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12 Influencer Friendly Living Room Upgrades

If you didn’t post it on Instagram, did it happen? Today, many of us want to make every part of our life Instagram-worthy since our cell phones have become an extension of who we are. We no longer work in dull cubicles but rather in trendy co-working areas. We’re getting new dinnerware to match the caliber of the meals we prepare. We do, in fact, design our interiors with the coveted double taps in mind.

Who better to learn from than actual Instagram influencers if you want to make your property a gorgeous paradise? (Their influences stand on the cutting edge of what’s trending in brands, and they know how to make any product seem good in a shot.)

All eyes are naturally drawn to the living room upon entering a home. As a result, you can use it as a starting point for making a great first impression.

There are numerous options for enhancing the aesthetics and convenience of your living space. If you are at a loss for designing a show-stopping one, these 12 modifications to your living room will impress even the most discerning of your online followers. As always, follow the reference to find out more.

12 Influencer-Friendly Living Room Upgrade Video:

12 Living room influencer-friendly poster

12. A Cozy Scandinavian Living Room Idea

Currently, the Scandinavian aesthetic has a near monopoly on the market. As soon as people experience its warmth and comfort, they will mostly fall in love with it.

If you’re trying to re-create a Scandinavian-style living room, soft, neutral colors like cream, ivory, white, and cool gray are your necessities. If you want to highlight the hardwood floors, you may have to forego a wall-to-wall carpet.

To follow the particular style, you can attain it by purchasing minimalistic furnishings like the custom shelving and cupboards in this living area that provides a plethora of extra storage for the owner. The smart storage allows the low-profile white couch to fit snugly.
Other appeals come from matching pendant lights over the rounded sconces that you can replace with other non-craft works such as Like a round framed LED light mirror or An LED Neon light, with framed or without (your choice)

11. Opt for a Boho Minimalist style

Much like the popularity of Scandinavian design, Boho chic is simple to implement. Bohemian style typically combines various textures and patterns.

You can be more subtle if you are not ready for the eclectic look.
This cozy living area, for example, proves that Boho decor can coexist peacefully with the simplicity or modern touch. The rattan armchair next to the TV stand is a reminder of the Boho style in the room.

The TV stand is decorated with pampas grass instead of a traditional TV cabinet, bringing the outside within. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the coffee table, which exudes rustic allure while maintaining a spare, minimalistic aesthetic.
Then, lay a long-pile rug there to pamper your toes to top it all off.

10. Lift your interior with a Gallery Wall

Making a gallery wall is our next recommendation, especially if you want to make your living room Instagram-worthy.

With herringbone wooden flooring, a rattan lampshade, and a peg-legged wooden TV stand with woven cabinet doors, like in the picture, you give your living room more chances to look fantastic. All the skill you need is a mix and matching, starting with the framed pictures.
To tie the room together, design or pick a frame that matches the framed picture on the other side of your wall. Alternatively, get an indoor wall planter or hanging planter to give your interior a fresher room appeal.

9. Introduce Intriguing Shapes

All white furnishings and walls in the living room can be dull for some people. If you prefer a less clinical aesthetic in your living area, you may want to add additional geometric forms to break up the white.
For example, you can find many intriguing things in this living room. Surprisingly, they aren’t completely suffocating the room.

Two side tables flank the white couch on either side and continue with several unusual table lamps.

Two, the floor has a warm rug with a fun pattern embellished with modest blue and a hint of green. The pattern has uneven shapes, which weirdly turn the room charmer instead of chaotic.
There are also charming oval windows that complement the alcove and the exotic indoor tree.

8. Meet a Dreamy Living Room

This small living room may lack space. Nevertheless, it looks cozy and inviting.
Soft and spacious, the sectional sofa makes for a relaxing spot to kick back. Under the couch, you’ll find a long-pile rug that will keep your feet nice and toasty.
The room comes with a wood-sliced coffee table to bring a natural charm. To complete the space, the owner gave it a wooden stool used as a side table next to the sofa.

