How Do You Decorate a Small Coffee Shop with Less Budget?

So, finally, you are setting up your dream coffee shop. You have the funds, the delicious recipes, and the menus! Everything’s on point. But wait, aren’t you forgetting about something? Have you decided on how you will decorate the cafe/coffee shop?

As people look for ambiance nowadays, you shouldn’t miss out on the same. You might think it would be costly, but trust us, with the right strategies, you will be able to decorate a small coffee shop with less budget. Check out these tips to know how:

#1. Wall Paintings

One of the most versatile and cost-efficient ways to decorate the walls for your coffee house is through classic wall paintings. Wall paintings, especially coffee-themed ones, are ideal for adding a finishing element that enhances the coffee house’s furniture, colors, and decor. You can go for minimal wall art, like the picture (below), for a classy yet chic outlook. The artwork of delicious cappuccino is a customer magnet.

Likewise, if you want to give a vibrant look to the coffee house, then how about this artwork with a plethora of colors. The idea of writing coffee through its steam looks trendy! Also, the shades add a youthful touch to the atmosphere. 

You can buy these beautiful coffee wall paintings as per the colors of your wall. Make sure to place the artwork right at the center of the place, as that would make a great area for selfies and pictures.

#2. Plants

While sipping on coffee, most people enjoy a bit of greenery around them. So, you should definitely add some green plants or flowers right beside the seating area. The best thing about plants is that they freshen the air and remove harmful toxins from the environment. Besides, they do not cost much, so you wouldn’t be spending a lot of money!

We would recommend you to go for plants that are easy to maintain. This includes varieties like the spider plant, pothos, and Chinese evergreen. If you want some hues to compliment your coffee house, then try out colorful plants like Red Aglaonema or Coleus.

#3. Lights

There is nothing that lights can’t improve, and your coffee house is no exception! Your coffee house doesn’t necessarily have to have giant lavish chandeliers to attract customers. Sometimes, the natural light is enough to make your place stand out.

During the nighttime, you can try out the yellow string lights that are reasonable at a cost yet dazzling in outlook. These string lights could be in bulb form or water drop ball lights. You can also try out the LED rope light or Bohemian lanterns to enhance the ambiance of the coffee house.

#4. Trendy Furniture

Next, you should add modish furniture to improve the outlook of the cafe. While investing in furniture, make sure to do thorough research on the price. Most of the chairs, tables, and sofas, come at an offer price on online websites. So, check everywhere before finalizing your furniture.

Material-wise, you can go for wooden, steel, or plastic materials, as they are low on budget yet stylish. Nowadays, sitting stools and bean bags are also quite famous! So, select furniture that would go with your restaurant theme and, of course, your budget.

#5. Antiques, Much?

Lastly, you can decorate your coffee house with your favorite antiques for that vintage touch. You can add showpieces, handcrafted coaster sets, cookie jars, and old kettles to the tables. Likewise, you can place a retro coffee menu and list all your specials right before the entrance. It would give that classical feel to the place.

Decorate Like Your Brew!

So, that’s how you decorate a small coffee house on a low budget. Hopefully, our easy tips will help you create an outstanding cafe without spending a fortune on expensive stuff.

Written by Simpson

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