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10 DIY Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Creating storage is a common way when dealing with a mountain of things that need to be taken care of. The bedroom isn’t an exception – it needs one for sure. Build your own DIY small storage ideas as you’re the one who knows every nook and cranny in the bedroom.
DIY projects are not only challenging but also interesting to try because they provide a unique product that sometime inspire new creativity and improvement. More on that later, this is 10 DO it yourself Small bedroom storage list ideas by

I hope most of these ideas fit your style or budget and let’s begin our count down.
10 DIY Small Bedroom Storage Ideas via Pinterest Featured image

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10. The Under Bed Storage
10. The Under Bed Storage via
Do you know that you can make useful storage under the bed? Take a look at this picture! This is the advantage of having a storage solution under the bed. When you think that storage next to the bed isn’t enough, this one can be an alternative for you.
The best way to keep a room to stay clean and neat would be to avoid having many stuff in it. But sometimes it’s unavoidable so that you have to find another solution for that. It won’t likely to take up some significant room, and it makes the bed have a better look too.
You can make under-the-bed storage easily from some drawers or wooden crates. Adding four casters on each drawer would be a great idea. Or, you can simply put some wicker baskets under your bed to stash your stuff. Anything will do.

9. A Clever DVD Collection Storage idea
9. Clever DVD Collection Storage via Simphome
Time’s changing. What was popular back then can be merely a junk today. Some people can live with that but, there are some who like to keep things from the past. They get even more passionate because as their collection get old, they will have a higher value.
This storage is definitely a clever way to save your DVD collection without consuming some considerable amount of space as it’s located under the bed. If you still have a free room left above the bed and there are still plenty of the collection, put them there will be a good idea too.

8. Clothes Storage Organizer idea
8. Clothes Storage Organizer via Simphome
When everything in its place and order according to its category, that’s when you can feel a relief. On the other hand, it can be a pain in the neck if everything is just a mess. Fear not, folks.
This DIY closet idea will help you organize your clothes in a simple way. This one might be a little bit complicated though, but it’ll, however, help you declutter the mess in the bedroom. With this open closet, you can decide what to wear in an instant.

7. Pipeline Hacks idea
7. Pipeline Hacks via Simphome
If you have a ton of shoe pairs and need smart storage to store them, this pipeline shoe rack idea would be the answer to that problem. Choose PVC pipelines that are big enough to fit a pair of shoes, and then cut them according to the shoe length.
Glue them with a strong PVC glue after you clean the surface in order to make sure the pieces are stuck well. Next, mark each of the pipelines on the wall, then put a nail in each of the marks.

6. Baskets Storage cabinet idea.
6. Baskets Storage via Simphome

Kids room can be one the scariest rooms at home due to kids’ bad habits of scattering the toys all over the place, but they’re reluctant to tidy them back to where they’re supposed to be. It needs to be sorted out with a clever solution. How about baskets?
Well, you can build shelves and then divide them like in this picture. Use plywood and then cut them with the same length or size. Before joining them, measure first how high each storage will be so that the baskets can perfectly fit in.

5. an Emergency Storage idea
5. Emergency Storage via Simphome
Space in the bedroom that is often left unused would be one near the ceiling. If you can find nowhere to put your books in the bedroom storage, this notion would be your life savior. It also wouldn’t be a time-consuming DIY shelf to make.
You can paint the plywoods before attaching them to the wall. Screw the wall with a drill and put the plate on it. Insert the shelves. Or you can do it with your own way if you think it’s better. The strength lays on how many screws or nails you put on the wall.

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4. A Divider with Storage idea
4. Divider Storage via Simphome
A partition wall can be built out of a cabinet or book rack. It’s when your bedroom doesn’t come with a divider or partition, but by using a book rack, it’ll get you covered. To make this divider, you’re going to need some woods and equipment for sure.
Firstly, get a board and make 4 cuts with two different sizes. Next, cut some thinner boards to make boxes or squares to divide them. Make sure they’re higher than the books you have to make it easy for you to pull them out. Lastly, screw and paint them.

3. A Functional Corner shelving idea
3. Beautify the Corner via Simphome
Installing a shelf on the corner can be a smart move to adorn the uncanny corner that doesn’t fit with the rest of the room. It doesn’t only hide the ugly look, but it’ll also prettify it. And it doesn’t sound like rocket science, does it?
The steps are basically the same as the previous ones. What makes it different will be the design that can enhance the current look in the bedroom. The color scheme will pretty much affect its appearance as well.

2. A Bathroom Secret Storage idea
2. Secret Storage on a bathroom via simphome
A door can give you a storage solution too if you put an over door hook and hang some of your clothes there. It works for small storage like keeping your everyday clothes behind it. Anyway, there’s still some space left above the door that will be a waste if you don’t use it.
In a tight space like this, it would be better if you fit the storage wall to wall. It looks much better and it will also make it easier for you to nail or screw it to the wall. Use a chair when you want to take the stuff from there.

Lastly Number 1. Double Advantage Storage
1. Double Advantage Storage via Simphome
This will be the best DIY that you can do for the bedroom. It can function both as storage and the bed or bench at the same time. I bet you’re going to love this one. Each box is wide enough to insert a basket.
It also has enough for you to lay down on it. You just have to put some mattress on it. Of course, you can pick any color that you want. I strongly believe how to make it simply by taking a glimpse of this picture.

So, DIY small bedroom storage ideas can be made out of something that you find it fit for the bedroom. It doesn’t have to come from high-end materials as long as it can improve the look of the bedroom itself. And more importantly, you’re satisfied with it.

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