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10 DIY Bedroom Cabinet Makeover ideas

Surely, your bedroom is the first place you want to go to after you arrive home. But you won’t get good rest if your room is a total mess, gloomy and flat. That kind of bored bedroom needs a little refreshment. Renewing your bedroom interior doesn’t have to cost all your saving if you do a self-makeover to the old furniture.
Discarded wardrobe and cabinet are usually abandoned at the corner of your backyard. Be a little creative and upcycle them into a higher quality one. Upcycled furniture project can save the environment and add a unique touch to your house.

Get inspired by one of these 10 DIY “on a budget” bedroom cabinet makeover ideas.
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10. Add Shaker-Cabinet Door Style
10. Add Shaker Cabinet Door Style via SimphomeSo, do you still need your wardrobe but want to upgrade it at the same time? Repaint and redesign it with white nautical theme. Decide the design you want for the doors then remove the doors and drawers. Next, cut a wood trimming and attach them to the doors by following your design.
Then paint the wardrobe by sanding it first. Add a little nautical touch to the white wardrobe by gluing blue sea shells washable wallpaper. For the handles, you can make sailor rope handles to complete the look.
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9. Add a Little bit of Decorative Touch
9. Add a Little bit of Decorative Touch via Simphome.comYou can decorate your bedroom cabinet by attaching some paintable vinyl wallpaper for edgy look. First, you need to remove your closet doors. Next, Because the doors are on a track with a wheel that rolls, unscrew the hardware from the back of the door.
You have to sand and wipe them down to make sure the paint and wallpaper would stick. Then prime the outer edges. Determine where you want the wallpaper on your door and put them on.

Next, install the trims. Make sure the profile of your trim isn’t too high and the doors have to be able to slide past each other. Caulk the trim to give a seamless look. Don’t forget to hang doors back up. Last, paint the wallpaper. If you are going to paint your wallpaper a different colour than your trim, I would recommend painting it before you put your trim on.
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8. From Old to a New Fresh Look cabinet idea
8. From Old to a New Fresh Look via Simphome.comDo you have a not-the-coolest-look cabinet to house books or TV in your bedroom that need a little magic touch? This DIY might help you brought it into this century with a modification that includes new mirrored panels with an X pattern, primer, and white paint.
First, your need to remove the old iron panels. Replace them with a mirror for the cabinet doors. Then, create the X patterns.

Before you paint it white, sand and apply primer to the top of the cabinet to save it from surface damage, a few scratches, and other things that ruin its look. Last, A little touch up paint and new glass knobs are needed to perfect its new look.
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7. Add Some new Moldings
7. Add Some Moldings via SimphomeMoldings can add textural element to your bedroom cabinets which can give them a face lift instantly. Adding moldings to your existing cabinets is merely a breeze.
First, the cabinet doors need to be removed. Next, Start out your moldings. Cut it off into the size you want. To affix the cuts to the doors, use a liquid nail calking instead of nail gun or screw.
Next, install the door handles onto your doors. Paint them gold beforehand. Before painting your cabinet’s doors, sand and prime them to make the painting process become easier and the paint itself more sustainable. Choose dark grey color to give off the sophisticated feel but not so dark that the details of the doors get lost. Also, dark grey is a perfect matching color for the gold handles.

6. Restain for a New Look
6. Restain for a New Look via

The next idea is to turn an old dresser into a cabinet as well as a changing table. Compare to repainting it, it is better to strip and restain your dresser. First, strip each of the drawers and the dresser frames with Spray stripper.
Once you spray it on, leave it there for a while until it loosens the old finish. Then strip it off with a plastic scraper. Once all the stain was off, sand everything down and start staining. Last, install the hardware. After all the job done, you’ll see the cup pulls incredibly matches with the cabinet colour.

5. Replace the Hardware
5. Replace the Hardware via SimphomeDoing a cabinet makeover doesn’t have to be arduous. It can be as simple as replacing the hardware. First, remove all the hardware. Then to strip the old paint properly, sand the cabinet and fill the dated motif and old hardware holes.
After the cabinet is sanded down, seal and protect it with new paint. Last step, to perfect the modern farmhouse look, you can use burlap hardware to add texture and tie in with the exposed whitewashed wood.

4. Add a little bit of Retro Style
4. Add a little bit of Retro Style via Simphome.comFor you who are fans of retro style, this idea is definitely a hit. An old chest of drawers or tallboy is modified into an animated Volkswagen.
To get started, pull the drawers out and remove the hardware, so you make the tallboy stood naked. You’ll also need to remove snaggle-tooth veneer on it and lightly sand the surface.

After everything is clean, gave it a priming coat. The fun part is drawing the Volkswagen design. To make it easier, create your own stencil with cardboard or used plastic lids, and eye-balled design. Then paint it with your favourite colour with contrasting white for the finish.
Next, add the painted-wooden knobs. Get yourself a Volkswagen symbol and attach it for the finishing touch.

3. Use Stencil for More Elegant Look
3. Use Stencil for More Elegant Look via Simphome.comSpiffing up a plain wardrobe with a painted cane motif in less than a day is possible. A simple new stencilling technique and a soft shade of blue are next. To follow this idea, you’ll need stencil, brushes, multi-surface craft paint, and painter’s tape.
First, start with placing the stencil on the front of the wardrobe, securing with painter’s tape to hold it in place. For this design, start in the middle front of the wardrobe and work outward. Dip the stencil brush into paint and dab onto a folded paper towel until the brush is a bit dry.
Paint over the exposed portion of the stencil using a light swirling motion. When the section is complete, remove the stencil and let dry to the touch.

2. Hemnes IKEA Hack with Fabric
2. Hemnes IKEA Hack with Fabric via Simphome.comMany people love IKEA because of its stylish and timeless design. It fits many interiors and is easily modified into various style. IKEA Hemnes series with the sliding door is the most remodelled one. It is an ideal piece of furniture for small spaced-bedroom because it is slim and features convenient space for various bedroom pieces. The most popular hack for this item is covering the doors with some fabric to give it a more rustic, beach-like or cottage-look.

To follow the DIY, find a perfect fabric you desire and simply attach it using all-purpose-glue on the cabinet door.

Lastly Number 1. Reface It with Wallpaper
1. Reface It with Wallpaper via Simphome
This one is another double door IKEA wardrobe’s “little” modification. It’s very easy and takes less than around 30 minutes to work. What you will need are 1 roll of wallpaper of your choice, 1 roll of double-sided tape, scissors, a pair of door handles, and a driller to drill holes for the handles. This makeover artist chooses geometric shapes with gold dots. If you desire to follow this idea, first, dust the surface lightly, to make sure the tape adheres to it. Second, place the tape. Third, take off the top of the tape 30cm at a time and attach the wallpaper carefully. Last, time to place the handles. Decide on the height and drill from the outside in. Do the same thing with the other handles and done.

So, are you planning to do any makeovers on your tired piece of furniture after reading this list? If you do, start from number 1 or two and move up to more challenging ones.

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