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10 Wall Decor Ideas for Boring Walls

If you think the interior of your home is a little bit mundane, maybe it’s time for you to transform the blank wall into a fabulous thing. I am not talking about repainting it.
Well, it can add a nuance to the interior, though.
But there are many wall décor ideas that you can tap into.

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Check out these 10 wall décor ideas that will not only banish the boring look but also give the good vibes to the room.
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10. Create Your Personal Gallery
10 Create Your Personal Gallery via simphomeCreating a gallery wall is one of the most common ways to fill in the blank space in your living room. You can show off your paintings or photographs so people can admire them and your skills.
You don’t have to stick to a certain size because beauty can be found in diversity.
Vary the sizes of the frames can provide a distinctive charm to the wall.

Just make sure you opt for simple frames because sophisticated ones can overlap the essence of the photos or paintings.

9. Pressed Leaf Frame
9 Pressed Leaf Frame via simphomePressed leaf frames have been more popular among homeowners especially those who are dying for mid-century modern style. The simplicity of the leaves that are trapped in a clear glass frame add a lively charm to the room instantly. Besides, it is such a DIY-friendly project.
To make this chic wall art, get any fern, leaves, or flowers of your choice. Place it on two pieces of white papers, then add other two sheets of papers on top of it. Iron the fern on medium-high heat.

Give a little bit pressure on it and don’t move the iron.
Just hold it down at the same spot for a few seconds.
You may want to repeat the steps until your fern is completely dry and flat.
Once you’ve done, attach it on a clear glass frame.

8. Add Patterns and Textural Element
8 Add Patterns and Textural Element via simphomeIf you want don’t wanna go overboard with the color schemes, adding patterns can be your next way to go.
This huge headboard has the same color hue as the wall, making it flow into one being. What makes it different and conspicuous is the sophisticated crafted patterns. The combination of rich texture and neutral color can add an upscale look to this bedroom.
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7. DIY Wall Mural
7 DIY Wall Mural via simphomeWhen you are staring at your blank wall, what do you see? I see a blank canvas that is always ready to be painted by such an artist like you. Instead of repainting the wall with a different color, try drawing or painting something on it to tell more stories.

There are many things that you can do to your blank canvas. You can paint some beautiful flowers and leaves to bring nature to your kid’s bedroom. You can try paint the wall black and add some small white dots and the pictures of planets for your astronaut wannabe.

6. Stack The Crates Up
6 Stack The Crates Up via simphomeLet’s try making a wall décor that can also incorporate a storage solution. The best way to achieve this goal is by installing shelves. And these shelves are your safe bet if you are not good at carpentry and want to save more time and energy.
As you can see, these shelves are made out of wooden crates.
Therefore, you’re gonna need lots of wooden crates. It would be much better if you have them already in your storage room because you can save lots of money.
Once you’ve got the crates, sand them down thoroughly, and stain or paint them as you like.

Finally, arrange and screw them on the wall.
Tip: Try arranging them in different directions to create a more artistic look.
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5. Wall-Mounted Planters
5 Wall Mounted Planters via simphome
Incorporating plants in your home décor has always been a great idea as they can give your home a lively lift. Homeowners usually invest in some planters and place them at the corner of a room or on a coffee table.
But now, let’s try to grow some plants on the wall.
These plants create such a unique wall art that can draw the eyes.
Some planters that host different kinds of plants hang together at the same spot, making the plants dangle and look like bushes in tropical forest.
Try adding some climbing plants like philodendron or ivy for a more dramatic look.

4. Giant Paper Flowers
4 Giant Paper Flowers via simphomeThis is a wall décor that your kids will love. They are not only beautiful but also easy to make so you can ask your kids to make these giant paper flowers with you so they won’t think that they are left out.
There are many online tutorials on how to make giant roses or dahlias from papers that you can find on the internet.

Try to find one and begin to have a ball with your kids.

3. A Huge Wall Art is Enough
3 A Huge Wall Art is Enough via simphomeThe idea of having a wall gallery with various pictures is worth trying. However, it might not work well when it comes to a minimalist look. A modern house believes in “less is more” which means you need to downsize the accessories to make a bolder statement. It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all the accessories, though.

Just keep one large-scale wall art would be enough.
You can hang a huge photograph of the ocean right above your sofa. Or you can opt for an abstract piece with vibrant color hues to add pops of colors to your monochromatic living room.

2. Go for Boho Wall Art
2 Go for Boho Wall Art via simphomeBoho styles are kinds on trend now. Try adding a piece of Boho thing on your wall to add more style to your bedroom. You can go with the Boho yarn wall art first as a good start. This simple wall art is DIY-friendly.

All you need to do is wrapping a branch of tree with some yarns. You can go with any colour of you want. But neutral and earthy colors would be nicer.

1. DIY Colorful Paper Curtain
1 DIY Colorful Paper Curtain via simphomeIf you are looking for a wall décor for boring walls idea on the cheap, this one is for you. Just get a branch of a tree, some thread or yarn, colored papers, and glue. Simply cut lots of small triangles out of the papers and attach them to the yarn. Finally, knot the yarn to the branch, and you’re good to go.

SO those are 10 wall décor ideas that can turn your boring blank wall into a fabulous one. Some of them are easy to make and will not cost you a fortune. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s better the appearance of your home.

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