Headboard ideas Simphome com
Headboard ideas Simphome com

If you are looking for a way to change your headboard but you are rather low on the budgets, this money saving DIY headboard ideas can help you with your decoration purpose. On the contrary to what people believe, you don’t always have to spend a fortune to improve the look of your bedroom. Making use of any available old items will do. It is a special achievement for being able to transform those worn items into something completely different and totally functional. So, how do you improve your bed with some of these old items? This is 5 Money Saving DIY Headboard Ideas Worth Trying for Every Home By Simphome.com

5.Door Headboard.
Door headboard Simphome com
Do you know that you can make use of an old door for the stylish headboard? Instead of placing the item vertically, you should place it horizontally so it will match the width of the bed. If you want to, you can cut any excess length of the door, and make sure to adjust the length with the bed’s width. It will create a unique matching appeal that feels homey and natural. It would be a great idea to paint the door first. Using natural and neutral hues will be okay, but feel free if you want to use bold colors to create modern or even retro effect. This is one of smart money saving DIY headboard ideas that everyone can try. (via interiorfrugalista)

4.Corkboard Headboard.
Corkboard Headboard 2 Simphome com
In this project, you basically only need some rectangular cork boards and several different fabric patterns. Make sure that those rectangular boards are similar in design. Cover each board with each different fabric and secure everything. Cut a wider board or plank or plyboard so you can attach those smaller rectangular boards on the wider platform as foundation. And voila! You have your own personalized, unique, and one of a kind headboard that no one can match. (via lotsofdiy)

3.Creative Headboard.
Creative Headboard Simphome com
Being creative with any used items and worn stuff can take you places in creative subjects. Do you know that you can transform old shutters, upholstered panels, or wood shims for headboards? Feel free to browse the description area for step by step directions. Basically, you can use anything that you haven’t used for a long time to create a personalized DIY headboard. Whether you want to make lacy headboard, ruffled type, or checkered headboard, the sky is the limit to your creativity. (via bhg)

2.Lighted Canvas
Lighted Canvas Simphome com
How’s the idea of installing lights behind transparent canvas for the headboard? This is definitely a unique and one of a kind design. It will be able to deliver moody atmosphere – some say having fairy and ethereal effect. Basically, you need to use light canvas fabric and some little lights for the lighting. It is a simple but clever money saving DIY headboard ideas nonetheless. (via 2minuteswith)

1.Barn Door Headboard
Barn Door Headboard Simphome com
Turning a barn door into a headboard is a creative idea – especially if you can add a unique lantern or a wall mounted lamp to complete the look. This money saving DIY headboard ideas may take extra effort but it is worth all of your hard work. (via thesawguy)

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