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10 DIY Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas

How long in a day do you spend your time in the bathroom? It may not be as much as you do in the other rooms. nevertheless, you still need to keep it relaxing.
Decoration plays an important role in creating the relaxing atmosphere, and rustic style becomes the best design to be applied to your bathroom. Its main features are natural material and vintage pattern which will make the bathroom feel cozier. If it is applied correctly.
More on that later,

Next, discover 10 Inspiring DIY Rustic Bathroom Décor Ideas compiled for you by Check first idea of this list, and I hope it will give you a good reason to finish the whole article.

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List Entries:

10. A Mason Jar Bathroom Storage project idea | Masonjarcraftslove.

10. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage via SIMPHOME.COMNot only food container, mason jar is also can be used as bathroom storage to keep all the grooming stuff well organized. Due to its plain appearance, you can easily turn it into rustic decoration to beautify the room by painting it with the color you like. Let it dry then sand the raised lettering and some raised part to distress the paint. Once you’ve finished, layer it with matte finish sealant coat. The last, pair it with the jar lid which is suitable with your need.

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9. A Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack project idea | Fourgenerationsoneroof.

9. Wall Mounted Magazine Rack via SIMPHOME.COMSpending some time in the toilet can be boring. Therefore, many people kill the time by reading a magazine while doing their stuff. If you are the fan of magazine in the bathroom, consider having this wall-mounted magazine rack. You only need to prepare some pieces of boards and nails to make it.
Begin with measuring the size you want your rack to be and mark where the rack will be placed. Grab some pieces of pine boards then cut them to the desired length. Once you’ve got the size you want, nail the two pieces of boards vertically onto the wall according to the width you desire.

Next, attach a board for the rack few inches from the top and another board few inches from the bottom. Continue with stacking a longer board on each. Make sure the longer boards are placed a bit higher to prevent the magazine from sliding out. The last thing, add a board over each rack where the magazines will be inserted then finish by painting the rack.

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8. Toilet Paper Holder project idea | DIYShowoff.

8. Toilet Paper Holder via SIMPHOME.COMChatting or playing a game while doing your stuff is another ubiquitous way to kill the time in the toilet. However, setting down the phone in the bathroom is not that easy. But don’t worry! This toilet paper holder will help you overcome your problem as it comes with a shelf that incorporates additional storage solution.
To make this paper towel holder, you will need toilet paper holder, wood shelf and brackets. First sand the wood to get the smooth surface then stain it to get the vintage rustic look. Next, screw the toilet paper holder in the middle. The last, attach some brackets to support your new shelf and ovelser til bedre erektion protein shake til screw it to the wall.

7. Towel Holder from an Upcycled Window project idea | Lilluna.

7. Towel Holder from an Upcycled Window via SIMPHOME.COM
Rustic decor doesn’t always about creating it intentionally. Sometimes it can be gotten from things that have been endured for quite a long time at home, for instance a window.
Old window frame has its own attractiveness although it is no longer at its best quality. Vintage window frame is very suitable to use to add rustic décor touch in the bathroom. By adding some nails or hooks, then attach the frame onto the wall, you can get a practical, affordable, unique, and aesthetic towel holder.

6. A Rustic Bathroom Sign Project idea | Shanty-2-chic.

6. Bathroom Sign via SIMPHOME.COM

Satisfied with the storage in the bathroom yet you want to add more décor? Try this bathroom sign with chevron pattern. With some easy steps and materials to find, you’ll get this aesthetic bathroom sign.
First, start by cutting the burlap rectangle, then paint it based on the chevron pattern.
Next attach the letters of the sign using gorilla glue.
Wait till it is dry, then attach it to the wall with picture hanging wire.

5. A Sliding Barn Door Cabinet Project idea | Shanty-2-chic.

5. Sliding Barn Door Cabinet via SIMPHOME.COMDécor your bathroom with barn door cabinet! Cabinet offers extra storage to put the supplies and accessories you want. Completed with sliding door which is one of farmhouse features will make the bathroom feel cozy.
To make this sliding barn door cabinet, you need a unit of cabinet, some pine boards and sliding bypass door.
Start with measuring the size you want for the door.
Once you get the size, join the pine boards together to form the door.
Next, attach the sliding bypass door on the cabinet and place the door correctly.
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4. A Rustic Storage Ladder Project idea | Cleanandscentsible.

4. Storage Ladder via SIMPHOME.COMA Vertical storage is a great idea for a small room like the bathroom. It only uses the space on the wall and save the space on the floor, so it provides storage without cramming the room. One of vertical storage you should consider besides mounted shelves is a storage ladder.
Before creating the ladder, choose the baskets you want for your new storage. Measure the basket to determine the size for the rungs. Next, start to make the ladder by cutting and assembling the boards to your desired size. Do not forget to sand the boards to get smooth surface. After that, paint or stain the ladder to get the rustic look. The last, attach the baskets and add some accessories.

3. A Rustic Valance from Reclaimed Barnwood Project idea | Cedarhillfarmhouse.

3. Rustic Valance from Reclaimed Barnwood via SIMPHOME.COMA Tough and rough wood is the perfect material for rustic decoration. Just look at this reclaimed barnwood which looks pretty for being paired with delicate material from the curtain. You can make your own at home by simply placing the wood in front of the shower rod and support it using L brackets.

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2. Rustic Mason Jar Sconce Project idea | Masonjarcraftsblog.

2.Mason Jar Sconces via SIMPHOME.COMBefore wasting a dime on costly candle holder, try making this low cost candle holder using mason jar. It is pretty cheap and only takes a few minutes to complete. You only need a mason jar, metal pipe clamp, and a piece of wood.
First decide how large you want the holder to be then cut the wood in size. Stain the wood and let it dry. Next, take the clamp and drill a hole to connect it to the wood. Screw it on place and attach the wood onto the wall. The last, slip the jar right into the clamp then screw it tightly.

Lastly number 1. A Rope Towel Holder project idea | Grecodesigncompany.

1. Rope Towel Holder via SIMPHOME.COMWant a simple and fun way for your bathroom décor? Perhaps this rope towel holder is what you are looking for.
To make this towel hoder, prepare a 3/4” thick nylon rope and two galvanized clips.
First cut the rope in the length you desire. Seal the ends with hot glue to prevent it from fraying then tie a knot at each end of it. Next decide where the towel holder will be placed then attach the galvanized clip along with the end of the rope right there. Secure the clip with screws then do the same for the other galvanize clip and make sure it is in line with the first clip.

SO, those are 10 DIY Rustic Bathroom Décor Ideas you can apply to dress up your bathroom.
I hope one of these ideas will complete your bathroom interior and see you again later with similar topic or better topic than this one.

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