In addition to the wood accents, the use of candles in this living area and long drapes helps create a warm and romantic atmosphere. If you don’t have the mood to have a loving moment to share with your follower, you can use incense and your meditation snapshot.

7. A Rustic-Modern Living room Combo

Who says the modern style cannot get along well with the rustic look? This living room has proven that it is a misconception.

You can clearly notice the modern flair from the image’s white-crisp walls, flooring, ceiling, and simple workspace. Keeping things down to a minimum is a special trait of this type of interior design. Thus, this living room only keeps a little furniture.

The focal point of this living room comes in the form of an exposed brick wall that adds a rustic look. To finish it off, build a green corner for your favorite greenery and lay a jute or sisal rug to complete your floor.

Return to the green corner,
Indoor plants can have an effect on how you feel as well as how they appear. Of course, we all learned as children that plants and trees are good for the environment. Indoors, where we are usually shut off from the benefits of trees and vegetation, a few strategically placed plants can have a calming impact, both visually and functionally.

If you’re looking for a medium-sized plant, dragon trees are a simple yet exciting solution. Their long, thin leaves have a soothing appearance, and this is a tree that would look excellent in any location. These trees are noted for their ability to filter the air even more than other plants. It doesn’t hurt that these plants are extremely minimal care.

Small succulents are another excellent option for bringing the outdoors inside. For a good reason, these plants are quite trendy right now. They’re small and simple to maintain, yet they don’t take up too much room.

6. An Eclectic Living Room Style

If uniformity isn’t your thing, feel free to embrace your inner eclectic.
There are no guidelines to follow while expressing yourself in an eclectic style. The fact is, nonetheless, that you’ll require some pointers to make a comfortable living room.

Most designer characterizes eclectic design by appreciating a wide range of styles and motifs. Some pieces have a sleek, modern aesthetic, while others have a more classic feel. As a result, it’s not easy to master this style.

Since white is a neutral hue, you can use it as a starting point for painting the walls and ceiling.
Then, combine and contrast pieces of furniture from various eras and periods. These Fuschia armchairs, for example, denote a classic ambiance. You can also find a recliner chair that offers extra seating and comfort. In the middle of the room is a round coffee table embodying minimalism.

Additional resources about eclecticism:

Do and Don’t in Electic style transformations:

DO: Think About the Blank Spaces
It’s important to remember that the eye needs a resting point when surrounded by a lot of visual stimulation, especially when decorating in an eclectic style. Adams recommends leaving some free space on shelves and tables and using the contour of a grouping of artwork to create a dynamic form on the wall behind the furniture. “What you show isn’t everything. It’s often the omissions that prove most telling.”

Avoid: Show if All Off!
Never show out your full collection at once. Adams likes to shake things up to keep the place feeling fresh. She advises, “Cut it down to a select handful, and switch things around seasonally or for variation.”

It is essential to strive for balance.
You should strive for both proportional and symmetrical harmony. Design harmony can be achieved by adopting similar lines, even if the individual components are of different styles, textures, or periods, as Joybird explains. Don’t put diversity at the expense of order.

Eclectic does not mean “Anything Goes.”
There is no need to break the rules while designing an eclectic environment completely. There is “a very delicate line” between “layered and collected” and “busy and distracting,” as Joybird puts it. “Limit the quantity of wildly different aesthetic choices in a single space so that it doesn’t come out as chaotic or new clutter.”

Speaking about clutter,
We presented you with 12 Hidden Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Small Bedroom Mess. The list offers you several ingenious tricks to conquer the clutter, including one special idea to turn your headboard into a new drawer completed with a cute slider.

With that said, let’s complete our countdown with

5. An Elegant Girly Living Room Transformation

Though this isn’t technically a living room, you can take this concept and use it yourself.
Simply attach some confetti or Lumiere terrazzo wallpaper on your living room wall and give it some hanging shelves or Neon lights when necessary. This addition will give your dull wall an instant facelift during the day or night.

