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10 Storage Solution and Upcycling Ideas for Cheap

It’s time for extra storage! After a number of years, our storage may come to an end.
Every so often, we run to the home depot and hunt for plastic bins and fancy storage.
Well, did you know you can make loads of storage using upcycled stuff?

More on that later,
Get stirred by these incredible 10 storage solution and upcycling ideas for cheap by and save your pretty dough while you’re at it.
Let’s check them out!

10 Storage Solution and Upcycling Ideas for Cheap via Featured Pinterest 1
10 Storage Solution and Upcycling Ideas for Cheap Poster

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10. A Utensil Holder Made of Old Cans
10. A Utensil Holder Made of Old Cans via SimphomeDo you have lots of unused cans in your home and you have no idea what you should do with them? Try transforming that waste into more useful tings that help you keep the clutter at bay like this utensil holder.

To make it, get 6 cans, enamel paint, a block of pine 15 cm x 250 cm, 80-grit sandpapers, a grinding stone, wire nails, a hammer, 16mm screws, screw cups. Using 80-grit sandpaper and grinding stone, remove any sharp burrs.

Then, paint the cans and wood block.
Now, make a hole at each can tops to screw the cans onto the block of wood.
Next, attach the leather strap for labels using epoxy glue. Done!

9.Stylish Drawer Dividers
9. Stylish Drawer Dividers via Simphome 2A drawer is a safe haven for clutter. You can eradicate the clutter by investing in drawer dividers.
To grab this exquisite creature, you need pretty papers, a regular tape, a double-sided tape, a pencil, scissors, a box cutter and a yard stick.

FYI, you can keep food boxes like cereal, waffles and granola bars. They are nifty to adjust the drawer’s shape to leave no blank space.
9. Stylish Drawer Dividers via Simphome 1Cut the boxes and slice down the decorative paper. You are free to pick the way you wrap them. You will have a system after several shots. Next, apply a thin strip across the bottom and attach it to the box with a double-sided tape. Then, push in the creases around the inside edges cautiously. Repeat and all set!

8. A Plastic Bag Dispenser
8. A Plastic Bag Dispenser via SimphomeSome people tend to keep plastic bags at home in case they need them someday. However, the more plastic bags they collect, the more clutter they will have. And this plastic bag dispenser is what you need to tackle it. Get a 2-litre soda bottle, a masking tape, paper towels, an X-Acto knife, a dry erase marker, a hot glue, two silver thumb tacks, a spray paint, a wire cutter, a label and command strips.

Clean your bottle and draw a line around the top. Cut it with an X-Acto knife. Remove the top, leave a 3” hole. Wrap the bottle bottom using a masking tape. Cut along the bottom of the masking tape, remove the bottom. Clean up rough edges, remove the masking tape and set the label. Clip the points off of two silver push pins using wire cutters.  Set aside the flat tops. Tape around the bottle centre, cover the bottom half with a paper towel and paint it.

After it is dry, remove the paper and masking tape. Apply hot glue to the label. Repeat it for the backs of the push pin tops and apply them to the label. Cut two lines into the back and cut into the bottle about 1” from the edge.  Repeat it but 1” down from the first cut. Take the painted silver base and remove the lid.

Mission accomplished!

7. A Multipurpose Garage Storage
7. A Multipurpose Garage Storage via simphome

Let’s turn an old file cabinet into an advantageous storage. You will need a sand paper, a spray and paint, a painter’s masking tape, casters (4 / 6), a peg board, a peg board hanging kit, scrap woods, screws, a level and a power drill.

First, Sand and wipe the cabinet, then spray it with primer. Dry it and mark the place for decorative stripe. Now, spray paint and allow it to dry. Next, cut scrap wood, ensure it is smaller than cabinet base. Cut the peg board and affix to the sides, this time utilize the peg board hanging kit. Insert two screws on both ends after mounting the cabinet. Mission Complete!

6. A Rustic Wooden Shelf
6. A Rustic Wooden Shelf via Simphome.comNow, it’s time for an old wooden tool box to come into play. Prepare an old tool box, screws, a power drill, water and an old towel. Take your box and clean it using water and an old towel. Wait until it is dry, completely. Using a power drill and screws, install your box on the bathroom wall. Done, there you have it.

5. A Kitchen Island with Storage
5. A Kitchen Island with Storage via SimphomeIf your kitchen lacks space, it will be hard for you to prepare your meal comfortably. You will need more counter space and storage. And this kitchen island will get it covered.

First, Get a filing cabinet, spray metal primer, 2 cans spray paint, two rolling casters, two locking casters, a cutting board and two horizontal towel racks.
Next, remove the drawers, apply sticker remover to clean tape residue, labels, or grime, and wipe clean. Get rid of all unnecessary hardware, tape the remaining hardware then spray it. On the bottom, mark the location for caster and drill 1/8” holes. Screw in the casters (1/8” bolts, nuts). Attach the towel racks and secure them with short bolts and nuts.
Place your cutting board, and mark the screws location. Drill 1/16” pilot holes, and attach the 1” screws from the underside. Now, insert the drawers back in the case. Hang your utensils using S-hooks. Safe and sound.

4. A Musical Shelf idea
4. A Musical Shelf via Simphome.comAre you a guitarist?
Instead of throwing your old guitar out, you can dig up a new shelf. It is a trouble-free idea.
Remove one side of the guitar cover and clean it up. First, measure a plank of wood cautiously and using screws and power drill, install it. Put some lamps to make it sprightlier. As a final point, using 2 screws and a power drill, install the guitar on the wall.
Let’s rock!

3. A Drawer to Wall-Mounted Shelf
3. A Drawer to Wall Mounted Shelf via SimphomeA wall-mounted shelf is your greatest bet when it comes to limited space. To make this shelf, you will need an old drawer. You can either remove or keep the hardware. Then, sand the drawer thoroughly so you can apply the stain or paint easily. When the stain or paint is dry, you may seal the shelves using a protective top coat. Attach your new storage to the wall in any number of ways. Finished!

2. Plastic Bottles Drawer ideas
2. Plastic Bottles Drawers via SimphomeHere, we have an example of a storage system from 40 big plastic bottles. You may adjust the size and amount based on your requirements.

For the supplies and tools, prepare some boards, screws, a power drill, a measure tape and, of course, several plastic bottles. Cleaning, cutting and screwing are the focal things you need to do. It is undemanding efforts since you have the exact size of each bottle box. Bear in mind that cautious measurements and cutting are influential things.

Lastly number 1. Under-the-Bed Storage with some DIY cabinets
1. Under the Bed Storage ideas via Simphome.comWe truly adore this. It is not only unpretentious but also a going for a song idea. Adding wheels on the drawer bottom is all you need. Even if you don’t have a “classroom”, you may exploit it to storage puzzles. Done and That’s it for this day.

So, any idea what you are going to try and test this week? Share your thought in comment area and see you again later I hope with better storage solution ideas.
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