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IKEA? The company has gradually emerged as one of the top names in the market when it comes to providing household items that embody quality and style. While IKEA has a massive array of products at your disposal, you can implement a bit of creativity in crafting interesting items for decorating your house.

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1. DIY light with IKEA Frack bathroom mirror.

DIY light with IKEA Frack bathroom mirrorWire the socket, check to see it has a hole for the cord to come out (barring the bottom hole), and put the socket back together. Screw the adapter nut on tight, gather the cord, and affix the light socket.

After this is done, thread the cord through the back of the Frack hardware, between the wall plate and the supporting rod. Wire the plug, and hang it up – your light is ready.

2. DIY herb garden with IKEA Vurm wine rack.
DIY herb garden with IKEA Vurm wine rack Simphome comCreate a 1-inch coating by dipping the bottom of each glass into the latex paint. Dry carefully on wax paper for 3 hours (move them around so they don’t get stuck). Paint a layer of Clear Chalkboard Coating on the painted area of glass.

Add another coat when the first one dries, and leave overnight. Fill with half the glass with rocks, put the herb in them without damaging roots, and mount it horizontally on the wall. Put the plants in the open spaces in the Vurm. (image by thriftylagunagirl.com)

3. DIY globe accessory with two IKEA bowls.
3. DIY globe accessory with two IKEA bowls.Adjoin the bowls, draw continents, apply 2 to 3 coats, and let one coat dry before applying the next. Don’t forget to paint inside the rim where continents are shown to diminish seam between the bowls.

4. DIY tabletop.
4. DIY tabletop.Create your own tabletop with 4 Knuff magazine files, a Frosta stool, and Nasum basket. With a bit of contact adhesive, masking tape, colorless varnish and acrylic paint, you can let loose your creativity! The instructions are simple and you can get it done quickly.

5. Add extra space.
5. Add extra spaceScrewing Knuff magazine files inside of kitchen cupboards incorporates space to store bulky items like chopping boards, cleaning products, etc. You can also fix Bekvam spice racks inside of your food cupboard doors or install a Variera shelf.

6. Succulent planter box.
6. Succulent planter boxThe best part about succulents is that they don’t pose risks of fire hazards. Use Dragan bamboo boxes to plant succulents. You can use Borrby lanterns by getting rid of the tea lights too. Make sure the soil is filled half way.

7. DIY Desktop.
7. DIY DesktopWhy invest money in buying a brand-new desk, when your PS 2014 wardrobe already has an excellent alternative? The height of the shelf can be adjusted to be used as a desk. It has a wire grating for conveniently hanging office accessories.


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8. DIY Candlestick.
8. DIY CandlestickStock up on a few Kryddig spice mills, stick a candle onto the top, and transform them into attractive candlestick holders. It will look amazing as on your dining room table as you host elaborate dinners or have an intimate time with your special someone.

9. Bookshelf and Ceilingscape Made From Toy Bins.
9. Bookshelf and Ceilingscape Made From Toy BinsCut open storage boxes at the bottom, fix them to the wall, and alternate with closed boxes having LED lighting inside – your library is done! For the ceiling, fix smaller boxes over adhesive strips of LEDs.

10. Floor Poufs.
10. Floor PoufsRegardless of your sewing skills, you can turn a floor mat into a pouf. All you need to know is how to stitch in a straight line, and you get a lovely floor pouf without spending loads of money.

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