10 DIY Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Your bedroom is a place where you can do various kinds of things such as pulling an all nighter, lying on the bed while reading a romance, and – finally – call it a night. No wonder it becomes a veritable disaster area which hinders you from getting a nice sleep. You surely need to incorporate additional storage solutions to get rid of clutter. And this is your lucky day as I’ve listed 10 DIY bedroom storage ideas that can help you to eradicate clutter without costing you a fortune. Small bedroom or regular size, I think you can take some valuable inspiration here.

10. Upcycle A Magazine Holder
10 Upcycle A Magazine Holder 2

Emptying your pocket might be the first thing you usually do before jumping onto the bed. Oftentimes you simply throw your phone and wallet to your side table, which overtakes the surface space. You need something that has an open space so you can hide them and keep the clutter at bay. All you need to do is getting a wooden magazine holder and using a little elbow grease.

10 Upcycle A Magazine Holder 1First, paint the magazine holder the color of your choice. You can actually stain it if you wanna have a more natural look, instead. Then, attach it to the wall using a few screws. You can literally hang it anywhere you want – even on the corner – due to its design.
Tip: place it next to an outlet so you can recharge your phone easily.

9. Turn an IKEA Stool into A Brilliant Side Table
9 Turn an IKEA Stool into A Brilliant Side Table via Simphome
The best way to tackle an in-space challenged bedroom is by investing in multi-purpose furniture, just like this bed side table which is actually made out of an IKEA stool.

To make this awesome table, you need to get Oddvar at IKEA. It’s a wooden stool with four legs. Then, assemble the parts of this stool except the top part. Before assembling them, you can paint the pieces or just leave them that way.

Once they are assembled, get a cloth and cut it into 4 pieces to cover the sides and 2 pieces for the bottom. Attach them using a staple gun. Then, install drawer slides and mount the top part of the stool. Now you can store your knick-knacks easily. Just slide the top part without taking everything on it.

8. Display Your Jewelry
8 Display Your Jewelry via Simphome
Storing jewelry in a drawer isn’t a great idea. It may help you to hide the clutter out of sight, but little do you know that you’ve turned your drawer into a safe haven for the clutter, which makes it look so messy that you can’t find the earrings that you are going to wear for your OOTD. Instead of hiding them, why don’t you just display them on the wall?

These DIY-friendly storage racks will make you smile exuberantly and say “good bye!” to the mess. You only need to get one or two planks, stain or paint them, screw some clothespins, hang them on the wall and you’re good to go. For your earrings, you can use a cork board accentuated with an old photo frame. Now you can store and find your jewelry easily as well as enhancing your bedroom’s look.

7. Additional Storage Racks at The Corner
7 Additional Storage Racks at The Corner via Simphome

When it comes to a small bedroom, it is essential to embrace every inch of the available space. Even the most awkward spot like the corner next to the door can make perfect additional storage racks.

All you need to do is just getting some boards and cut them to form several triangles that fit snugly between two walls. Then screw them on the walls so they are sturdy enough to hold your books or knick-knacks.

6. Bench with Hidden Storage
6 Bench with Hidden Storage via Simphome
Having a bench in your bedroom can be a good idea especially if you place it by the window. You can sit back and relax while reading your favorite romance and enjoying the scenery of the surrounding.

Instead of placing a single bench, why don’t you just invest in a bench with a hidden storage? All you need to do is just making the usual bench and add a small box on the platform and add a lid using hinges so you can keep small items in it as well as hiding them out of sight.

5. DIY Desk Organizer
5 DIY Desk organizer via Simphome

Are you cheesed off with the clutter that has taken over your desk’s surface? Try to make this DIY desk organizer that will help you hold the clutter at bay. You only need to get a piece of plywood board or you can tweak a clipboard. Draw the plan of the compartments you want to have on the board. Attach the boxes that hold your pens and pencils, and memos. Paint a certain area with chalkboard paint so you can write down a memo. You can also add two or three wooden dowels to hold tapes and scissors in place so you can grab them in a jiffy when needing them.

4. Bed with Built-In Drawers
4.Bed with built in drawers via simphome
The space under your bed is ideal for storing things. Therefore, you need to invest in a bed with built-in drawers. If you can’t find the best one that suit your style well, you can always make it yourself. You just need to make a bed along with its headboard and foot board. Then, you need to install slide under your bed so you can pull and push the drawers easily.

3. Floating Drawer
3 Floating drawer via Simphome
Keeping the floor space clean is crucial especially is you live in a small bedroom. The clean floor makes a tiny room appear to be larger. And to do this, you’re gonna need to make everything float.

It’s not like they’re really floating with a certain magical spell you lend from JK Rowling’s book. No. you only need to mount furniture on the wall, just like this floating drawer. This drawer is a great storage solution for small spaces. It can be a nice side table and cool drawer. You can store your phone or anything there as well as keeping the floor space clean.

2.Folding Bed
2 Folding Bed via Simphome 3

If you need an extra bed for your guests who are gonna sleep over, you can try this foldable bed. This bed can be folded so the mattress can be out of sight as well as providing a nice coffee table where you put magazine and tea. But when it’s time to hit the sack, just open up the coffee table and you’ll get a bed in which you can fit well – all snug and warm.

1. Multilevel Racks
1 Multilevel rack via simphome
These racks will be able to beat those mundane and ubiquitous bedside table. Three racks are stacked up from the smallest to the biggest. Each rack enables you to store books and clock. The racks also feature LED light that make a pretty good bedroom reading corner. img by pinterest

Those are 10 DIY bedroom storage ideas that help you keep the clutter at bay. If your small bedroom is clutter free, it would have more space and look more spacious. And – of course – the ultimate comfort would be all yours.

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