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Here are some sweet shabby chic ideas for teenage girls that you can do for their bedroom. Decorating a teen bedroom can be quite a daunting task. They are in this stage where they still want to include cute and adorable items but they don’t want to make it overly childish. Shabby chic is known for its flexibility as well as cool tones. Some of these ideas can be done on your own, meaning that you don’t necessarily spend extravagant money to have them. This is Sweet Shabby Chic Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas by simphome.com

5.Romantic Bedding
Romantic Bedding Simphome com
With the combination of right color and also the right texture, you can enjoy this shabby chic theme. In fact, this is one of the simplest sweet shabby chic ideas for teenage girls without spending a fortune. If you don’t really like ruffles, you can replace them with laces or bows – they will create the same stunning effect. Don’t forget to pay attention to the colors. After all, shabby chic theme is associated with soothing and cool feminine colors, like turquoise, white, light blue, beige, and light gray.

4.Storage Ladder
Storage Ladder Simphome com
If you have an old and unused ladder, why not transforming it into a storage area? If the ladder is too small, you can use it for accessory or décor for the bedroom. Paint the ladder with any color that young girls like. If you want to add planks to the ladder, feel free to do so – it will provide the extra storage for your girl’s needs. Don’t hesitate to decorate the ladder if your girls want to – after all, it will be the part of their bedroom. Such seemingly simple item can provide great addition in the bedroom décor.

3.Shabby Chic Dresser
Shabby chic dresser ideas via simphome 3

Transform an old dresser into a new one by having a new paint job and adding the extra mirror. The dresser can be turned into a stylish makeup station. Repaint it with new color and don’t worry about alternating different hues within the same platform. If you have an old wall mounted mirror that you haven’t used, add frame around it and place it on the dresser. It’s a simple sweet shabby chic idea for teenage girls that can be done for any theme.

2.Romantic Wall Sconces
Romantic Wall Sconces Simphome com
If you are quite crafty, you can combine unused glass Mason jar with wooden work. For The wooden board, simply cut into a rectangular form, seal it with varnish, and add a hook. The hook will be used to hang the Mason jar. Place light bulbs into the jar and you have your own DIY wall sconces with romantic atmosphere. This idea can also be applied for your outdoor setting, if you want to add up lights. Image:ebay

1.Curtain Lights
Curtain Lights Simphome com
Looking for a way to bring fairy atmosphere or ethereal flair into the bedroom. Curtains with lights will do it just perfectly. Just make sure that it is safe and the lights won’t burn the curtain when it goes out. Don’t forget to also make sure that the ceiling wall is sturdy and solid if you want to do this last sweet shabby chic idea for teenage girls bedroom.

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