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10 Modern Style Bedroom Upgrade for Cheap

Some people are reluctant to apply white as the base color of their bedroom since it is considered to be sterile, hygienic, uninviting, and even mundane. The truth is white is undoubtedly versatile. It’s like a blank canvas that is ready to receive your imagination.
However, picking the right decoration can be challenging. If you apply the decorations carelessly, you will find your bedroom a total mess. Have a journey to these 10 decor ideas that spruce up your white bedroom with panache.

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10. Add Splash of Color Project idea | ElleDecor

10.SIMPHOME.COM Think about the ColorThe combination of white walls and white curtains is perfect for a space-challenged bedroom. However, an all-white bedroom tends to look awkwardly hygienic, making one feels as if he was being hospitalized.
Alleviate this awkward look by adding a few colours in your bedroom. Don’t go overboard, though. You can hang blue curtains, toss a few yellow cushions, and show off your favorite painting. It would be better if you stick to one- or two-colour hues to maintain the serenity of white bedroom and avoid haphazard look.

9. Go with Scandi Style | Thespruce

9.SIMPHOME.COM Being Simple is EverythingWhite suits any style of your choice, including Scandinavian style. Scandinavian style uses light, muted colors to decorate the room. And thus, you can do some magic to upgrade your white bedroom with this style.
The first thing you need to do is painting your bedroom white. Then incorporate wooden stuff like wooden floor, wooden paneling, toys, or furniture. Don’t install a wall-to-wall carpet. Lay a grey or off-white rug, instead. More importantly, make sure that your white bedroom is clutter free and simple.

8. Expand your Space with Mirrors | Apartment34

8.SIMPHOME.COM Give Your Bed a Modern TouchMirrors are usually used to double-check one’s look. Apparently, mirrors can do more than that. They can make a nice decoration since they come in various sizes and shapes to suit any style. Even better, they can cast a spell to enlarge a petite bedroom without breaking any walls. And that’s what you need for your white bedroom.
Try hanging a mirror with unique frame above the headboard to perk up the stark white wall as well as drawing attention instantly. If you happen to have a small bedroom, you can try placing the mirror across the window so that the mirror can reflect the natural light, making your white bedroom look airier and larger.

7. Add More Pattern and Texture | Yliving

7.SIMPHOME.COM Clutter FreeIt is important to add pattern and textural elements to a bedroom somehow. When it comes to a white bedroom, incorporating pattern and texture becomes much more crucial as they can enrich its look immensely.
This bedroom, for example, features white paisley wallpaper that creates a groovy accent wall which adds more interest in a subtle way. Cushions and throws add textural element in muted tones to jazz the bedroom up without overwhelming it.

6. Embrace Rustic Flair | ElleDecor

6.SIMPHOME.COM Natural Light is Important

The versatility of white allows you to implement any style you like into the space, including rustic style.
To get this look, you only need to white wash the wall in your bedroom or install white wood paneling to create weathered look. Then, install some wrought-iron hooks to accentuate the style.
Now, it is time to play with some patterns. Classic checks found on the bedding and cushions perfect the style well.

5. Add Another Neutral Color Palette | Finehomelamps

5.SIMPHOME.COM Create an Accent WallDecorate your white bedroom with another neutral colour palette to enrich bedroom design and make the bedroom look more appealing. Besides, neutral color palette that comes in softer tones like soft grey or beige can add a nuance.
This bedroom denotes modern flair as it comes in white and soft grey which makes it simple yet elegant. Some monochromatic pictures hang on the wall behind the headboard, creating an accent wall. The combination of neutral colour palette and clean-lined furniture proves that simplicity can make some bedroom interior more awesome.

4. Bring in the Coastal Vibes | Thesorrygirls

4. SIMPHOME.COM Use Clean Lined FurnitureThis white bedroom is a perfect retreat from the hurly-burly of the city life. The combination of crisp white as the backdrop and blue hues bring the holiday vibes into the space and make you feel relaxed.
The blue duvet cover features floral pattern that creates a cohesive look with the bench top and throw. And the most conspicuous adornment is the huge wave picture hanging over the headboard which creates the coastal ambiance as well as covering the stark white wall.

3. The Charm of Farmhouse Style project idea | Vintagerevivals

3.SIMPHOME.COM Be Creative with the LightingIn addition to creating modern flair, white can also bring the timeless charm of farmhouse style into your bedroom, just like this one.
Off-white curtain and duvet complement the white wall nicely. White-washed wood paneling found on the ceiling infuses a little bit of rustic charm. Since it is a farmhouse bedroom, having a wreath as a part of the decorations is a must. The good thing is you can make one yourself.
To make a wreath, you need to get two wire coat hangers to make a base. Then, use floral tape to cover them together. Get some long branches of greenery, and assemble them to the base. Secure them using lightweight floral wire. Keep doing these steps until the wire is completely covered. Finally, hang the wreath on the wall as the focal point, or you can hang it on the headboard.

2. The Touch of Traditional Look Project idea | Youtube

2.SIMPHOME.COM Spruce up the HeadboardSoft hue of white can give a traditional touch to your bedroom without looking tacky. Instead of hanging a mirror or painting as the accent wall, you can try adding a coronet above the headboard, just like what you can see here. The trims and curtain highlight the shabby-chic style perfectly.

Lastly number 1. Pastel and Cream for Feminine Touch | Thecluelessgirl

1.SIMPHOME.COM Geometric WallYou’ve learned that white can be paired with any color to add a nuance. And if you want nothing fancy but a more feminine look in your bedroom, you can try adding pastel and cream color. Just wrap some cushions with mint or add a soft yellow throw on the bedding to get a serene and girly look.
Whether you love the simple look of a minimalist bedroom, or you are addicted to the timeless charm of rustic look, white will always be the go-to color for your bedroom.
And these 10 decor ideas for white bedroom will round it out.

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