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10 DIY Curtain Rod ideas

Windows are indispensable. They allow natural light to come into the room and permeate it. Therefore, they deserve to be adorned with curtains. We’re not going to talk about the curtain itself, but we’re going to talk about the curtain rods.
Normally, you buy the curtain rods and have them installed. Of course, you’ll burn a hole in your pocket if you buy many of them for every window in your house. Why don’t you make some yourself?
DIY curtain rods not only save your money, but also help you upgrade your window. Some of the ideas can be made with things that you can find around your house. If you want to add some unique customization to your window, these next 10 DIY curtain rods ideas are perfect ways that you can choose and try.

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10. A Branch Curtain Rod Project Idea | Lifeovereasy

10. SIMPHOME.COM A Branch Curtain Rod

The use of tree branches to spice up a home is not a new thing, for example a tree branch curtain rod. This project starts with the selection of the ideal branch. It has to be big and sturdy enough to support the curtain’s weight.
If the branch isn’t perfectly straight or have lots of tiny branches on it, don’t worry! The smaller branches will accentuate the rustic flair even better. After you’ve got your ideal branch, trim and sand the branch so it won’t ruin your curtains. Cut two small pieces of branch and secure them to the wall. Next, loop the curtain onto the branch, then screw the main piece (with the curtain on) to these supports.

9. A Welded Fence Rail Curtain Rod Project Idea | Remodelaholic

9.SIMPHOME.COM A Welded Fence Rail Curtain Rod Project Idea

This curtain rod is made from two iron fencing rails in rusty patina that is no longer used. You strongly need a welder to do this project. Cut the rails to size to fit the windows using Dremel tool.
Next, grind to rust off of the edges so you can weld it better on clean steel. Now, weld the two rails together to make one long rod for the large window. Find yourself a matching finial, then, install them on both ends of the rod. You can also buy some new hanger for the curtain. Place the rod on its place and you will like how it comes out.

8. An Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod Project Idea | Getrichordiytryin

8. SIMPHOME.COM An Industrial Pipe Curtain Rod

This idea suits someone with an industrial-inspired style. This project is super easy. All you need to do is head to a home-improvement store to find one set of pipe rod. You’re lucky if the pipe perfectly fit the size of your window. But if it doesn’t, you need to get it resized and threaded. Put together one corner, then add your curtain before adding the other. Then have someone help you hold the curtain rod in place and use a drill to attach it to the wall. Easy and cheap!

7. A Copper Curtain Rod project idea | Julieblanner

7. SIMPHOME.COM A Copper Curtain RodAnother metal that can be used to make curtain rods is copper. To create your own custom copper rods, you’ll need: copper pipes, copper spray paint, flanges, copper male adapter, copper tee, and pipe cutter. Spray paint the first flanges and screw it in to the wall. Next, loosely screw an adapter in. Insert pipe. Determine what’s level. Mark where you want the next flange to be. Remove the pipe. Then, install 2nd flange in marked spot. Loosely screw in adapter. Mark and cut the pipe. Last, insert the pipe and voila!

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6. A Rope Curtain Rod Project idea | Vintagehomelove

6.SIMPHOME.COM A Curtain and Rope rod Project

Make a thrifty curtain rod out of a rope. Before you assemble the eye-hook apparatus, drill two holes on opposite corners of a square plate for mounting. Then assemble eye-hook, nuts, round washers, and square mounting washer.
For mounting, decide where you want them above the window, drill the center hole, put up eye-hook flush and mark where the mounting screws will go. Then hammer and screw in. Next, cut the rope in half to make 2-10’ pieces. Tie a knot in one end of the rope and string the rope through the eye hooks. Run the rope completely through and let hang while you decide where to put your boat cleat. Mount the boat cleat and secure the end of the rope by wrapping the rope around the cleat. Now you are ready to clip on your curtains you made!

5. A Wooden-Dowel Curtain Rod Project Idea | Myfabulesslife

5. SIMPHOME.COM A Wooden Dowel Curtain RodThis wooden dowel curtain rod takes about 10 minutes. What makes it better is you only need to get dowels cut down to your desired length, pipe straps, and knobs. You can start by spray-painting the pipe straps to better match the knobs.
Then measure where you want your rod to sit on the wall, and screw the pipe straps into the wall at each end. Slide the curtains onto the dowel and then slide the dowel through your pipe straps. Once the curtain is hung, you can glue the knobs onto the ends.

4. Oar Curtain Rod Project Idea | Countryliving

4. SIMPHOME.COM Oar Curtain RodIf you happen to have an oar or paddle that you don’t need any longer, give it a whole new life as a curtain road. It surely will be a unique way to hang curtain in a very simplest way. No need to remove the existed curtain rod hooks. Just slide the oar into the hooks. To give the oar fresh look, you can stain or paint it.

3. Turn a Coat Rack into a Window Valance | Nestfullofeggs

3. SIMPHOME.COM Turn a Coat Rack into a Window ValanceIt is obvious that you can make curtain rods out of a wide variety of materials, but wood tends to be the most common and versatile option. Redecorate your window with this creative idea.
Mixing the vintage and new pieces, this coat rack turning into a window valance is worth trying. Add some decoration like permanent floral stems, and it will be great for spring.

2. A Yardstick Curtain Rod Project Idea | Krazyglue

2. SIMPHOME.COM .A Yardstick Curtain RodWhy don’t you use yardstick to make your custom curtain rod? This one is the perfect addition for the kids’ room. What you need are yardsticks, long dowel rod, clip-on curtain rings, two square blocks of wood, and metal hooks.
Begin with adhering the square blocks together in an L-shape. Then, line up three yardsticks on top of each other. Glue the L blocks to the front part of the yardsticks. Next, glue the metal hooks to the wood blocks on each end. Attach the top part of the L block to the ceiling with screws. Last, insert a dowel rod through the rings and hang the dowel on the hooks, and enjoy!

Lastly number 1. A Colorful Curtain Rod Project Idea | Hometalk

1. SIMPHOME.COM A Colorful Curtain RodsInstead of using rustic metal color for your curtain rods, using bright colors is much more fun especially in the bedroom and living room. Bold bright colors make your room more cheerful and charming. It is easy to make one. Find yourself PVC pipes and finials. Then, paint them whatever colors you want. Isn’t it easy?

The less expensive way to get the perfect curtain rods is by making them yourself, right? From rustic metal to natural style, these ideas will successfully redecorate the windows in your house.

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