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10 Smart Bedroom Cabinet Makeover ideas

Some people are blessed with spacious bedroom where they can sleep comfortably while some others have to get by with a small bedroom. Since they only have limited space, they usually have bedroom cabinets instead of a comfortably-sized closet to store their clothes.
Still talk about bedroom cabinets, after few years, most of them turn dull and boring. Some people garage sales them and buy new one while some other else turn to their woodworking gears, makeover them, and share the story with the internet.

This is 10 smart bedroom cabinet makeover ideas compiled by
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10. Reface your Cabinets
10. Reface the Cabinets via SimphomeTo give your bedroom cabinets a new look, you can replace the cabinet doors. It works well for kitchen cabinets, and will work well for your bedroom cabinets too.
Shaker cabinet doors are kind of on trend now. You can try replacing your old cabinet doors with shaker cabinet doors. Besides changing the door style, replacing the hardware and repainting the cabinets can refresh their look, just like these cabinets.
They look fresh and appealing after the homeowner painted them white, which matches the bed and side tables immensely.

9. Add Mirrors and Corkboard to the Doors
9. Add Mirrors and Corkboard to the Doors via SimphomeIf you are bored with your old cabinet, don’t throw it away. You can just add a twist to the existing cabinet so you can give it a second life, which is much better than purchasing a new one that may be pricey.
All you need to do is just getting a door mirror that has trim around it already, then simply attach the mirror to the cabinet door using liquid nails. After that, attach a roll of cork board on the other door using liquid nails. Now, you have new and functional cabinet doors on the cheap.

8. Swap the Old Door with Sliding Door

8. Swap the Old Door with Sliding Door via Simphome
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When it comes to a bedroom with limited space, especially a cramped one, a pull-out cabinet door will just make your bedroom become more cramped. It will be awkward whenever you have to open the door to find the outfit that you are looking for.
To save some space in your small bedroom, try replacing your pull-out cabinet doors with sliding doors. Sliding doors allow you to open get the access to the cabinet by moving the doors aside, which will not take up the valuable space in your bedroom.

7. Remove the Cabinet Doors
7. Remove the Cabinet Doors via SimphomeIf you think replacing the old cabinet doors with sliding doors are not that easy because carpentry is not your thing, you can try this ingenious idea – removing the cabinet doors which will turn your cabinets into open shelves.
By removing the doors of your cabinets, you will save more time because you can grab everything stored in the cabinets in no time. Besides, it will save more space too.

6. IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hack
6. IKEA Ivar Cabinet Hack via SImphome

IKEA cabinets are well-known for their durability. However, some of them are not stylish so that you need to tweak them a little bit, just like this one.
This cabinet is actually bleak. But you can make it look chic by adding four small legs. You will also need to glue a thin piece of 2” basswood to one of the cabinet doors since the doors can’t close properly. After that, you can remove the doors and begin to paint the cabinet white.
To give a more fantastic look, lay Monstera leaves on the cabinet doors and begin to lay and cut them as you please. Don’t forget to paint the leaves before attaching them on the doors.

5. Add Stencil
5. Add Stencil via SimphomeThis cabinet may look like the previous IKEA cabinet hack, but it is much easier. To jazz your cabinet up without breaking a sweat, you can use stencils.
Stencils come in various designs and patterns that you can choose from to add some style to your cabinet and bedroom. Transferring the patterns of a stencil to the cabinet is easy. You just need to remove the door knobs, then lay the cabinet on the floor.
Place the stencil on the doors and begin to paint it over using a foam roller brush. You can apply two coats of the paint of your choice to get a better result.

4. Repaint your Cabinet
4. Repaint the Cabinet via SimphomeRepainting has always been the most convenient way to give the furniture and wall a new look. Therefore, you can just repaint your bedroom cabinet to renew its look. Besides, it is the most inexpensive cabinet makeover idea.
Before applying the new colour to your old cabinet, make sure you remove the hardware and cover the unwanted area like the glass or mirror with paper so you will not spill any paint on it which may make it look horrible.

3. Add More Shelves to Your Cabinet
3. Add More Shelves to Your Cabinet via SimphomeUndershelf racks can incorporate additional storage solutions to your kitchen cabinets. Well. Why don’t you try the same thing to your bedroom cabinets?
If you think your bedroom cabinets are getting messy, you can try investing in some undershelf racks. They will help you add some extra space so you can organize your clothes better.

You can use this additional space to store smaller fashion items like scarves or handkerchiefs so that they won’t be mixed up with the other clothes.

2. Whitewash your Cabinet
2. Whitewash the Cabinet via SimphomeThis is another IKEA wardrobe hack that you need to try. The original wardrobe is just plain. You will only find a closet rod inside this wardrobe, which doesn’t offer a good storage solution.
But you can always hack it to meet your needs. Try adding some shelves with U shape inside the wardrobe, and lower the rod. By doing this, you can load more clothes without making them look messy. You can also install string LED lights inside the cabinet to illuminate it especially when you are looking for a certain cloth.

And for the cabinet doors, you can whitewash them for a more rustic look.

Lastly Number 1, Cover Your Cabinets with Curtains
1.Cover Your Cabinets with Curtains via SimphomeAs I’ve mentioned previously, a pull-out cabinet door can be awkward. Therefore, you can try replacing it with something that won’t gobble up the space like sliding doors or a curtain. This bedroom is cramped. It would be more cramped if the cabinet used pull-out doors.

Therefore, the homeowner made a smart decision. He replaced the pull-out doors with a curtain. It is easy to install and works like a charm. Besides, the curtain allows him to store bulky items.
So, Those are some smart and easy cabinet makeover ideas that you can try to do this weekend. By giving your cabinets a new look, you will infuse good vibes in your bedroom.

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