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10 Elegant Boho Bedroom Décor Ideas

Some people wish they had a chic bedroom where they can feel relaxed and just be whatever they want to be. Unfortunately, this terrific idea is often restricted by the limited space which hinders them from getting their dreamy bedroom.
If you are dealing with this problem, you’ve come to the right place as you’ll find 10 elegant Boho bedroom décor ideas that I think fit in with any small bedroom. Now, grab your soda and chips to witness some magic that can turn your tiny bedroom into a Boho chic one.

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10. Go with Neutral Color Palettes | Thespruce Go with Neutral Color PalettesBoho style entails “more is more” which means the more colors and textures you add to your bedroom, the merrier it will be. But there is no strict rule about Boho style. Whatever makes you feel happy and express yourself, just go for it. If vibrant colors that tend to feel loud is not your cup of tea, you can always go with neutral color palettes. Besides, neutral colors are always a wise choice when it comes to making a color base for any bedroom style.
This bedroom features earthy tones that lend a little bit of contemporary design. The grey wall is accentuated with some worn pallets and woven ornaments. Off-white fluffy rug and headboard add textural element into the space. The bed is flanked with greenery. And the geometric stool incorporates a little bit of modern style here.

9. A Boho Bedroom for Her décor idea | Housebeautiful A Boho Bedroom for Her décor ideaPetite space like a loft bedroom is not a big obstacle for the creativity of Boho style. The key is just be yourself.
In this loft bedroom, for example, various patterns and textures make a great concoction of relaxing vibes. Metallic frames and mirrors are hallmarks of Boho style. Therefore, hanging them over the headboard can be an instant focal point that serves everyday glamor. The traditional look of jute lampshade also gets along well with the mirrors.
To avoid the haphazard look, sticking to coral and white hues is the key. As you can see, they still look nice although they are made from different patterns and textures.

8. Add Macramé Tapestry | Homedit Add Macramé TapestryBoho decorating should tell you a story of a wide array of interesting cultures as if you just got home from a long journey around the world. Therefore, bring in patterns and decorative materials to the bedroom is the common thing to create the flair.
Look at how this small bedroom that shares some interesting stories through the Moroccan bed print and macramé tapestry hanging on the wall. You don’t need to go overseas to get this stuff, though. You can even make the macramé tapestry yourself.
To make this macramé tapestry, you’re going to need 300 feet of nylon rope, a measuring tape, a wooden rod, a masking tape, a candle, and a pair of scissors. You will also need to cut the rope so that you can get several strands. Take two of the strands, then loop them through the rod. Pull them tight, and tie a knot.

7. Jazz It Up with a Rug | Interiorsonline Jazz It Up with a RugBoho style is not for the shy. The more patterns you add to your bedroom, the better it will be. However, adding lots of patterns is no picnic. If you do it carelessly, you’ll end up creating a chaotic look that can give you an eyesore.
For an instant Boho bedroom, you can simply lay a rug with beautiful pattern. A Moroccan rug can be the best choice to do this task. It usually features striking pattern that will spice up your BOHO bedroom in no time.

6. Boho Beachy Bedroom | Thesleepjudge Boho Beachy Bedroom

Boho bedroom can bring the holiday vibes to the space. It can even make you feel as if you were enjoying the warm breeze of the beach.
This bedroom has everything you need to lie back and relax. The muted color hues in blue and beige form the beach-inspired décor.
Decorative elements for a Boho style should be as if they had lived a life before coming to your bedroom. Therefore, a metal accessory that looks like a wheel with weathered finish hangs over the pillows. Some other well-worn accessories flank the bed to enhance an eclectic look of Boho style.

5. Don’t Forget Natural Elements | Thespruce Don’t Forget Natural Elements 2Natural elements are always good for any kind of style, including a Boho bedroom. Since we are talking about Bohemian style, the natural elements that you are going to incorporate into your bedroom should entail cultural elements that you bring from many areas around the world.
This bedroom, for example, use wicker screen as the focal point that can draw the eyes instantly. To match the décor, a woven rattan armchair is placed near the bed. It is a comfortable place to sit down and relax while reading your favourite book.
Next to the table is a unique round wooden side table where you can set down your books and glasses. The face of the table will remind you of the unique culture of a certain tribe.

4. Beautiful DIY Upholstered Headboard Project idea | Realitydaydream Beautiful DIY Upholstered Headboard Project ideaMaking a Boho bedroom will not make you broke as most of the furniture and embellishments are not usually found in a store. Second-hand furniture found in a vintage store can make a better look for this style.
But does it mean you have to go to the vintage store to get all of Boho stuff? Well, not really. In fact, you can make the embellishment yourself by harnessing your creativity and a little bit of elbow grease.
This headboard will be your weekend project if you are into Boho style. All you need to prepare is a piece of wood, egg create foam, upholstery staple gun, and a tapestry of your choice. Don’t Forget Natural Elements 1Cut the plywood board using a trim router to form a half circle. Then lay the plywood on top of the foam. Cut the foam in the exact shape of the plywood. Attach the foam to the board using staple gun. Lay your tapestry and top it with the board with the foam faces the tapestry. Make sure the tapestry overlap the board so you can pull and fold the edge, then secure it using staple gun.

3. Black and White Bedroom | Housebeautiful Black and White Bedroom Before
Before makeover

Who says that vivid colors with bold patterns are the must-have item in a Boho bedroom? In fact, Boho style allows you to set your imagination free. If the simple look of black and white is your thing, just go ahead. Black and White Bedroom After
After Makeover

This bedroom shows how artistic it is to have a black-and-white Boho chic. A large photograph that also comes in monochromatic finish makes a great focal point. To amp the bedroom up, animal prints and Turkish rug are added, accentuating the Boho style.

2. Be Creative with Lights | Homedit Be Creative with LightsLighting plays a crucial role in every bedroom, especially if you want to create a certain ambiance. This bedroom, for example, has shown that Boho chic can be relaxing, thanks to the fairy string lights that float over the bed.
Being combined with earth tones and patterned bedding, the lighting will offer you a good quality of sleep.

Lastly number 1. Add a Lively Lift with Plants | Thespruce Add a Lively Lift with PlantsPlants have always been a great embellishment for any décor, including Boho style. Besides, they can purify the air, which is good for your bedroom.
In Boho style, bringing nature into the space is a must. Therefore, display your favourite plants to jazz your bedroom up. Well, any plant will do. You can have succulent or greenery do their task.
Besides picking up the right plants, you also need to consider the planters. Put your plants in a hanging basket for an inexpensive charm, or grow them in some sculptural planters to get a more artistic look. Anything will do!

Congratulations! You just watched and learned 10 Boho bedroom décor ideas for any small bedroom. Now, it’s time for you to roll up your sleeves and begin to tweak your small bedroom a little bit for a big impact. Good luck 😉

Credit : Thespruce | Decoraid

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