After that, give your hanging shelves some green life for added drama. For example:

Many people agree and regard Cacti as Instagram’s most-loved houseplants. The cactus is the most popular plant on the platform, with around 24 million hashtags. For a good reason, too, as cacti are not only photogenic but also simple to maintain. Cacti belong to the family of succulents. As a result, it can gather and store moisture in its tissues. The cactus has enough stored water to continue growing even if it doesn’t rain for a while. The cactus has such efficient water storage that it may last more than a year without precipitation.

Philodendrons have been a staple of indoor gardening for decades. If you pay attention to your philodendron, it will show you when it needs water, light, or fertilizer. Because of their versatility, philodendron plants can thrive under the care of even the most green-thumb-challenged homeowners. The Philodendron Bipinnatifidum is a common species of philodendron.

Because anthurium ‘flowers’ stays so long, you can enjoy their vibrant hues for weeks, if not months, without buying new plants. Given that the anthurium’s open heart-shaped blossom represents hospitality and evokes feelings of joy and plenty, it’s no wonder this stunning plant is so widely grown as a houseplant. This stunning plant prefers a warm, humid environment in your home, as it is native to the Andes Mountains of Colombia and Ecuador.

4. Make a Statement Piece with a Pop of Color

Another way to enliven your living room is by adding a pop of color. You do not need to go overboard, though. Bear in mind that you want to maintain the minimalist look.
To add more interest without overwhelming your limited space, you can try investing in a sofa with bold color and one of the plants already mentioned in the previous point. Make sure it contrasts with the walls because you want it to be the center of attention.

3. Go Classic and Bring some ironies

Black and gold are classic color combinations that many people have adored since old times. The combo produces a luxurious, occasionally spooky atmosphere that is weirdly appealing even for new generations attached deeply to social media.

Like in the picture, we see the dark walls, extravagant gold mirror and chandelier, and taxidermy in this room nod to the Victorian gothic aesthetic. However, in contrast, the white ceilings, flooring, and basic contemporary design of the rest of the furnishings brighten the gloom and make it feel more comfortable to live in.

2. Bring the Outdoor Appeal Inside

You’ll be reminded of how much fun you have in your backyard whenever you’re in this living room. There is a natural wood grain on the room divider, just like a tree in the yard. There are also three multipurpose wooden stools available.

You can use those three wooden logs not just as good coffee tables but also as additional ideal seating for when you have guests over. When no one is around, you can put your legs up on the logs and stretch out.

To give your muscle and brain some activities and practice during boring commercial breaks or spoiled scenes, you can give the plain flat board one or some dart boards.

1. An instagrammable living room with Geometric and organic touches

The key to creating a stylish and up-to-date Scandinavian or modern living room is to mix and match geometric shapes with sharp, straight edges, but unfortunately, that is only the basic.

Look at the works of art in this lounge; each serves dual purposes. It comes with a displaying shelf include with potted plants. Those are two examples to complete the basic step and
to fill the pots with hanging plants, some of your options are

The devil’s ivy, or pothos, is a low-maintenance houseplant. This plant will do OK whether you’re confined to a windowless cubicle or enjoy a sunny open office. If you neglect to water it, it will still survive. Your pothos plant will do well either in soil or a water-filled vase. Just remember that devil’s ivy is toxic, so avoid stroking your plant too much, or you will receive a skin rash. Get this clue; a drooping plant means your baby is crying out for water, while yellowing leaves indicate you over-watering your pothos.

Peperomia are plants of the peppercorn family, Piperaceae, and they resemble the popular rubber plant but are much smaller in size. Because of their many desirable qualities, Peperomia plants make excellent houseplants. Peperomia would well serve any plant enthusiast to add them to their collection because of the vast range of growing conditions they can handle and the magnificent leaves they produce.

Wax plants
Wax plants, sometimes known as porcelain flowers, or Hoya/ Hoyas, are becoming increasingly popular as indoor plants. The hoya practically begs to be photographed due to its aromatic blossoms and unusual waxy almond-shaped foliage. Flowers of hoyas are a major draw for many people since they vary widely from species to species (and sometimes even within the same species) and emit a wide range of fragrant aromas.



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