10 Apartment Decor Ideas Inspired by IKEA

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When you have a plan to decorate your apartment using IKEA products, you are better to know about 10 apartment décor ideas inspired by IKEA next. As we know that IKEA product is so varies because IKEA provides various furniture and household product. We just need to know the right tips to decorate it in our apartment.

10. Color-coding Idea for Small Apartment

Color-coding is a good idea to make an apartment looks more unique, especially a small apartment. Color-coding can add playful interest to bookshelf. So, you can buy a bookshelf from IKEA and then put various books on it which have various color. For example, you can put red, blue and orange books to add uniqueness in bookshelf. You can also use attractive bookshelf to organize your colorful stuff. It is good and simple idea you can use to décor your apartment.

9. Creates Room for Green with Hanging Pots

Natural look always becomes important part to make your apartment looks so fresh. You don’t have to put various plants in your apartment. Just choose one type of plant, and plant it on the hanging pots. You can put the hanging pots in the spot that you like the most. So, it will create unique and fresh look in your apartment. Not only hanging pot, you can also create a mini green house to create natural look in your apartment. It is simple idea you can use easily to make your apartment looks more unique. Source

8. Bring Unique Look to Your Kitchen with Open Shelving

Apartment usually has small kitchen. It may make you feel so difficult to put various things relate to cooking. Don’t worry about it because it can be solved by using open shelving. Open shelving will make you easy to put various ingredients for cooking. Not only open shelving, you can also use two tiers countertop to save much space in your kitchen. The main point is, you have to choose IKEA product that can save much space in your kitchen, so you will be so comfortable during cooking in your apartment’s kitchen. Source

7. Colorful Pillow to Beautify Apartment’s Living Room

Apartment’s living room should be trimmed by furniture, so it will look beautiful and unique. Actually, you just need to give colors to your living room by placing colorful accessories or furniture. For example, you can use colorful pillows to be put above the sofa. You can buy pillows from IKEA, and then cover it with colorful or printed cotton. Then, it will create unique look in your apartment’s living room. Colorful pillow will also bring cheerful look that make you feels happy every time. Source

6. A Roll-top Bathtub for Beautifying Apartment’s Bathroom

There are so many ways to make a bathroom looks more interesting. For example, you can use a roll-top bathtub to make a big statement in your apartment’s bathroom. To make it more interesting, you can match it with cherry blue shower curtain and navy paneled wall. And then, your apartment’s bathroom will look so fresh, cool and interesting. You will feel so comfortable when you are in the bathroom. Source

5. Vertical Shoe Rack for Storage Solution

Some people usually feel so confuse to put their shoes in apartment because they don’t have large space. Actually, you can use vertical shoes rack to put your shoes vertically. By doing it, you can save much space in your apartment. Finally, your shoes will be well organized and you have large space to be used for other thing. Source

4. Corner Cabinet for Home Office

If you use your apartment as home office, you can put corner cabinet to save much space. Corner cabinet looks so interesting and can save large space to be used for other thing. Corner cabinet also creates unique look in your apartment. So, you can use it to decorate your apartment. Buy it from IKEA and you can put beautiful accessories above it to create unique touch. Source

3. Stolmen Storage to Beautify Apartment’s Bedroom

It is also a good idea you can use to beautify your apartment’s bedroom. You can buy IKEA’s Stolmen storage to be put in your bedroom. It can be used for various purposes, such as for holding bulky coats and outdoor accessories. It depends on your interest. Source

2. Boxes as Storage and Decorative Statements

When you want to decorate apartment, you can use boxes to decorate your apartment. You can put some boxes as storage in your bedroom. As we know that there are so much stuff in the bedroom and need to be put in storage. You can use some boxes for storing it. Not only for storage, you can use it as decorative statement. You can paint the boxes using various colors. So, it will be decorative statements in your bedroom. You can also use color which has similarities with bedroom color. So, it will match with your bedroom and make your bedroom more beautiful than before. Source

1. Small Shelves to Beautify Apartment’s Bathroom

Bathroom can be comfortable place when you know the right tips to decorate it. If you feel so confuse to decorate your apartment’s bathroom, you can decorate it with small shelves. You can mount small shelves on the bathroom wall. It will be used for storing your toiletry.

Not only that, it will make your apartment’s bathroom looks more unique. By storing toiletry in the small cabinet, you can also create a clean bathroom. Just mount 2-3 small shelves on the bathroom wall, and put your entire toiletry on those cabinets. Finally, your apartments’ bathroom will look more unique and interesting. Source


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