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10 DIY Bathroom Storage Furnitures

The clutter has always been the perpetual plight faced by a small bathroom. The limited space gives you no choice but to get by with it, so you have to cram everything in the cabinets.
The best solution for this problem is by investing in more multipurpose furniture. However, it might cost you a fortune. Therefore, you’d better make it yourself. By making the furniture you need yourself, you can get the best one that fit in with your bathroom with the best deal.
So, what are you waiting for? Check out these 10 DIY bathroom storage furniture ideas that will help you keep everything tidy.

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10. A Wooden-Crate Bathroom Storage Cabinet
10. Wooden Crate Bathroom Storage Cabinet via SimphomeWooden crates are extremely versatile. They can be upcycled and turned into any furniture in your home, including this bathroom storage cabinet.
To make this cabinet, you’re going to need two wooden crates which have different sizes. You can shop around your house to find them. If you can’t find any, you can always get them in the local wine shops.
After getting the crates, sand them down thoroughly to smoothen the surface and remove any splinters. Then, attach the small crate into the bigger one using brad nails. Finally, screw the cabinet to the wall. Now you have an opened cabinet that will host your towels or grooming essentials.
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9. A Farmhouse Style Bathroom Cabinet idea
9. Farmhouse Style Bathroom Cabinet via SimphomeIf you are a big fan of farmhouse style, this project is for you. This cabinet features a sliding barn door which is one of the common features of a farmhouse décor. And you can make it yourself.
To make this cabinet, you’re going to need some pine boards, cove molding, plywood, pocket screws, sliding barn door kit, and decorative metal strapping. Make sure the pine boards have different length. They have to be 10”, 6”, 4”, 2”, and 12”. However, their width and thickness have to be the same that is 1” and 8’. Also, You might also need to cut them to size.
After cutting the boards, drill for 1 ¼” pocket screws on the ends of top front and top back. Attach them to the sides with the pocket holes facing out. After that, attach the bottom shelf.
Then, make the face frame by attaching the top, bottom, and middle pieces to a frame. Assemble the face frame to the cabinet using wood glue and brad nailers. Attach the backing, cove moldings, and the sliding barn door along with the hardware that give it a touch of rustic look.

8.A DIY Wall-Mounted Shelve idea
8. DIY Wall Mounted Shelves via SimphomeWho says that making your own furniture needs advanced skills? These wall-mounted shelves are extremely easy to make even if you are a complete novice.
All you need to do is just getting two boards, sand them down, and stain them using gel stain for the rustic charm. Attach them to the wall using ornamental wrought-iron brackets. It is easy, isn’t it?

7. Turning Cheap Cubes into Stylish Cabinets
7. Turning Cheap Cubes into Stylish Cabinets via SimphomeYou don’t have to make the cabinets from scratch. You can tweak two units of cheap cube to get a stylish cabinet. You just need to cut the legs and make the bottom shelf. Then, make a frame on the left and right sides of the cube, and attach furring strips on top to attach the two units together. Attach trim moldings around the edges for a better finish look. Finally, attach the cabinet door using hinges.

6. A Simple Bathroom Vanity idea
6. Simple Bathroom Vanity via Simphome

A bathroom vanity does not have to be elegant. Even a simple bathroom vanity like this one works like a charm.
This bathroom vanity is made of some boards. It looks like a kitchen island with a sink. You will just need to make an ordinary table with some top supports making sure that the sink will be safe in its place. Last, You will also need to make the top panel to give it a clean look and provide a countertop to set down some grooming essential.

5. A Bathroom Storage idea with a Large Mirror
5. Bathroom Storage with a Large Mirror via SimphomeThis is another easy project that you can do to improve your bathroom storage. You can begin with making the shelves by cutting the boards to make a large frame, and attaching some boards in the middle to create the shelves.
Once you have the shelves attached on the wall, it’s time for you to attach the mirror to the door that you have made. You can attach it using mirror adhesive. You might also want to consider using tape to hold everything in place while waiting for the mirror adhesive to dry.

Finally, attach the door to the shelves using hinges. It will be a little bit tricky if you don’t have any assistance. If you work on this project by yourself, you’d better use two clamps to hold the mirrored door in place while you are installing the hinges.

4. A Rustic Bathroom Vanity idea
4. Rustic Bathroom Vanity via SimphomeThis bathroom vanity will definitely add the touch of rustic look to your bathroom. It is not an easy project but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, though.
All you need to do is building the front and back frames, then add the side panels. Add the middle dividers that will give you 3 compartments. Then, add the drawer dividers in the first and third compartments, giving you 4 drawers. After that, add the drawers and the bottom piece. Finally, add the doors.
The doors play an important role in creating a distinctive look to this vanity. To make the door, you’re going to need to cut some boards to make geometric patterns, glue them down, add thin trims on the edges, and secure them using brad nails or stapler.

3. A Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity idea
3. Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity via SimphomeMany people are crazy about farmhouse vanity. And this one will spruce up your bathroom immensely. This is just like the other ordinary bathroom vanities. First, You just need to make the storage first using some boards, do some cuttings, and assemble the pieces.
The most significant feature of this vanity that evokes the farmhouse style is the X signs on all sides of it. When you have got the storage, it is time for you to lay the sink template and use a jigsaw to cut along the line to place the sink.

2. A Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy idea
2. Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy via SimphomeIt would be nice to have a bathroom caddy that helps you set down everything you need to get relaxed in the bath tub. And, this caddy is what you need. It is easy to make and extremely cheap to build because it is made of reclaimed wood. And of course, it does work like a charm.

Lastly number 1.A DIY Bathroom Medicine Cabinet idea
1. DIY Bathroom Medicine Cabinet via SimphomeYou don’t need to splurge out on a fancy IKEA medicine cabinet if you can make a stylish one yourself. This bathroom medicine cabinet piece is like any other cabinets, but it has additional feature like the small shelves located on both sides of the cabinet that you can use to hold your go-to night creams and other smaller items that you use on regular basis.

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So, Those are 10 DIY bathroom storage furniture ideas that help you amp up your bathroom and improve the storage without making you short on cash. Happy trying!

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