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Your precious memories are meant to be shared, not to be trapped on your phone or computer. Show them off in an epic arrangement rather than hanging them carelessly which will just make such a mess on the wall. In this video, I am going to show you 10 ways to hang pictures on the wall that will turn it into a focal point that you can proud of. As always, this list is brought to you by simphome.com

10. Cloth Hanger Frames
10 Cloth Hanger Frames Simphome com
Let’s begin with these super cheap and chic photo frames made out of some cloth hangers. Making these stylish frames is merely a snap. You only need to get some cloth hangers, 2 balsa woods since they are quite light and look natural, some picture frame hooks, some adhesive strips, and glue.

First, cut the cloth hangers and bend both ends a bit to form two small hooks. Install 2 picture frame hooks by twisting them into the top of a balsa wood length. Attach each corner of the front part of the picture to the back ends of the wood using the adhesive strips. Attach another balsa wood behind the picture. Then, assemble the hanger to the hooks. Finally, you’ve got a frame.

Try hanging different sizes of pictures in different heights to accentuate the wall better.

9. Hanging Rope Shelf
9 Hanging Rope Shelf Simphome com
Do you have a plain and bland wall in your home? Let’s perk it up with some pictures and printed quotations. Instead of putting them in photo frames and hanging them on the wall, why don’t you try this unique hanging rope shelf?

This shelf is made by attaching skinny pieces of woods on the bottom of the thicker pieces. They act as the lips that hold the pictures in place. After that, measure an inch and drill a hole through on either side. Make sure that the holes have the same width as the rope.
And this is the most challenging step – threading the rope through the holes. To make it easier, you can wrap the end of the rope with tape so it can slide through the holes easily. Make sure that the length of the rope is equal on both sides before tying the knots. And, finally, screw two hooks into the wall to tie the rope ends.

Now you can put some photos and quotations on the shelf. And, By the way, I like the clipboard frames.

8. DIY Clothespins Photo Holders
8 DIY Clothespins Photo Holders Simphome com
If you are not good at carpentry stuff, don’t worry! You can still have a fabulous and glamorous photo gallery right in your home. You only need to get some clothespins, glitter, glue, and thumb tacks.

So, here we go. Before sprinkling some glitter on the clothespins, you might want to paint or stain them as the glitter won’t cover them completely. Once the paint is dry, apply some mod podge on them using brush, and sprinkle the glitters before the glue begins to dry.

Now get the thumb tacks and push them into the back of each pin. Apply wood glue on the back of the thumb tacks, and attach them on the wall or a cork board. Now you can begin to clip your pictures and show them off.

7. Twinkle Little Star photo hanger
7 Twinkle Little Star photo hanger Simphome com
If you want to add romantic touch to your room, do it! Looking at the twinkling stars in the sky may be the most romantic moment ever. Now grab your stars and hang them behind the headboard in your bedroom along with your best pictures.

To get this look, you are going to need Tumblr lights and your best choice photos. It’s super easy. You just need to thread the string back and forth from side to side through hooks or nails. Using clothespins, clip your pictures on the string. The pictures, teaming up with the lights, create a romantic ambience right in your bedroom.

6. Rustic Picture Hanger
6 Rustic Picture Hanger Simphome com
Look at this rustic and classics picture hanger! Isn’t it amazing? Its undemanding, materials are easy to be collected, and the final product is so charming that it can make your pictures look more appealing.

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To make this hanger, you are going to need two twigs and nylon string. Drill the twigs to make two holes in each twig. Then, thread the string through the holes, and secure it with knots. For a better look, whitewash the twigs. Now clip your photos on the string using clothespins. Easy, isn’t it?

5. Spider Web Photo Hanger
5 Spider Web Photo Hanger Simphome com
Peter Parker’s fans are going to love this look. This spider web photo hanger is exceptionally brilliant and the DIY is effortless.

The first you need to do is putting the sketch on the wall, and nailing the spots where you’re going to put a turn or cross section. Then, you can begin making your web using either string, yarn, or whatever you fancy just like this amazing Spiderman photo hanger design. Finally, you can clip your pictures on the web.

4. Imperfections for A Perfect Beauty
4 Picture on wall without frame Simphome com
Well, sometimes, we don’t have to be perfect to look beautiful because we can be beautiful just by being simple. And these beautiful pictures show you that imperfections can create a perfect beauty.

Although they are just hung on the wall without being decorated with frames, they still look superb. Interested to try?

3. Be Bold!
3 Be bold Simphome com
I know that the ideas that I’ve mentioned previously might be rather overwhelming. If you are looking for a very simple idea that won’t ruin the bold look of your living room, you can go with a single string stretching from one side to another right above the couch, and secure your pics on it using clipboard clip. The pictures that you hang will be an epicenter without overlapping the bold style wall’s.

2.Beef Your Desk Up
2 Beef Your Desk Up Simphome com
Racing against the time can be stressful. Therefore, you need something like printed quotations that can boost your mood or evoke certain positive memories.
Beef your desk up by hanging various kinds of inspirational quotations or letters from your friends on one or two long strings that stretch from one side to another. And the last one.

1. Cute Summer Memory
1 Cute Summer Memory Simphome com
Bring back the joy of summer right to your desk to keep your spirit up. But this time, you’re going to make it a little bit cute by skirting the bottom of each photo that hangs on the string. The skirts add a bit nuance to the photo, and it makes your pictures look more unique.

So Those are 10 surprising ways to hang pictures on the wall that you can try to jazz your home, or wall and office up. Share the joy captured in every picture and share the positive vibe with your friends and relatives. Because sharing is caring. Happy trying folks!

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