14 Ideas How to Build Above Ground Pool Backyard Ideas

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Pools might be one of the wow factors in a house.
And if you have a pool in your home then you should be grateful after all.
When you have a pool in your home, you will need to do some decorations and modifications here and there.
Of course, it highly depends on your taste, preference, and the theme of the entire house.
Above ground pools are the most popular after all. Various benefits are linked to this type of backyard pool and this might be the main reason why people prefer this one instead of in-ground pools.
Generally, above ground pools are cheaper and easier to install. Its smaller size would fit in the backyard even if you have a limited area there. Compared to the in-ground pools, this one requires less maintenance while providing better safety.

Below, I have some ideas on build above ground pools. You should read this article till the last word and check relevant links available in this post too.
Let’s start the count.
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1. Big Rounded Above Ground Pool.
1. SIMPHOME.COM Big Rounded Above Ground PoolThis big rounded pol would fit perfectly in a big backyard no matter what the setting is. If you have a big backyard and do not know what to put then you should consider building this rounded pool instead. The good news is that you do not need to call and pay for pool builders.
This pool can be installed on your own while you can install the accessories as you like.
If you feel like swimming surrounded by nature and flowers, you can make it happen for sure.
To get the work done faster and nicely, you can purchase a pool kit instead.
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2. Oval-Shaped Above Ground Family Pool.
2. SIMPHOME.COM Oval Shaped Above Ground Family PoolThis one is an idea for those who prefer a longer version of the pool. Of course, you need to have a wide backyard to make this pool. The wooden deck would make the whole appearance look warmer and more organized. Also, it seems like you have made a dedicated place for gathering with friends and family during the weekends.
You can always install some fancy lighting so it will turn into an intimate space when the sun goes down.
As we have mentioned earlier, you can install any kind of accessories from the vendor you like.

3. Long Above Ground Pool Surrounded by Flowers .
3. SIMPHOME.COM Long Above Ground Pool Surrounded by FlowersThis one is practically similar to the previous point. However, it does not have a deck. Still, you can have a stunning pool in your backyard by putting flowers and shrubs around it.
It would be a fancy pool in your backyard when you can hang with your family at the weekends. Besides, it would be a perfect summer getaway in case you cannot go out of town during the summer holiday.

4. Rectangle Above Ground Pool.
4.SIMPHOME.COM Rectangle Above Ground PoolRectangle-shaped pools might be the most basic shape but it is also the most convenient one. However, you need a space with a proper size to make a rectangle pool. The picture above is an interesting way to put an above ground pool in your backyard. You can simply build a wooden deck and combine it with some bricks so it would blend well with the surrounded environment. Do not forget to install some accessories so your kids could have fun during the weekends. Feel free to modify the variety of vegetation though.
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5. Free-Style Above Ground Pool with Stone Deck.
5.SIMPHOME.COM Free Style Above Ground Pool with Stone DeckThis type of pool would be suitable if your house is not a minimalist-style building. It gives a warm yet the stone makes you feel in some other places but your house. You might need to take care of your yard a little better so the flowers, grasses, and other things would grow accordingly and create a stunning environment as you have seen in the picture. This above ground pool will help you to find another reference if you want to skip the wooden part.

6. Rounded Above Ground Pool with Simple Deck.
6.SIMPHOME.COM Rounded Above Ground Pool with Simple Deck

If you prefer a rounded above ground pool with a simple deck then this idea might be suitable for you. Its simple deck could be a spot where you can hang out with your friends with some cold beer. The stones around the pool will minimize your work after all. You do not need to plant flowers or put a deck as well. This pool will be great for spending your afternoon during the hot summer days. You can install accessories like ladders, jumping plank, and so on to keep it interesting.

7. Long Above Ground Pool with a Playground.
7.SIMPHOME.COM Long Above Ground Pool with a PlaygroundThis pool is designed to have a deck and patio where you can spend your breezy afternoon with a bottle of fresh soda. You can even chill in the whirlpool with your loved one while your kids are swimming around. This setting is a perfect place to get rid of a long tiring day. Meanwhile, you need to take care of your backyard so the grass grows healthily and the plants give a complimenting look for the whole pool setting.
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8. A Luxurious Pool concept.
8.SIMPHOME.COM Luxury PoolThis picture is an excellent example for those who demand a luxury above ground pool. If you have a backyard with generous space, you should make this pool happens for sure. On the other hand, this pool will look perfect if your home is designed with any style but minimalist. The stones just make the whole set looks more luxurious.

9. Simple Small Above Ground Pool.
9.SIMPHOME.COM Simple Small Above Ground PoolIt does not matter if your backyard is limited in space. You still can have an above ground pool even though it is not as wide as the precious pictures. The straw that covers the pool sides would make the whole set looks more natural like you are in Hawaii or other tropical places. Still, you need to purchase accessories that will complement the pool setting.

10. Small Round Above Ground Pool with Stepping Stones.
10.SIMPHOME.COM Small Round Above Ground Pool with Stepping StonesIf the straw does not work for you then you should try this one like you see in the picture. It makes the pool look more luxurious and the backyard feels occupied. Plants and grass will make the setting looks natural and nice.
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