Fleur De Lis Home Décor for Luxury House

Fleur De Lis Home Décor Wallpaper simphome com

As the symbol of royalty, fleur de lis is considered as luxury home décor. That is why if you want to make your house appear more luxurious then you should use several fleur de lis home décor inside your home. Furthermore there are a lot of items which made using this fleur de lis symbol as the main accent. Surely this will also able to make your house appear more luxurious when you use this symbol. You can also use this symbol within any theme that you have apply in your room before, so you could just insert the decoration here and there to add the luxury feeling.
Adding Fleur De Lis Home Décor to Get More Luxury Feeling On Your House

1. Wallpaper

To get the biggest effect from the fleur de lis symbol, you can try to use this flower as your wallpaper. Furthermore there are a lot of fleur de lis home décor colors that you could use as your room wallpaper so you will surely find one color that will match to your room color theme. If you think using wallpaper filled with lily symbol is too much then you can just use this wallpaper on one of the wall in your room while the other wall is using plain wallpaper with the same color as the background color of your fleur de lis wallpaper.

2. Wall Art

If you want to decorate your wall with something other than the wallpaper, then you can also opt for fleur de lis home décor wall art. The wall art also has a lot of shape, which then the fleur de lis shape is inserted inside. So when you do not want to use fleur de lis shaped wall art then you can try to use square wall art with this lily crafted inside. There is also wall art shaped like royal emblem with the flower symbol inside. Of course big fleur de lis shaped wall art is still the favorite item used by a lot of people. You can place the wall art not only in the living room but also in your bedroom even kitchen when necessary.

3. Carpet

There is a lot of carpet that has fleur de lis symbol printed on it. The carpet will add more comfort to your flooring as this will protect your flooring as well. Furthermore by using this fleur de lis home décor carpet, your room will appear more luxurious, especially when you use big size carpet that also very thick. The carpet colors are varied but since this lily symbol is very classic, most of the time you will find classic style carpet instead of modern style carpet. But both modern and classic carpet has the same luxurious feeling; just try to match with your room theme which one is more suitable. There are different shape and size of carpet that you could use such as big rectangle, small rectangle and even round shape.

4. Chandelier and candle holder

To make your lighting appear more romantic and luxurious, you can use this fleur de lis home décor chandelier and candle holder. On the chandelier usually the lily symbol is used on the side of the lamp as a decoration craft. While on the candle you can see that they add this flower symbol on the hanger or on the glass cover of the candle. Nevertheless both chandelier and candle holder really must have items since it surely add more luxury to your house.

5. Furniture

A lot of fleur de lis symbol is used on furniture. They usually add it as small craft on the side of the furniture which made from wood. But for more modern furniture, you can see the lily symbol is printed on the cushion of the sofa or chair. Metal furniture also has fleur de lis home décor crafted on the sides which make the furniture look more luxurious. If you want to complete your home décor with this special lily symbol, then you surely need to have some furniture that has that symbol crafted on it.


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