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10 Backyard Vegetable Garden Ideas

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Backyard Vegetable Garden Ideas Featured

There are thousands of reasons why you have to grow vegetables in your backyard. However, you also have a number of reasons why you have to abort that brilliant idea. One of which is the insufficient space you have in your backyard.
Whether your backyard lacks space or you lack splendid ideas of arranging your vegetable garden, these 10 backyard vegetable garden ideas will assist you to make yours become as inviting as ornamental flower gardens.

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10. Make Them Hang and Save More space | Greenandvibrant

10.SIMPHOME.COM Make Them HangSome people have great expectations when it comes to gardening and landscaping. Unfortunately, their big dream has been buried by small backyard.
Using containers is the best way to grow edible plants despite the limited space.
If there is not enough space to put the containers, you can just hang them.
Hanging planters allows you to grow more vegetables without gobbling up much space while maintaining their thriving growth. You can even copy this idea for your small backyard. All you need to do is just making some wooden boxes from wood pallet. Don’t forget to drill some holes at the bottom for drainage. Then, add mounted screws on both sides of the box. After that, use chains to hang the boxes.
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9. Smart Vegetable Bedding Plants | Thespruce

9. SIMPHOME.COM Smart Vegetable Bedding PlantsBedding plays an essential role when it comes to backyard landscaping.
Therefore, many homeowners pick beautiful flowers like chrysanthemum or tulips to create a border.
Vegetables can make your backyard look exquisite, too. More importantly, they serve fruitful results. Try making use of lettuce or other salad greens as the bedding as they are quick growers. You can also try border your plants with carrots.
Carrots may attract rabbits and other wildlife. To overcome this problem, you can try planting flowers with strong scent nearby, or growing onions, instead.

8. Raised Bed Garden Project Ideas | Thespruce | Greenandvibrant

8. SIMPHOME.COM Raised BedsMaking raised beds is one of the most ubiquitous ways of gardening, especially if your backyard has limited space, or it is completely covered with bricks or wood paneling. Growing vegetables in a raised bed allows you to experience an in-ground gardening just like the traditional one.
Your vegetables will become more productive as the quality of the soil and water drainage is under control. Raised beds will also better your backyard landscaping as you can make it from any material of your choice to fit in with your deck or patio. And if you make the sides a little bit wider, you’ll get a bench to sit on while adoring your plants.

7. A Raised Bed with Irrigation System Project Idea | Homestratosphere

7.SIMPHOME.COM Raised Bed with Irrigation SystemOne of the most exhausting tasks in gardening is watering. It has to be done regularly, otherwise your vegetables won’t grow well.
Save your time and energy by installing drip irrigation in your raised beds. Drip irrigation will water your vegetables properly, taking over your mundane duty. This irrigation system allows you to put the water right in the place where you need. It provides slow release of water which enables you to water your vegetables for a long amount of time, ensuring the water makes it down to the roots without overwhelming it. Besides, the foliage of the plants won’t get wet.
You can get drip irrigation kit online or in the nursery near you. Once you buy it, you will get main line, drip line, Y connector, cap, and elbow. Please check the manual for the proper installation.

6. Display Your Containers | Thespruce

6. SIMPHOME.COM Display Your Containers

Planters have been taken to the next level. They used to be used to grow plants. But now, they come in various shapes and sizes to fit in with the decor. And thus, you can use them to improve the look of your backyard.
All you need to do is just buying ─ or even make ─ some plant stands. Your vegetables do need a stage to perform and amaze people, right? Or, you can repurpose your unused shoe racks or shelves to show them off on the cheap.

5. An Elevated Raised Bed Project Idea | Addicted2decorating | Greenandvibrant

5. SIMPHOME.COM Elevated Raised BedsGrowing vegetables in a raised bed is a good idea. But you can try a better idea ─ using an elevated raised bed.
This kind of raised bed looks like a table with plant. You can get this planting tables in various sizes. Unfortunately, this raised bed tends to be shallow, which is not suitable for the plants that require much space under the soil like potatoes and carrots. But you can always make it yourself to meet your need, though.
The good thing of planting tables is their portability. Some tables even have small wheels that allow you to move them easily. Furthermore, they are a great space-saving solution for a cramped backyard.

4. Bring in the Romantic Vibes with Trellis | Thespruce

4. SIMPHOME.COM Bring in the Romantic Vibes with TrellisMany homeowners think that only beautiful flowers like roses and carnations can bring romantic vibes into their backyard. Well, that’s not always true. The fact is vegetables can do a double-duty. They can provide nutritious foods that fulfill your vitamin and mineral intake as well as turning your stark backyard into something romantic.
To make it tangible, you only need to let your vegetables climb. You can install a gate or a tunnel from trellis on which your tomato, cucumber, chayote, and pole bean climb. You can also incorporate some string LED lights to enhance the romantic ambiance.

3. Make Use of the Wall | Growveg

3. SIMPHOME.COM Make Use of the WallGrowing many kinds of plants in an apartment is tricky due to the little space. But it doesn’t mean it is impossible. You can still use the wall in the balcony, patio, or deck.
First, you need to install treated battens. Make sure they are 38cm apart. Next, attach plastic planters (or you can use plastic shoe organizer) to the battens using an electric screwdriver from the bottom to the top. Then, water the wall starting from the top to create reservoir system. Fill the plastic planters with the vegetables of your choice. Enjoy the living wall that can produce the ingredients of your salad.

2. A Perfect Hideaway Idea | Homestratosphere

2. SIMPHOME.COM A Perfect HideawayBackyard is the best hideaway ever. Who wouldn’t be amazed by the relaxing ambiance provided by the greenery? To perfect this moment, place a bench in your backyard. Installing trellis right behind the bench and letting order Fliban online climbing plants grow on it will give you a perfect shade. To complete this idea, you can install lawn sprinkler or rotating garden water sprinkler.

Lastly number 1. A Concrete Block Garden | Thespruce

1. SIMPHOME.COM Concrete Block GardenActually, this is another form of raised beds gardening hack. These concrete blocks serve a double-duty. They make a perfect border for the raised bed while being planters. They also spruce up your backyard with pops of colors.

Now, you know how to tackle the limited space in your backyard so that you can grow more vegetables. With these 10 backyard vegetable garden ideas, you will be able to find fresh salad every day as you can shop around in your backyard. This list is beneficial for your picnic, birthday, engagement, and wedding events too.
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