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10 Efficient Shoe Bench Storage Ideas to Untie the Mess

If you have to name one fashion item that keeps increasing, it must be shoes. Shoes are not just something that protect your feet. It has become a part of everyone’s outfit now. That’s why many people are crazy about shoes, but they forget to organize them well.
A shoe bench would be your greatest bet when it comes to organizing a fistful of shoes in a space-challenged bedroom or mudroom. In most cases, it shouldn’t be too daunting to make as it will only be used to store shoes or at the same time, a bench while lacing a shoe before leaving a house. The design should be simple and doesn’t require long hours to create.
Next, you are going to learn 10 Efficient Shoe Bench Storage Ideas to declutter your Mess. If you are in search of efficient shoe bench storage ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

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10. A Straightforward Look shoe bench idea
10. Straightforward Look via SimphomeEach pair of shoes should have its own storage to keep things neat and tidy so it won’t look like a pile of junk in front of the door or entrance, which will be so embarrassing if some guests come to pay a visit and see it.
Therefore, creating a shoe bench is a wise approach to solve the shoe-related problem like this. This shoe bench has a straightforward look and it can contain eight pairs of shoes. It’s pretty lightweight, which means you can relocate it when cleaning your floor.

Besides being lightweight, it is also easy to make. You only need to get some boards, cut them to size, and assemble them using nails.

9. A Pull-Out Shoe Bench idea
9. Pull Out Shoe Bench via SimphomeIf you want something more than just a shoe bench, then this idea could be the answer to it. It’s a pull-out shoe bench that can be opened up to 75 degree. It has pretty deep shelves to prevent the shoes from falling apart inside.
You can open it when looking for shoes and close it afterward. On the top is a fluffy cushion on which you can sit while trying to put your shoes on. With a foldable door, this design can save some space, and it also represents a smart shoe storage solution.

8. A Cherry storage and bench idea
8. Durable One via Simphome
This one would just look like a real bench for sitting if two shelves weren’t added underneath. This kind of shape is an easy way to get shoe storage space without breaking a sweat. The wood used as the material have a nice tone and looks sharp, meaning it doesn’t need painting.
But you if you desire, you can polish it and apply some polyurethane to make it nicer and secure from impeding mold, Termites, Carpenter ants, Powder-Post Beetles or any other insects unknown for regular people. It has two shelves for storage and looks sturdy with strong legs tapering it up.

7. A Simple and Easy DIY Shoe storage bench Project
7. Easy Project via SimphomeShoe bench storage would be a light DIY project you can do in your free time. This DIY project is an undemanding one, meaning you don’t have to a pro to do this. You’ll need a tape measure, saw, hammer and screwdriver and of course some woods.
First, Measure and cut each wood with a variety of lengths according to its purpose for shelves, legs and, cantilevers. Assemble, and screw or nail each part. Although you’re not going to put something heavy on it, make sure it’s strong enough and not get easily shaken.

6. Give Cushion to it
6. Give Cushion via Simphome

You can be a little bit fancy and stylish with your shoe bench by giving extra cushion on top on it which you use to seat while tying or untying your shoelaces.
It looks slim as it fits the length of regular size shoes. The raised part on each side will help your job if you want to lift and move it to a new corner or places. There are two shelves actually here but the one with a beige cushion is used for sitting.

5. Use Stainless Steel rails
5. Use Stainless Steel via SimphomeA shoe bench typically has a small shape and can only hold some pairs of shoes. For a family with more than 4 members and more than 2 pair of shoes each, I recommend you to lengthen your shoe bench so you can accommodate all these shoes properly.
First, Plywood or hardwood is a good material for making a new shoe storage piece. You can combine it with other materials like stainless steel or wrought-iron rods or pipeline to store and hang dry wet and muddy shoes. This picture for example. It looks simple and handy, right?

4. A Shoe Bench with Drawer idea
4. Shoe Bench with Drawers via SimphomeWith a dark color scheme and drawers on the bottom, this idea looks adorable and makes a good adornment in any house. The drawers have a semi-circular hole to help you pull it easily.
It also has a cross design on each side that adds a little bit touch of farmhouse style to the space. The wall and floor tones are pretty much a contrast, which makes the shoe bench really stand out on the corner.

3. A Cool Shoe Bench entry way idea
3. Cool Shoe Bench via SimphomeAn entryway is a perfect place for a shoe bench or shoe rack as the occupants can directly put their shoes on it shortly after they take them off. It may look tiny, but it can actually hold fifteen pairs of shoes.
Each compartment is not sufficiently big though, so you can’t put them facing upward. One of the shoes should be tilted to one side to make the most of the petite space.

2. An Original Look shoe storage idea
2. Original Look via SimphomeThe longer the shoe bench is, the more shoes it can host! A big family certainly requires some huge shoe storage like this. With a simple design, this storage should be a breeze task for you to make and it won’t be too difficult for you to find the materials needed.
Main material is a plywood sheet and for the instruction, first, you need to get right size you want then saw it. Make each square fit in with each pair. Then, collect each part of the pieces and screw them. To finish, apply any color that you like or leave it as in the picture.

Lastly number 1. A White Shoe Bench idea
1. White Shoe Bench via SimphomeMatching is a common way to make everything in the room flows into one being. And this shoe bench shows you how important it is to match the bench with your décor.
This shoe bench features crisp white look that matches the trims immensely. It even has the same trims as the baseboard on both sides. The crisp white covers almost the whole parts of it, unless its top. The top comes in a stained finish to complement the flooring and it leads you to our closing.

So, Our Shoe bench storage solutions may be not piece of furniture that will make your guests stare with admiration, but with your creativity and spare time, it certainly could make your home more organized, tidier, and comforting.

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