, comes the wiring part, which is insanely easy. Finally, the cakewalk part-you decorate it the way you like.

Beyond this, you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to cut wood, drill a hole, or do anything else along the same lines. Plus, you can easily get all the parts for the project from a local hardware store—lightbulb, USB wall charger, power cord, light socket, outer plate, box, light cord, nipple, locknut, and washer. Once everything is put together, it will light up the bulb and invite a bright smile on your face!

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