10 Bathroom Makeovers That Won’t Rob Your Fortune

Many homeowners think that a bathroom is just a bathroom. It’s a place where you take a shower and do your very own personal business. And that’s all. That’s the reason why bathrooms are the room that get the least attention. The fact is if you overhaul your bathroom, you can get the ultimate comfort that you’ve been looking for. Besides, it’s a great idea as a small change can make a great impact. Who knows?

And this is your lucky day as I’ve collected 10 bathroom makeover ideas that won’t rob your fortune. Let’s check them out!

10. Black and White Bathroom | Detail
10 Black and White Bathroom via simphome
Painting your small bathroom white is your safe bet since white can provide the effect of cleanliness and tidiness. Besides, it can make your bathroom appear to be larger which will make you feel more comfortable.

If you think that your white bathroom is a bit blah, you can add a few tints of black at the window and door trims, and the accent tiles. To make it more appealing, you can add a few teal tiles between the black ones. It might be a small twist, but look at how it can improve the appearance of the bathroom well.

9. Replace the Tiles and Add Accessories | Detail
9 Replace the Tiles and Add Accessories via simphome
The ultimate goal of doing a bathroom makeover is to make a new look that may provide positive vibes or simply steal anyone focus when doing their stuff. It may sound like an expensive project. But you can just make a few small changes to make your bathroom look great.

You can try replacing the tiles in your bathroom or simply cleaning the grouts. The residue of soap is usually accumulated and trapped in the grouts, making them look gross and worsening your bathroom. Clean them and you’ll see the big change.

If you want to have a bigger change that can impress anyone who uses the bathroom, you can re-tile your bathroom. but, make sure you pay attention to the colors and patterns. Pick tiles with different colors or patterns for a brand-new look. You can also add a few accessories like a Persian rug, wicker baskets, and a vase to perk it up.

8. Tile Accent Wall for A More Modern Look | Detail
8 Tile Accent Wall for A More Modern Look via simphome 1
If your bathroom is too bland, it’s time for you to add textural element to your bathroom. You can begin with repaint your bathroom so it has a new look. Then, install a tile accent behind the vanity mirrors.

A breadth of tiles is available in the hardware store near you. You just need to figure out what you want and how you want it to look like. For a classic look, you can opt for subway tiles. If you want to bring nature into your bathroom, pebble tiles are the best choice. But if you want it to look modern, you can try mosaic tiles.

The mosaic tile accent in this bathroom accentuates the vanity well, creating an upscale look in this grooming area – the spot in which you spend more time to get yourself ready to rock the world. The white and brown hues complement the vanity and walls nicely.

7. Urban Farmhouse Bathroom | Detail
7 Urban Farmhouse Bathroom via simphome
The rustic look of a farmhouse bathroom has attracted many homeowners. And if you are one of them, let’s try to add a little bit of farmhouse style to your bathroom. The key of creating this look is by highlighting the classic elements such as install white subway tiles in your shower, investing in a claw-foot bathtub, wooden vanity, and crystal pendant light hanging over the bathtub.

To take your bathroom to the next level, you can try installing tongue-and-groove ceiling or wall and replacing your door with a sliding barn door.

6. Add Pops of Colors Among the White | Detail
6 Add Pops of Colors Among the White via simphome
White is everyone’s safe bet when it comes to a space-challenged bathroom. Not only does it make the bathroom look clean and hygienic but also makes it look airier and larger.
However, all-white bathroom can be somewhat mundane. Therefore, you’re gonna need to add pops of colors to enliven it. Just keep it simple. Hanging a colorful shower curtain and putting some flowers or a toy on the vanity won’t be hurtful for the hygienic look.

5. Beach Style Bathroom | Detail
5 Beach Style Bathroom via simphome
The bathroom in a beach cottage is usually simple yet functional. There isn’t much adornment found here as it focuses on the function. And if you are interested in bringing the ambiance of a beach cottage, you can implement this bathroom ideas.

Add patterns to your bathroom floor. You can actually use tiles to accomplish this mission. But if you are in a tight budget, vinyl floor will do in a pinch. Instead of investing in a vanity with a cabinet, you can opt for open shelves under the vanity top, which creates a visual illusion that the bathroom is big enough.

4. Gray and White Vintage Bathroom | Detail
4 Gray and White Vintage Bathroom via simphome
Never too late to have the touch of vintage style in your bathroom. Although this style belongs to the previous era, it never fails to add charm to your house. When entering this bathroom, the vintage style is represented perfectly by the conspicuous white pedestal sink. It looks classic with the beautiful trims and bronze faucets. The round vanity mirror features wooden frame that complement the wicker baskets. And the copper sconce is another classic element you shouldn’t miss.

3. Add The Touch of Nature | Detail
3 Add The Touch of Nature via simphome
Never underestimate the charm provided by the nature. You can even bring this kind of charm and impress multiple users by investing in wooden furniture or fixtures just like these wooden sinks. From top-mount sinks to under-mount ones, they always jazz the grooming area up.

2. Vintage Bathroom with Geometric Patterns | Detail
2 Vintage Bathroom with Geometric Patterns via simphome
Vintage and modern style blend perfectly in this bathroom. The navy blue shaker cabinets support the double white sinks that enable multiple users to use the vanity at once. A copper ladder leans against the wall, holding your towels in place and help you air-dry them better.

To spruce up the bathroom, two hexagonal racks are added to host your daily and grooming essentials. Stripped wallpaper also makes the bathroom look more attractive, not to mention the vinyl floor that adds an extra pattern to it.

1.Minimalist Bathroom | Detail
1 Minimalist Bathroom via Simphome
Less is more. That might be what pops into your head when looking at this bathroom’s transformation. The homeowner ditched the brown small cabinet and replaced it with a white wall-mounted sink so he/she can have a clear floor-space.

The wall mounted cabinets hanging over the toilet tank has also been replaced with a copper wall-mounted rack, which makes this small bathroom feel less cramped.

Doing bathroom makeover can take a lot of time but it doesn’t have to take up you cash and break the bank. Even a few simple changes that you can find in some bathrooms in this video will work like a charm.

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