31 Easy IKEA hacks for your Kid’s room

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Are you one of those people who can make anything? Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to spend weekends replacing your kitchen, building your own Olympic size swimming pool, or perhaps adding an entire wing to your house. You’re a person who can read blueprints, operate power tools,
and wrestle lumber into place without breaking a sweat.

Most of us would rather get root canal without an anesthetic than do those kind of jobs. We don’t like to spend our time working with anything more complicated than a hammer or screwdriver. Or, more likely, Scotch tape and scissors.
What do you do, however, if you have brilliant ideas for how to make your children’s lives more fun by sprucing up their bedroom, say, but you don’t have the technical skill to pull that off? Do you spend a gazillion dollars to hire a contractor to do it? Do you tell your kids you’ll buy them a new video game if they’ll stop asking you to make changes in their living space?
Well, now there’s a third option — you can actually do it yourself.
If you’re one of those people who has a creative urge to build things for your kids, but is all thumbs when it comes to anything mechanical, you’re in luck. We have 31 easy hacks that will help you take some simple items from IKEA and convert them so they have multiple uses that are fun, creative, and practical. By following a few simple steps, you can find ways to create fun, interesting modifications to furniture and other everyday items.
Here’s a video with an overview, but for the instructions on how to do do each project, continue with a list below.

Here’s the list:

1. Trying to save space in your kids’ bedroom? You can take the bottom bunk of an IKEA Mydal bed and make it into a crib, so your baby can share a bedroom with big brother or sister. From Apartment Therapy.

2. Bet you never thought of this one! You can use a spice rack as a clothing rack for baby clothes. [Here]

3. For the contemporary look in dollhouses, here’s how to turn a Rast nightstand into a modern dollhouse. [source]

4. There’s nothing worse than a messy mudroom, right? Shoes, boots, coats, hats, gloves and school bags get scattered everywhere, and you can hardly find an open space for all the clutter. Here’s a way to clean up the mudroom by using IKEA bookcase. [Detail]

5. Did you know you can make a Kura bed into a cozy reading nook? It’s not only possible, it’s a fun project to do. [overview it]

6. Avoid the pain and cursing that follows after people step on small metal toys your child leaves on the floor, by using a Grundtal knife rack to stow those toys in a safe place. [info]

7. Teach your child (and maybe yourself) geography by putting a world map on the Latt table. All you need is a $24.99 white LÄTT Children’s table (2 chairs included), an old map, mod podge to protect the paper, little cushions, some fabric and scissors. [link]

8. Nobody likes plain old curtains — jazz them up with fun borders! Here’s how you can make a border with stripes. [with stripes]. And here’s how to do pom pom trim. [info]

9. Add some color to your IKEA changing table. Here’s the tutorial:

10. Here’s how to make a play kitchen from IKEA nightstands. This kitchen is so stunning you’ll wish it was for adults! Here’s how to make the stove: [link] Here’s how to make the microwave and fridge: [source]

11. Or get trendy and give the IKEA play kitchen a modern makeover.

12. Take those boring old shelves and give them a celestial upgrade. [link]

13. You can even get creative with napkin holders. Who would have thought? [info]

14. Make your baby into a genius by adding a Billy bookshelf to the Gulliver crib. [DIY]

15. You can add a chalkboard top to the Lack side table. [info]

16. Go crazy with Legos! Make the Lego table of your kids’ dreams. [lego table hack]

17. Start your kid off on the path to being a mechanical superstar — make a coffee table into a toy workbench. [Detail]

18. Here’s how to make your own light-up table. [Instruction]

19. Start your shoppers early by turning a shoe rack into a play supermarket. [Here]

20. Didn’t think you could do anything with the iconic Strandmon chair? Here’s how to turn it into a rocker! Your baby will love it! [Read it]

21. Spruce up an old IKEA dresser with masking tape and white paint, and make it into a style icon! [Try]

22. Tame the chaos of your kids’ closets with floating shelves. Get more info here.

23. Turn an Ikea crib into a co-sleeper. [DIY]

24. There’s no excuse not doing homework when you turn the rolling Raskog cart into a homework station! [Try it]

25. Use Billy bookshelves to create a custom closet! [More info]

26. Give your Hemnes dresser a makeover! [DIY]

27. This is a Mr. Moon lamp hacked from a FADO, inspired by a print by Martin Krusche, from Mommo Designs. IKEA sells the lamp, but you can add inspiration to make it even more fun for your child!. [Source]

28. No more messy art supplies scattered all over the place! Did you know you can use a utensil holder to store them? It’s a great way to organize your art room!. [Read more]

29. Convert IKEA wardrobe units into cute built-ins around a window seat.
Find out how a blogger
created it here.

30. Are you in diaper hell? Use an Ikea kitchen storage system to organize diapers. [Source]

31. Clean up and organize your car with the Flort remote control caddy. And you don’t even need a degree in Engineering to use them! .Really

Aren’t these ideas great? There are all sorts of creative ways that you can use simple household items and furniture to liven up your home, and you’ll find lots more home art decor ideas at this channel and you don’t even need a degree in Engineering to use them! Well, may be some


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