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10 DIY Home and Wall Decor Small Space Ideas

A home will look more attractive when you decorate it with beautiful decorations. It is better when they are affordable, customizable, and makes our space looks nicer and unique. For this discussion, let’s begin with a wall in your living room. This is 10 DIY Home and Wall décor for small space ideas by
Most of next ideas are recycle or eco-friendly. That means they are going to require your DIY skill or gears.

Let’s start from number 10.

10 DIY Home and Wall Decor Small Space Ideas via Featured Image long
10 DIY Home and Wall Decor Small Space Poster

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10. A Clothesline Frame Decor Idea
10. Clothesline Frame Idea via SimphomeA happy family is what makes home a home – without it, it’s merely a building you call a house. A family will love to keep their happy and precious moments, for example, by taking pictures.
Instead of keeping your precious moment in your computer, sharing them with others in an epic way would be a better choice.
You need some clothespins and strings that you’re going to use to hang your pictures. Choose your favorite pictures and put them in line on the string. Next, attach the string to any frame that you think is nice. Voila! It’s done as simple as that.

9. A Simple Hanging Shelf décor idea
9. Simple Hanging Shelf via SimphomeThis idea is also another way to get your wall decorated with chic but simple adornments. It looks cool, and you can make it in a matter of minutes only. Firstly, get a plank and make two holes on each edge of it.
Next, get a ring and rope. Make the knot by pulling the rope on the ring, and at the end of each board as well. The length of the rope is up to you. Lastly, you need to balance it so that you can get a leveled shelf. There you have it!

8. Awesome Mirror ideas
8. Awesome Mirror ideas via SimphomeThis mirror idea is out of this world. It’s not every day you’ll see such a DIY wall decor idea. It’s going to be a fun project you can do without needing some complicated instructions. Get some pieces of wood with flat surfaces, and let them with their original forms or shapes.
Cut mirrors according to the wood’s shape or line. This may require a good skill so that it won’t break. Glue the mirror on the surface of the wood. It’ll be a delicate work if the wood has convoluted lines. Adding some flower next to it would be perfect.

7. A Beach-Themed décor Table
7. Beach Themed Table via SimphomeWho would have thought that you could create something wonderful out of pallets? This DIY is kinda cool to be displayed at home. Besides, it won’t rob your bank. You only need to pick a pallet that still has a good and strong shape. Clean the surface and paint it if necessary.
Then, create space in it and put a container to hold the sand and beach-related stuff. Don’t forget to put a glass so that you can set down snacks, drinks, or even books while seeing through what’s inside the container. Done.

After you finish this project, you’ll probably love to try next idea.

6. A Smart Pegboard Décor Idea
6. Smart Pegboard Idea via Simphome

A pegboard would always be stuff with many advantages to be used to embellish your home. It’s an affordable material that can result in a ton of attractive decorations for sure.First, You have to prepare a sheet of plywood, pegboard and wooden dowels.
First of all, set the support board on a leveled line on the wall, and then mark it.

Then, put the pegboard and screw or nail it. Insert the wooden dowels into the marked holes. Place a shelf on the dowels, and screw the board to make a sturdy shelf. Put something beautiful on the shelves and you are good to go with our next idea.

5. A Plate wall Decoration idea
5. Plate Decoration via SimphomePlates are everyday stuff you find in the kitchen. They have more precious value when they have beautiful patterns or classic designs that pay tribute to the past, which is rare. Here you don’t need to have those rare plates to decorate the wall.
All you have to do is stick them on the wall. Choose plates that you think have attractive patterns to show. Arrange them in a unique formation. Give each plate some glue on the back, and then stick them on the wall.

4. Stunning Upcycled Pendant Lights
4. Stunning Upcycled Pendant Lights via SimphomeAre you looking for something that’s striking, but easy to make and affordable? This lighting idea is an upcycled one from wine bottles, but they have the same beautiful flame and shape with the lights that you purchase from stores.
Rip off the labels first. Next, Mark and cut the bottle. Be careful and make sure you wear the safety equipment before cutting them. Make the sharp cut smoother by rubbing it with sandpaper. Set the bulb through the bottle and last, wrap it with some wires.

3. A Beautiful Wall with bamboo skewers idea
3. Beautiful Wall Sculpture via SimphomeIt looks pretty, doesn’t it? To make this, you just need two styrofoam balls, some bamboo skewers, and gold and black metallic spray paint, and white spray paint. Here are some steps you should follow.
You can color the balls by spraying them with either black or white whereas the skewers are sprayed with gold one. Push the skewers through the ball and sand the back side to make a flat surface to allow you to attach it to the wall easily. And, you can use other colors as you pleased.

This wall décor would be suitable for your coastal-themed living room as it looks like a giant sea urchin on the wall.

2. A Colorful Tissue Wall Art décor idea
2. Colorful Tissue Wall Art via SimphomePainting the wall is the most common way to renew the look of your living room’s wall. But this tissue paper idea comes as an alternative for you. Here are what you need to do! Take some amount of Mod Podge into a bowl and mixes it with water as needed.
Tear off some tissue papers. Put them on the canvas board and paint it using a brush with the Mod Podge. Let it dry for some time and get rid off the unnecessary parts of the tissues. Last, outline them with a black pen.

Lastly number 1. A Fabulous DIY Calenndar idea
1. Fabulous DIY Calenndar via SimphomeIf you happen to have such a beautiful collection of a calendar, please don’t throw it away after it becomes expired because you can make it as your new wall decor idea. This idea is just a breeze, and I strongly believe that you’re going to like it.
Fist, carefully tear the calendar off from its blinder. Put some double tip around the calendar print, and don’t forget to leave some peace over the art.

Spray the frame you’re going to use and wrap it up. Hang on the wall that would make you pleased. Done,

So, Hopefully, my DIY home and Wall Decor small space list ideas can inspire or upgrade your new home decorating style. Happy trying and stick with this website for more decorating ideas!

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