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    10 Unique Small Garden Ideas

    Adorning a garden with some unique features that make it worth visiting or spending time around is necessary. But you don’t have to squander your savings. With these 10 unique small garden ideas, you will find the right way to shape your garden into something that would catch people’s eyes. As always, Simphome presents you […] More

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    10 Minimalist Garden Ideas

    A minimalist design aims to eliminate any redundant elements and focuses on hard landscaping instead of filling the garden with numerous greeneries or plants. Many people love this concept because it tends to be low maintenance yet offers a luxurious look. If you want something simple but impressive, you should try these 10 minimalist garden […] More

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    10 Small City Garden Ideas

    The gardens are no longer just about food. They have reclaimed their role of community gathering place, a place to meet friends and family, a source of entertainment for kids, a refuge for spiritual contemplation. Also, a relaxing outdoor with a beautiful design is one of the many factors that can give you peace and […] More

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    10 Small Garden Transformations on a Budget

    Small garden ideas that make a significant impact but are easy on the pocket are more evident than you think. It is not only a myth that you can achieve a nice-looking outdoor space without spending a lot of money. In fact, some garden transformations are surprisingly achievable for an affordable price. We have rounded […] More

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    10 Small Garden Balcony Ideas

    Having an outside space, like a balcony, to enjoy a cup of coffee or admire the scenery can boost your mental health. Although it is usually small, you can still make it cozy by adding a twist. It can be as complicated or simple as you want. Before starting this project, you should evaluate your […] More

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    10 Loveseat DIY Projects Ideas

    Loveseat DIY projects are actually simple: you don’t have to be a pro first to start and finish the job. They mostly don’t have complicated designs, and you wouldn’t need expensive materials either to craft them the way you want. Here are some loveseat DIY projects that we rounded up to help you glimpse what […] More

  • 10 Easy to Maintain Garden Ideas Featured Image
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    10 Easy to Maintain Garden Ideas

    Manicured gardening is a great way to create a beautiful Japanese-style garden, but how long will you keep up with the manicures? Think outside of the box and make your garden speak for itself without being so “stylized” that you cannot maintain it. It is better to have less and more natural-looking than many ornate, […] More

  • 10 DIY Flower Bed Ideas Featured Image
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    10 DIY Flower Bed Ideas

    Who doesn’t love flowers? Their gorgeous look can cast a spell to boost the curb appeal well. Growing some flowers is even the most affordable and effective way to improve your front yard landscaping without breaking a sweat. Although the beauty of flowers can make your home look exquisite, a thorough plan is still necessary. […] More

  • 10 Tomato Garden Ideas Featurd Image
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    10 Tomato Garden Ideas

    It is always great to have a private garden at home. What makes it better is if you can grow edible plants like lettuce, radishes, or tomatoes. If you are new to gardening and wanna grow something fruitful, you can begin with tomatoes. Tomatoes are typically no-fuss plants that you can grow in whenever you […] More

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